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A Beginner's Guide to WCG Discussion Groups

Updated April 3  2003

Before posting to any discussion board or forum it's a good idea to first get a feel for the kind of "culture" there. There is a wide choice available and it is a breach of netiquette to post inappropriate material (e.g. Armstrong apologetics on MD or atheist apologetics on Likeminds) where it is not appreciated. Remarks in red are intended as a rough guide to what you might expect at each forum.

Missing Dimension.

The Yahoo! group that goes with this site.

Prophetic speculation and Armstrong apologetics are not encouraged. News items, comments and intelligent debate welcome. 

Jesus Loves Fellowship (JLF)

Run by Mark Tabladillo. A wide variety of views expressed. Good value.

Most members have an evangelical Christian perspective, but other Christian viewpoints are also expressed.


Moderator: Steven Blade.

"Discuss the Philadelphia Church of God and Armstrongism in general. ALL viewpoints are tolerated..." 

Open discussion. Wide range of views. Focus on PCG and traditional Armstrongism.

CEM Forum

Run by CEM, Ronald Dart's organization. 

Conservative Sabbatarian board.

The Painful Truth

Ed Mentell's board. Membership by application.

Skeptical approach to all things religious. Details here. Promotes agnostic and atheist perspective.

Like Minds

Conservative Sabbatarian board opposed to church hierarchies.


Original WCG

Run by Craig White. 

A very conservative, fundamentalist Armstrong board that permits no "anti-HWA" discussion. 


Other forums run by past and present WCG members

WCG   WCG Doctrinal Issues (Charles Sawyer)   UCG   Friends and Helpers  Called Out & 7th Day Gay (Bryn Mawyr)  Armstrongism/Flurryism (Charles Sifter)


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