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Worldwide Church of God (WCG)

Worldwide Church of God. The transformed, transmogrified, reconstituted, reformed, revamped, reincarnated, born-again sect that still refuses to hold its leadership accountable to the membership. The personal fiefdom of Joe Tkach Jr., son of the previous Pastor General, Joe Sr. Founded by Herbert Armstrong.

Plain Truth ministries (PTM): The separately incorporated media arm of the WCG.

WCG Today: WCG's monthly church paper (formerly The Worldwide News). Any resemblance between the contents offered and real journalism is (in our jaundiced view) purely coincidental.

Michael Morrison's Articles. A Worldwide News writer presents his articles on various religious topics.

Mike Feazell's website. One of Joe's leading lieutenants puts his best foot forward. 

Should Women be ordained? The WCG is debating the issue of women's' ordination, and this semi-official site is the place members can submit discussion papers to.

Honey, I Shrunk the Church. Originally published in New Times Los Angeles in 1997, this article follows early developments in the WCG under its third Pastor General, Joe Tkach Jr.


United Church of God, an International Association (UCGia)

United Church of God. The largest of the factions that has left the WCG. Currently led by Clyde Kilough (president). Kilough seems to regard himself as some kind of latter-day Nehemiah, and has made "zeal" his battle cry. He is quoted in The Journal as saying: "We don't need a spiritual Starbucks jolt, but we need to be stir sticks." We wonder if Clyde is confused about the difference between a stir stick and a dipstick. See also the British UCG site.

The Good News. UCG's flagship magazine. See also Virtual Christian Magazine.

Victor Kubik's Website: Kubik is a high profile UCG minister who sits on the Council of Elders. See also LifeNets.

Tomorrow TV: a UCG related broadcast.

United Christian Outreach Germany: Not strictly a UCG site, but promotes Gute Nachrichten (the German GN) and is operated by GN staff member (and former WCG Regional Director) Paul Kieffer. 


Living Church of God

Living Church of God. Run by Rod Meredith, the main splinter of the now defunct Global Church of God. Produces the Tomorrow's World telecast and magazine.


Philadelphia Church of God

Philadelphia Church of God. Run by Gerald Flurry. A heady cocktail of hard-line Armstrongism and weird new elements introduced by Flurry (a.k.a. Elisha & "that prophet") 

Robert Kuhne's PCG Info site. No, not Dr. Robert Kuhn, wunderkind of the 70s WCG. This Robert Kuhne is a former PCG member who wised up and is willing to tell us all why.


Church of God, an International Community

Church of God, An International Community. Run by David Hulme, formerly president of the UCG. See also this group's flagship magazine: Vision.


Intercontinental Church of God (Garner Ted Armstrong)

Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association. Ted may be dead, but the tithe-generating potential of the GTAEA means the organization is likely to continue for some time yet.

Intercontinental Church of God. The church associated with the GTAEA. Herbert Armstrong's grandson, Mark Armstrong, appears to be the leading figure in this group since the death of his father, Garner Ted Armstrong.


Church of God, International

Church of God, International. Founded and led by Garner Ted Armstrong until he was removed in the wake of yet another scandal in the mid 90's.


Church of God (Seventh Day)

Church of God (Seventh Day). The parent body from which Herbert Armstrong defected. An evangelically oriented Sabbatarian church, it publishes The Bible Advocate magazine. The University of Virginia has a COG7 information page. The Australian COG7 also has a small web presence.


Information sites produced by former Church of God members

Ambassador Watch. Originally part of The Missing Dimension site (but now simply known as Ambassador Watch). Updated frequently.

Ambassador Files. Resources on the pre-1986 WCG and the present day PCG. A sister site to The Missing Dimension.

XCG. Gary Scott's innovative website. 

Painful Truth. The "granddaddy" of all WCG information sites. An amazing resource. Founding webmaster Ed Mentell Sr. pulled no punches with an "in-your-face" agnosticism that upset some, but was a refreshing change to those sites with sectarian agendas. Under Ed's stewardship The Painful Truth added the complete archives of Ambassador Report, the single most important news source on the WCG over three decades, and the very funny "Graveyard Church of God" files. In November 2003 Ed stepped aside. The site is now operated by Mike Minton.

Herr Strauss & Memories of Pasadena. J.Orlin Grabbe reminisces about life on the Ambassador College campus in its heyday. If you ever wondered what life in a parallel universe might be like, this is it.

Robert McNally's Page. Testimonies from former WCG members who are now non-believers.

Kscribe's COG videos: AV commentary on the one true Herbal faith. Sense of humor required!

Lake of Fire. Who is this guy? No idea, but he's (or could it be "she's"?) both entertaining and irreverent.

COG Critic. The website. Also the blog. Another new entrant in the field.

COG Legacy. One of the posters on The Painful Truth forum has set up a promising blog. 

Exit & Support Network. Includes some interesting material on both WCG and PCG. Fundamentalist perspective.


Information sites produced by Church of God members

The Journal. An independent newspaper circulating amongst members of the various Church of God groups, edited by Dixon Cartwright. The online edition runs selected features only. One of the best sources for detailed information.

Servants' News. It seems that the non-denominational publication produced by Norman Edwards, a former Global Church of God member, has finally disappeared after months of inactivity and the webmaster's abortive involvement in the Port Austin community. In its heyday SN was widely respected. 

Church of God News. Part of the Giving and Sharing website run by Richard Nickels. 

The Plain Truth Web Site. Not to be confused with the magazine now produced by Plain Truth Ministries. This site is the personal project of a UCG sympathizer. Covers the various sects of Armstrongism.

Field Guide to the Wild World of Religion. Pam Dewey's site. Not just WCG, but resources on a wide range of movements. Pam was interviewed on this site in 2002.

Bob Thiel (COG-writer): Thiel is a Living Church of God host in Arroyo Grande. He runs news items on various Armstrong sects from a LCG perspective.

Music for The Church of God. Webmaster Jim Ross has music from most COG hymnals.

Churches of God UK: British website contains news and articles concerning UK based COGs. 

Mere Apologetics. CGI minister Vance Stinson's blog.

WGTM: Can't get enough COG? Need to hear more preachin'? WGTM may be for you. This is an online radio station that beams out messages by COG ministers David Antion, Ray Wooten and creator Lani Finley ("Biblical Teacher", no credentials supplied, but an active COG writer) along with Christian music.


Smaller Splinter Groups- United States

ASK. Established by the late Ernest Martin, a theology professor at Ambassador College prior to 1974. Martin's writings were influential in the 1970's, and his positions on Sabbaths, Law and Tithing have since been adopted by many others. Ken Nagele also runs

Christian Biblical Church of God. Fred Coulter separated from the WCG in the late 70's to form the now defunct Biblical Church of God, later moving to the present structure. One of the few COG ministers who can read New Testament Greek, he authored his own Harmony of the Gospels and later went on to produce a complete New Testament translation.

The Cincinnati/Lexington Church of God. UCG breakaway congregations led by Jim O'Brien.

New Testament Evangelism. Bill Jacobs & Guy Swenson set the proverbial cat among the pigeons in 2004 by organizing an evangelism conference without the sanction of Chairman Clyde and the Central Presidium of the Commu... whoops, wrong totalitarian system!

Church of God, Worldwide Ministries: These folk split from the post-Ted ICG when it became apparent that the "mantle" (or "baton" or whatever) had been passed down the gene pool to Mark Armstrong, an unordained late-comer to the COG, but GTA's eldest son. George Trent is one of the leaders.

Churches of God Outreach Ministries. A group largely drawn away from the Church of God, International when Garner Ted Armstrong refused to step down following a scandal in the mid-90s. Armstrong was in fact later ejected, but there has been no subsequent reconciliation between the two camps. The website doesn't seem to get updated very often. In the UK the group is led by James McBride and known as the Churches of God UK.

Triumph Prophetic Ministries. Run by William Dankenbring, a former Plain Truth staff writer. Prophetic speculation or profound truth? You decide.

Cornerstone Ministries. Jim Rector's site.

CEM. An independent ministry run by Ronald Dart, once Garner Ted Armstrong's right-hand man. CEM resources are used by many local congregations, including the radio series Born to Win

Guardian Ministries. Run by David Antion of the Church of God Southern California.

Church of the Eternal God. Latest of the proliferating shards of Armstrongism. Affiliated with the Global COG (UK) and COG-ACF (Canada) - both sub-splinters from Meredith's failed Global Church of God.

Church of God, The Eternal. Founded in 1974 by Raymond Cole, one of the original "evangelists".

Eternal Church of God. Art Braidic's group.

Elect Alert: Produced by A Congregation of God which, despite the name is, we're assured, totally unrelated to the Arizona based community founded by Darryl Henson.

Darrell W. Condor: Darrell, a former assistant to Tkach Senior, has dropped the New Testament, which he regards as a hoax.

Legacy Institute: Leon Sexton's US based ministry to Thailand and other Asian nations with the COG gospel. 

Association for Christian Development. What remains of the Associated Churches of God, a splinter group headed by Kenneth Westby that separated from the WCG in 1974. The site features articles by former Plain Truth managing editor Brian Knowles, Westby, the late Charles Dorothy and others.

Barnabas Ministries. Alan Ruth's site. Reportedly the COG site that draws more hits than any other - 1.4 million page views in 2002.

Sabbath Church of God. Warren Zehrung, COG surfer extraordinary. WCG, GCG, CG-ACF, CEG... and now his very own SCG. Way to go Warren!

COG Talents Ministries. If memory serves, Ted Phillips was once a CGI pastor. These days he has his own organization in Morro Bay, California.

United Christian Ministries. Ray Wooten, formerly of the UCG, seems to be the person behind this ministry.

The Church of God. Which Church of God?  THE Church of God, apparently.  A group of "outcasts" from Gerry's PCG.  A much nicer bunch of folk, from what we can gather, now they've booted "That Prophet" off his pontifical pedestal.  However the doctrinal beliefs of this group seem very much the same in other areas. There seem to be two factions: They are: (the link above - ministers Don Roth and Gary Liebold) and (Jim Mortensen).

Wholeworld Church of God. Down in Tennessee the unshakeable kingdom of Herb still has its zealous guardians.

Congregation of God Seventh Day. John Pinkston heads up this boutique version of Armstrongism. A former military man, Pinkston has eschewed the traditional non-war stand of the COG and preaches in favor of military service for Christians.

Church of God, Restored. Run by Mardy Cobb. Formerly known as the Worldwide Church of God, Restored. 

Remnant Church of God. Former WCG local elder Rolland Wile runs this ministry.

Stedfast Church of God. More old time Herbyism. Led by Arlen Berkey, who re-publishes a lot of HWA material in his Good Newsletter, and buys full page ads in The Journal on a regular basis. To those critics who point out that steadfast is spelt with an 'a', Mr. Berkey apparently responds that he's going to spell it the King James way, never mind those confangled new dictionaries! Y'all send in your tithes and offerings anyway.

Restored Church of God. The RCG, led by Dave Pack, is a splinter of the Global Church of God. Norman Edwards writes of Pack (in Servants' News): "Dave Pack has been a wolf in shepherd's clothing and should not be any kind of minister or servant among the people of God." 

Church of God - 21st Century. The gospel according to Raymond F. McNair.

Christian Church of God. Pastored by Jeff Booth in Amarillo, Texas. 

Church of God - Big Sandy. Pastored by Dave Havir. Another benign local congregation, formerly affiliated with UCG.

Terre Haute Church of God. A congregation that split from the UCG in 2003 and went independent.

Tyler Church of God. Originally formed by a group that left CGI around 1995, it now has folks from several other WCG traditions.

Bethel Church of God. Eugene, Oregon has an unenviable reputation as a hotbed of Church of God sectarianism. Here Herb raised up his "Philadelphia era" (Radio Church of God). Here the RCG split - helping Herb decide to relocate to sunny California. Here Marion McNair established the Church of God the Eternal. And now this group, possibly a split from the McNair group, has established its own modest presence. 

Church of the Great God. John Ritenbaugh's group

Northeast Ohio Church of God (includes real audio of Herbert Armstrong)

Church of God PKG. Ron Weinland's group, a splinter from the UCG.

Church of God in Truth. A postponements focused group.

Frank Nelte: Former WCG minister Frank Nelte has a collection of essays at this site.

Living the Way. "A Sabbath observing Christian fellowship in Sacramento, California." Supports the Ronald Dart "Born to Win" radio program.

Restoration Fellowship. Established in 1981 by Sir Anthony Buzzard, a former Ambassador College professor, now teaching at Atlanta Bible College. Buzzard has published a number of scholarly works, including a study on the Trinity in collaboration with former WCG evangelist Charles Hunting.

A voice cried out  A site created by a splinter group of the Philadelphia Church of God

Recovering Legalist Ministries. RLM is run by Ron Lohr, founder of the now defunct Good News Grapevine. No longer with the WCG, Lohr doesn't mention his former affiliation on this site.

Cornerstone Evangelical Association. The work of Glenn Williams drawing on resources from a number of sources. Has some of the old HWA booklet titles.

Church of God - Established in Modesto. Formerly pastored by Don Billingsley, formerly WCG, then UCG and later CG-AIC (Hulme). Billingsley survived the car accident in which Richard D. ("Dick") Armstrong died, while on a baptizing tour in 1958. In late 2002 Billingsley separated from COGEIM to start over again with a new group - Church of God, Faithful Flock. COG-EIM is now led by Steve LeBlanc. See also The Wonderful World Tomorrow: COG-eim presents yet another clone of Herb's World Tomorrow.

Church of God, Faithful Flock. Let's see. Don started with WCG, leapt aboard United, dived overboard with the Hulme faction, crossed over to establish the Modesto splinter, and is now preachin' the gospel in this newly minted COG. Where does a man of his age get the energy?

Hope of Israel Ministries. A splinter from Bill Dankenbring's Triumph Prophetic Ministries, founded by John Keyser.  Bill was most unimpressed and spat the dummy, calling Keyser some nasty names (isn't Armstrongism fun!)  Keyser's website is sub-titled Spanning the Globe. Perhaps he meant "spamming"? (Thanks to DR who drew Keyser to our attention)

Newswatch Magazine. Published by David J. Smith, founder of the Church of God Evangelistic Association. Conspiracy theories and far right rhetoric. Site hasn't been updated in a while. 

God's Church, Worldwide (well, in Orlando, Florida actually) Led by Rob Elliot.

Blow the trumpet: Dennis Fischer and friends give Herb a "blow job".

The Natural Church of God. Not a group of COG "naturalists" but another one-man (?) web-sect. Links to a variety of COG groups.

Church of God Proclaiming the Kingdom. Based in Burleson, Texas, and run by two brothers, one who styles himself president and the other "prime minister". No really!

Church of God's Faithful. Robert Ardis' sect.

Philadelphia Church - Stonefort. New Moons as well as Holy Days and Sabbaths... woo hoo!

Philadelphia Church - Port Austin. Homer Kizer, formerly with the Stonefort group, strikes out on his own. Another Kizer group apparently meets in PA (PC-Bedford)


Smaller Splinter Groups - Other Countries 


* CESA, a site that promotes Ronald Dart's CEM ministry.

* Christian Churches of God. Wade Cox is the leader ("Coordinator General") of this group formed in Canberra in 1994. (Cox is not to be confused with the more famous water-skier of the same name.) Pam Dewey's site contains some further information.

* Zion Ministry. Neville Stevens claims to be Elijah. Or could he just be Balaam's ass?

* The Way Worship Centre. Onetime Auckland WCG pastor Jack Croucher runs this ministry. 


* British Israel Church of God  Peter Salemi still promotes the discredited theology of British Israelism.


* The Northwest Church of God. Based in Chester, England, these former WCG members have rejected the Jewish calendar and now use a system based on the sighting of the abib barley in Israel. Join in the fun of the barley hunt with one intrepid member's first hand account.

* The Global Church of God (UK). The British GCG has links to CEG and the Modesto group.

* What Next. Former UCG members David McDermott and John Jewell run a small radio ministry.

* The Church of God in Wales. Led by Jon Bowles.


* Le Siecle a Venir. The Belgian remnant of the Global COG. Aligned with the Modesto sect.


Other sites


Brinsmead Articles on and Brinsmead on this site. Former Adventist scholar Bob Brinsmead produced the theological journal Verdict in the 70's and early 80's. His Sabbatarianism Re-examined was a groundbreaking monograph that had tremendous impact in the WCG a decade after it was first published. His recent material has taken a more radical turn.

Grace and Knowledge. An online "Journal of Judeo-Christian History, Theology and Culture" produced by former WCG member Doug Ward.

Mark Kaplan's Contemporary Commandment Keepers Dissertation. Kaplan is former Ambassador College professor of Hebrew. We understand he presented this dissertation as part of a degree program at USC. This is part of the Church of Christian Commandment Keepers site.


Adolescent attraction to cults. Article from the Fall 1998 issue of Adolescence. Applicable to many first-generation WCG members in the Armstrong era.

The New Believers. Website about the book by COG commentator and British academic David V. Barrett. Also check out our review here.


Questions About the Bible Canon. A primer on the development of the Biblical canon.

Bibarch. Biblical archeology site edited by Michael Germano, former Ambassador College administrator. Bibarch acknowledges the "assistance and support of" Herbert W. Armstrong, Kenneth C. Herrmann, Herman L. Hoeh, Mark D. Kaplan, Ernest L. Martin, Roderick C. Meredith, Peter G. Nathan, Joseph W. Tkach, Donald L. Ward and a host of others. Hmm. 

Church of God research

Open Directory Listings. This is the source the major search engines draw on. A comprehensive list of sites that present an opposing view to the various Church of God sects.

British Israel 

Religious Tolerance: Anglo-Israelism and the WCG. Produced by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. The WCG viewed through an outside perspective.

Origin of Nations. The work of Craig White. Craig's sites also include Friends of the Sabbath Australia and (in our opinion) the right-wing lunatic Church of God Race Relations site.


The Wonderful World Tomorrow: Herbert W. Armstrong's Vision of Life After the Apocalypse. Scott Lupo, University of Nevada, Reno. A paper presented at the fourth annual conference of the Center for Millennial Studies. The writer is, we understand, a member of the WCG. This is a PDF document requiring Acrobat Reader to view.

Evangelical / Fundamentalist

Whistler's Tune: Originally appearing as a monthly column on the Missing Dimension site, and now a website in its own right, "The Whistler" presents a conservative evangelical perspective on WCG and its splinters.

Tim Greenwood Ministries. Tim used to work as a cook at AC in Pasadena. These days he's a Word of Faith entrepreneur. Hallelujah!

Personal web sites

State of the Heart. A music ministry of WCG musical wunderkind Dr. Ross Jutsum, who cut his teeth on GTA personal appearances back in the 70s.

Children of the Promises. Website by John and Rosemary Morton, two longtime COG members living in New Zealand. Includes a major article critiquing British Israelism.

Homer Kizer. Outspoken independent COG member Homer Kizer has taken a leading role in questioning the events surrounding the controversial dissolution of Norm Edward's Port Austin enterprise. He also seems to believe he is some kind of unique prophet in church history. Do tell!

Christian Logic: The blog of a former activist in the WCG "reformation" of the mid-90s. 

wwwcg. Brainchild of UCG member Richard Burkard. COG-style essays delivered with a wry grin. Richard is a regular on JLF and an occasional correspondent to MD. See also Burkard's Blog, a well written, amusing blog that's worth a visit.

Pabco's Home Page. This guy has a formidable array of old time WCG literature on his site, including "1975 in Prophecy." 

Bill Bratt's Religion Page. Articles by Bill and a lot of links, some of which are unfortunately dated.

Tony Badillo's site. A former WCG member's research on the Temple of Solomon.

Fiery Dart. Poor old Ron gets the treatment from a non-admirer.

The ex-Christadelphian. A WCG member converts to the obscure Christadelphian sect before throwing in the towel altogether and becoming a non-believer. 


The Original Bible Project. Initiated by the late Ernest Martin and headed by Dr. James Tabor, this as yet incomplete translation of the Bible has the backing of a variety of former WCG luminaries.

Reluctant Messenger. This site is one of the busiest COG sites on the web. It clocked over a million verified page views in 2002 (measured by  The webmaster is a true disciple of Herbert Armstrong with a lot of wide-ranging material.

Rick Ross. Popular source of information on cultic groups.

Giving & Sharing. A ministry run by Richard Nickels, formerly of the Church of God the Eternal. Nickels seems to believe that HWA's early work was genuine, but that he fell away in his latter years.

Anchor. A quarterly publication offering "support" for COG members "struggling" with homosexuality. Edited by Melvin Rhodes and Ken Hill. Seems to be a UCG initiative, but has also been promoted in WCG Canada's Northern Light.

Restitution of all things.  Keith Hunt, one-time collaborator with Fred Coulter, has been busy writing 300 odd articles.  Also hosted on his site is the late Jesse Ancona's Lying with the Truth: Deception and Mind Control in the Worldwide Church of God, a Case Study in Religious Manipulation.

Via del Rey  Walking backward into the World Tomorrow. Gerry Flurry allegedly plagiarized some of webmaster Jules Dervaes' writings when concocting Malachi's Message.

Truth Publications. "Information on the Only True Religion on Earth." Yeah, right. Essays by an unidentified enthusiast.

The Real Truth. No, not David Pack's The Real Truth. This is M. John Allen's stuff. And Allen was using the Real Truth name long before Dave. 

Elijah III.  "I am", says Harold Reimann, "the only one on earth telling you this."  Whoa!

The Present Commission. "Vital information"? Yeah, sure.

The Pure Truth.  Richard Scott's material.