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Ambassador Review, June '76 (AR1)

[Note: The webmaster purchased a photocopy of the Ambassador Review from the late John Trechak about 20 years after it was originally published. Ambassador Review was a full color magazine, which, unfortunately, was not available for reproduction.]

Ambassador Review

June 1976........Vol. I No. 1

J. Timothy Nugent, Publisher & Editor
John Trechak, Publisher & Editor
Leonard W. Zola. Managing Editor
Gary Reid. Associate Editor
Margaret D. Zola. Associate Editor
Mary E. Jones, Copy Editor
William Hughes, Business Manager

AMBASSADOR REVIEW is a journal by and for students, alumni, and friends of Ambassador College. Its goal is to provide an open forum for those who have shared in the "Ambassador Experience." It has grown out of the increasing need for a response to the censored and ideologically-controlled articles found in official Ambassador College and Worldwide Church of God publications.

AMBASSADOR REVIEW has the following purposes:

· It is a forum for assessing the teachings of Ambassador College and their effect on Ambassador College students. In short, it examines the "Ambassador Experience."
· It is dedicated to prodding the leadership of Ambassador College and the Worldwide Church of God which supports and controls Ambassador College to change the practices and policies which are bringing discredit to Ambassador College worldwide.
· It is a publication that brings to light many of Ambassador College's biggest problems which have been too long covered up.
· It presents solutions to Ambassador's problems and will take firm and direct action to initiate drastically needed changes at Ambassador College and in the church which so heavily influences it.
· It is solidly founded in the belief that Ambassador College was built by and continues to exist through the contributions of many selfless, dedicated people. NO ONE MAN CAN TRUTHFULLY SAY, "I AM AMBASSADOR COLLEGE." No one family, clan or clique should ever be allowed to monopolize the Ambassador entity.

The REVIEW is intended for thinking men and women. It is not designed for those who may, by their own choice, prefer to remain ignorant, intimidated, or amnesiac.

AMBASSADOR REVIEW intends to communicate more than just opinions. We intend to communicate solutions and work to see that problems are solved. We believe in the essential dignity of man and therefore in a free, open and democratic society-with free, open and democratic institutions. Therefore, we want Ambassador College placed in the hands of responsible people-people who have demonstrated their integrity in both their words and their deeds.

AMBASSADOR REVIEW intends to make its voice heard by both the Administration and the local community-and it will, if necessary, undertake direct mail campaigns to newspaper editors, columnists, and free-lance writers, radio and television producers, civic leaders, foreign embassies, educators and other organizations.

AMBASSADOR REVIEW's program of direct-action is brought on by our deep concern for those of the future who stand to suffer the same personal grief and dashed hopes which we have experienced. The mental damage inflicted upon sincere and trusting individuals CANNOT go unchallenged. The injustices of the past and the present must be rectified.

We welcome and encourage literary submissions from our readers regardless of political, religious, or philosophical persuasion. We welcome any articles or letters that will help stimulate others to pause and ponder the cries of conscience in our pages.

We hope you agree that AMBASSADOR REVIEW can serve an intelligent purpose in your life and we warmly welcome your contribution and your subscription.

Address all communications to:
Ambassador Review
P.O. Box 661
South Pasadena, CA 91030

All contents copyright, 1976, Ambassador Review. All rights reserved.

"…pick for your subject some red-hot controversial topic ... have the courage to actually ATTACK something, give the PLAIN TRUTH about it, open people's eyes about it, and work yourself up to white-hot heat of indignation and emotion, and let it fly ... to start a big controversy . . . find something to attack and expose-something that is wrong. Something that will stir up the people . . . something you can really flay with forceful language
". publish a high-quality, professional appearing magazine.

Herbert W. Armstrong, THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF HERBERT W. ARMSTRONG, pages 244, 506.

Editor: Thy will be done.

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