2012 Articles

Will You Swing From a Nazi Meat Hook?
False prophecies and meat hooks

Corporate Vampirism
One can associate vampirism within the corporate world of Armstrongism.

Post Traumatic Religious Syndrome

I Finally Left The Armstrong Cult
Ron Rubottom

Deciphering Hidden Codes
Man has created codes to keep secrets and has broken codes to learn those secrets since the time of the Pharaohs.

Herbert Armstrong can be seen as bad source code of particularly malicious aggressive religious malware, difficult to detect and even more difficult to remove.

Armstrongists aren’t very bright. But they would like you to believe they are.

The Armstrongist Churches of God are not war-like tribes — they are warring tribes, at war with one another, to the point that they not only don’t look Christian or necessarily godly, they look downright barbaric and uncivilized, as though they are waiting for civilization to catch up to them some time in the future — a future which will never come.

Do you trust your Armstrongist minister? Should you trust your Armstrongist minister?

VIP Trust
In one fell swoop, Dr. Stanley Schmidt just described the sociological world of Herbert Armstrong in the Worldwide Church of God

Just How Can We Trust Them?
How do you place your trust in men who seem to never do what is right?

Con Games
Part One

Con Job
Part Two of "Con Games" Above

Ezekiel 37
It's All Rubbish and I Can Prove It!

Daniel 8: A wonderland of Bad Assumptions
The Armstrongists insult God and deny history

Lost Prophecy
Prophecies they should have made

Apostolic Incest
Better known as “Incestuous Rape”

The Last Days
Why would the Armstrong crowd care about incest?

Give until it hurts!

Giving Your Power Over To Another
Why do some of us who have abandoned religion now embrace and put our faith into another man made disaster? Politics.

How Armstrong got it wrong!

Many people in difficult situations continue to put up with their torment simply because they are even more afraid of what will happen to them if they make a move to change the status quo.

Daniel 9
Herbert W(olf) Armstrong is proved wrong again by Daniel 9 and the inconvenient proof cannot be ignored.

The Plain Truth about Church Eras

Brilliant, smart, clever, shrewd, cunning, witty, sophisticated, precise, complex, accurate — you can be all of those things and more.

The Money Changers
Interactive Graphic Two
Wicked Tricks, and Devices.

A Kaleidoscope Of Interpretations
"I can testify that some of the people in World-wide were the biggest cunts that I ever had the misfortune to come across, and classify them lower than cockroaches"

Stolen Ideas
Armstrong invented the prophecy of a European Union Beast Power
using these newspapers of the 1920's - 1930's

Interactive Graphic One
Page will take a minute to load, longer on poor Internet connections.

Creating God in Our Image
When people’s confidence in their beliefs is shaken, they become stronger advocates
for those beliefs.

"Was God Really A UFO?
Herbert Armstrong. Alien To Humanity

"We Were Deceived — Who Should We Blame?"
After an experience in an abusive group, the victim needs to understand how he got himself into that predicament in the first place.

Finally Letting Go of the Influences of That Life

The Story Behind Terry Ratzmann
Living Church of God Mass Murderer.

Genealogy of Morals
Friedrich Nietzsche

WCG History
Many new articles

A book by Mary Ellen Humphrey

2012: Year of Failure
Douglas Becker

Ralph On Everything, Part Two
The Purity Trap
Religion In America
Cambrian Explosion
Why Do We Need To Believe?

"The Stanford Prison Experiment"
Understand how good people can turn evil and the psychological consequences
of submitting to perceived authority.


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