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 The Feast is no longer enough
“Follow me,” he cried holding up an imperious finger, “I will leadyou into the Kingdom”. The only place he could have led us is into death because he died in 1986 without a single one of his ‘inspired’ prophecies coming to pass in his lifetime.

Herbert Armstrong was a science fiction writer: His genre was a special kind of science fiction known as alternative history science fiction.

Think about this. Hypothetically, what if you were God? We know now, that this just can’t be, but what if you, as God, had actually chosen a father and son team to warn the world that the end was coming in 1975?

When it comes to cults, we’re not talking about shepherds, we’re talking about wolves, which people are all too willing to not just follow, but to give every part of their lives over to.

When Prophecy Fails
When Prophecy Fails is a study of what happens to individuals when their belief system has been shown to be in error (disconfirmed).

Scientific Society Superstition
Arab society went from brilliant science to superstition because of an ideology.

Bar Rescue
Several years back, a member at the Feast of Tabernacles posted a picture of his collection of alcoholic beverages in his motel room at the time. Very quickly, someone not associated with Armstrongism posted and asked, “Where can I sign up??!!??”

Empty Promises
Herbert Armstrong wrote a lot of booklets which made promises — actual and implied. When we go back through and review the booklets he and his staff wrote in the light of what has actually happened, it is clear that the great swelling promises and prognostications were profoundly empty.

Herbert Armstrong — Evil Cult CEO detested the weak.

A very popular but very disturbing new series on the USA Network, Mr. Robot, is very topical and quite graphic. Those involved in making the series have made every effort to be as relevant as possible in portraying the world of The Evil Corporation and one man’s effort to “save the world” as a quite mentally ill delusional but highly proficient tech hacker.

Pope Francis vs Corporations
Catholic church embraces liberation theology.

The third 2015 Gold-lated AARSE Award goes to the many anti-vax parents of children in the U.S.A. and U.K. who have wisely protected their children from autism by preventing their vaccinations for measles and other childhood diseases.

Armstrongists are the masters of standing on other people’s work to make themselves look impressive and wise

Herbert Armstrong insisted that men wear business suits to Sabbath Services, the Feast and to Spokesman Club. Why? The stated reason was to show respect for God. Was that the real reason?

Minority Report
The Church of God Seventh Day website reveals that the CoG7D has a worldwide membership of over 300,000 members. This is approximately 10 times the membership of all the Armstrongist churches combined.

Moral Question
Butter will always be butter, and margarine will always be margarine. Bottom line is that even if a supreme being and eternal laws were taken out of the equation, heterosexual relationships would still remain the way in which the species is propagated, and the young are nurtured and imprinted with the value systems of their parents.

United States Goes Gay
Floods, droughts, famine, forest fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, tsunamis, collapse of the economy, disease epidemics and even maybe a meteor strike or two — will all be the result of the United States going gay with marriages — at least according to the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia ultraconservative Bible thumping hypocrites...

The Corporation of God™
Herbert Armstrong claimed that he was the very first to bring the gospel of the Kingdom of God to this earth in over 1,900 years. The gospel Herbert Armstrong brought was far different from the one described in the New Testament...

Caste System
And so it begins: We don’t care, we don’t have to — we’re the ministers!

Slaver App
Effective immediately, all members of the church are to install the Slaver App on their cell phones, smart phones, tablets and personal computers.

What Jesus is Really Like
The New Testament claims that Christ lives within Christians. The Apostle Paul said to follow him as he followed Christ. We are to be like Christ. It is with this in mind that we choose to examine the character, behavior and personalities of the leaders in the Armstrongist community to find out what Jesus was really like.

Herbert Armstrong was smug. He had an explanation for everything. He believed that God personally revealed everything really important to him.

Delusion turns into denial and delusion isn’t just really bad denial, delusion is a whole different thing.

 Oops! Somebody Didn’t Get The Memo!
The discussion is over. It’s now become a dead issue! We’ve won! British Israelism has been thoroughly debunked!

We at The Painful Truth want to thank The Journal for doing our job for us!
We’re delighted with the support the latest The Journal has given our cause!

It's Springtime
And you know what that means: Armstrongist leaders come out of hibernation after a brief winter respite to grouch about stupid stuff that doesn’t mean a thing to anyone but them

Poof of the Bible
Some of the ministers in the Armstrongist churches seem to have realized that no one can actually prove the Bible is true and may believe the information from Theologians...

The Scripture is clear on the qualifications of a minister: He must be the husband of one wife. He cannot be divorced and remarried with his ex still living.

 Synagogue of Satan
The Bible is about the Jews (haplogroup J). It is not about Celts living in the British Isles (haplogroup R1b). BI is nothing less than an instantiation of the principle contained in the Book of Revelation referred to as the Synagogue of Satan – people who represent themselves as Jews racially but are not.

It is our understanding from Scripture that there is fruit of the spirit after conversion.

Armstrongists are unlikely to accept anything that refutes their views: Herbert Armstrong said it; they believe it; that is that.

Denis Micheal Rohan
Ushering in the Apocalypse.

Herbert Armstrong was the master of self-deception. Not only that, but he trained us all to be adept at self-deception. And self-deception is exactly why people stay with the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia.

HWA: 29 years and still dead
Of all the stock photos of HWA, I have no idea what thoughts seeing the Sacred Treasure would bring to the mind of the avid reader. It should be the same reaction if Ford Motor Company honored its founder with a photo of Henry with his Grand Cross of the Supreme Order of the German Eagle...

Culture in Decline Series
Peter Joseph is asking the questions and proposing the possible solutions that we should be demanding from the elected leaders of this crazy world. His brilliant analysis of this ridiculous system we're operating under is one of the most important voices for change in this generation.

Stealing in the Name of God
Editorial. January 2015

2015: Stagnation
The stench of stagnation with entropy drifted everywhere among the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia sects in 2014 and trends indicate that 2015 will continue the stagnation. No one should expect the return of the Laodocean rich and increased in goods in need of nothing prosperity of the 1970s Worldwide Church of God because it is never coming back.


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