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 Herbert Armstrong’s Utopian Society
In the end game, there are so many conflicting visions of what an ideal society would look like and all of them are radically at odds with one another and probably irreconcilably so

Against the Gates of Hell
Excerpts from Stan Raders book- “Against the gates of hell: The threat to religious freedom in America”

Herbert Armstrong had around 140,000 followers and even though he is dead, tens of thousands still believe that he brought the truth to the world.

Ignoring science has led to the crumbling of society.

Do dysfunctional organizations, the ones that grow big enough to be noticed, spring forth from a cult-like minded sociopathic leader?

Herbert Armstrong vs Dennis Luker
It is impossible to be competent in a dysfunctional organization.

Why Armstrongist leaders MUST lie
Herbert Armstrong lied because he had to. All Armstrongist leaders must lie. To understand why, let’s look at what a sociopath said...

Herbert Armstrong created a cult of sociopaths.

Herbert Armstrong certainly did a lot of damage: He wrecked his family, created a bizarre religion, promoted false prophecies, ruined families and set up a cult which splintered into pieces. Even three decades after his death, the impact of the damage Herbert Armstrong continues to spread.

Poisoned Well
Some Armstrongists believe that they can create a viable religion if only they take the very best of what Herbert Armstrong had to offer and dispense with all the rest.

There’s no reason to get into a snit. British Israelism doesn’t need DNA to prove it false, but it does quite a good job.

Don’t You Want to Be Evil?
It’s a question the Armstrongist leaders have answered for themselves and now they want to perpetuate it for generations to come. It’s a legacy.

Herbert Armstrong created a cult which introduces and aggravates comorbidity within his followers. This is pernicious, creating confusion about the symptoms and treatment of the insanity induced by the cult environment.

 HWA's Financial Requests by Decade
Part 1, 1934 - 1959
Armstrong gets aggressive in his demands for money.
Part 2, 1960 - 1986

 2 of the 10 most horrible things about Herbert Armstrong
Herbert Armstrong was a horrible man. To understand these 2 factors, we must examine the aptitudes Herbert Armstrong inherited which formed the basis of who he was.

2016: What’s Ahead?
We examine the trends again to try to determine what the future might hold for the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia.


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