Raise up a Child….

HWA. A Proverbs 22 father?

Herbie raised a sexual deviant for a son. GTA having made the headlines in the Hustler magazine for his adulterous ways, was to continue on this path as a sexual predator for decades to come.

Below is a cut and paste from the Ambassador Report as we attempt to retrace his behavioral pattern.

In late February 1933 (Ted had just turned three), Herbert became the minister of a small group known as the Church of God, Oregon Conference. From this time on HWA launched himself into his ministry with fervor.

So Ted’s formative years were spent in the fledgling years of his father’s evangelical work. Both of his parents were extremely busy and had very little time to spend with their children.

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Money Grubbing

February 14, 1941


TO MY CO-WORKERS: Again I find it necessary to acquaint you with the problems that now confront us in this great and fast-growing work. Since the November-December PLAIN TRUTH was issued, a number of NEW readers, listeners to the SEATTLE broadcast, have sent in offerings, thus becoming part of our Co-worker family— just as I knew by faith, they would. However, we still are in the “in-between” period, when our special fund for the Seattle broad- cast is exhausted, and the number of new Co-workers from the Seattle broadcast, and the amount being received, is still far short of making the new station self-supporting. As our new listeners get to know us better, learn more of the glorious TRUTH God has called us to proclaim, they will make the Seattle broadcast more than self-sustaining, helping us add other stations. But this will take another six weeks or two months.

I want to start the LOS ANGELES broadcast within two or three months—did want to start it by this time. But FIRST I find another preparation must be made. In order to handle the increasing correspondence, the growing circulation of The PLAIN TRUTH (now 4,000 copies), issue tracts and booklets on needed subjects, publish Bible-study Quarterlies, etc., we must immediately increase our facilities here in the office. We are very seriously handicapped by lack of office equipment. We even had to get along with card-board filing cabinets. I have no secretary or stenographer. Mrs. Armstrong and I have been working almost night and day trying to keep up this whole vast job ourselves without needed help or equipment. It has now grown beyond our capacity to handle it. Correspondence is having to be sadly neglected. Radio listeners are becoming offended because letters are not answered. We are doing our very best, but now, before adding another station and increasing the office work still more, we must add office equipment and hire at least one stenographer. We have no money on hand for this purpose.

People already are writing in asking why they are not receiving the next PLAIN TRUTH. There is no money on hand to print it. I never turn a line of copy over to the printers until making an advance payment to apply on the printing cost, and the printing bill is always paid in full before we accept the printed copies. WE RUN NO BILLS.

So we need IMMEDIATELY $50 for office equipment, $135 to publish and mail the next PLAIN TRUTH, besides enough added weekly income to hire a stenographer in addition to the present week-to- week expenses. And, besides this, we need now to begin raising a special fund of at least $750 to start and establish the LOS ANGELES broadcast.

This seems like a large need. But our God knows the need. It is for HIS work, and He has promised to supply every need. Dear Co-Workers, He is able to supply every cent of this need—and He WILL, if you join me in BELIEVING EARNEST PRAYER, and each does his VERY UTMOST, sending the largest offering you possibly can, even at great sacrifice. Our work is God’s work. We must not slacken or let down. We must press forward harder now than ever! TIME IS SHORT! We are near the END! Soon the true Gospel will be BARRED from the air. Millions are offering to sacrifice their very lives for Hitler, or a worldly government that is DOOMED, and shall soon be replaced by THE KINGDOM OF GOD at Christ’s coming. Are WE sacrificing, striving as hard in GOD’s cause, as they for a doomed worldly cause? Let us press on with MORE zeal than worldly politicians and soldiers. Let us throw ourselves at this task as INSPIRED people—inspired of the Spirit and Power of the living God!

There have been very few of the larger offerings of $25, $50, $100 lately. While the larger number of smaller offerings are the backbone of this work, and even the smallest offering helps more than the giver may realize, yet it is these larger offerings which really meet these emergencies and give the work the impetus to push it over every obstacle. The need now is serious and URGENT. The work must not stop or let down—it must leap ahead! With your HELP, and your PRAYERS, under God’s power IT WILL! Won’t you send the largest amount you possibly can, even by giving up something you had planned, by return mail? God bless you, I know you will!

Herbert W. Armstrong LINK

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Ambassador Report Reunion

After attending the Ambassador Report Reunion I am happy to report that the event was extremely successful and educational beyond all expectations.

GTA. Radio Evangelist and Adulterer

I must say that the amount of information presented was overwhelming at times. In the magazine to the left, there is an astounding article about “The Legend” and his sordid life as God’s ambassador to the coeds.

Also the AR team clarified to us just who Cliff Depuy was and how Herbie toured the campus with Cliff with Bobby Fisher in tow. I personally found this most interesting because it reveals Herbie’s true inner self centered self.


Another most interesting presentation was the original 60 Minutes interview with Stanley Rader. All of us have heard the recording of this interview but seeing Stan the mans facial expression  was priceless!



At this event I had the great pleasure to meet Gary Leonard, editor of BANNED by HWA.  I will say that I have nothing but admiration and respect for this man and the work he is doing. All of us together can help those who are seeking the truth and freedom from tyrants who enslave us.

We will have more in the months ahead but for the time being I want all of you to know that we at the Painful Truth wish to express our thanks to all of you who have contributed to our great success over the last 20 years. We have our 20th anniversary coming up next month, so stay tuned for more!

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Fleecing the Flock

From Ambassador Report #2

It was February 18, 1970. A small group of ministerial students were spending an evening with Herbert W. Armstrong, the founder of the Worldwide Church of God. Those of us who had been invited were given a glimpse of a life-style which in today’s world only a very few are able to afford. At his home, a small mansion on Pasadena’s South Orange Grove Boulevard (once nicknamed “millionaire row”), we were surrounded by rare antiques, expensive paintings, and Steuben crystal. The carpets were luxuriant; a Steinway grand stood in the corner of the drawing room.

The gourmet cuisine served at dinner was excellent as were the European wines-all four of them. We had been shown a large number of expensive paintings and objets d’art and, as was his custom, Herbert would relate what he paid for each and what they were now worth. That theme carried over into the conversation at dinner. Then, as the servants began to clear the table, he turned to one of the guests and said, “What do you think all of these beautiful things on the table are worth?” Of course, none of us had even the slightest idea. And so, he was able to proudly proclaim, “Over $125,000!”

He was quick to point out, however, that art objects of this quality were so rare that they were in fact “priceless.” The sculptured, foot-high, solid-gold saltcellars were, for instance, the only known copies of those once owned by Louis XIV. (They had been specially made for Herbert by Harrod’s of London.) The crystal goblets were identical to those found on Queen Elizabeth’s table. The supremely crafted cutlery was of solid gold. The tablecloth was made of the finest Belgian lace. The gold-covered china was of the finest craftsmanship and formerly belonged to Czar Nicholas II of Russia.

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“The Cult Attraction” by Jim Baldwin


“It angers me that I tithed until I was blue in the face”

I was so poor and lived in substandard housing while WWCG ministers had nice accommodations. I was unable to buy enough food, but thought I was buying myself a place in heaven by continuing to tithe. I was so broke that all I could afford to buy was an occasional bag of lentils. This was the cheapest bean in the store and so I learned to make lentil soup. Cooked lentils saved me from starvation. My body became emaciated, but I continued to attend WWCG church services. Again and again listening to those zealous, wordy, sermons. -Former WCG member. Link.

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A Letter to Mother. PT-15. Final.

James Orlin Grabbe

“This leads us to two conclusions regarding HWA’s ordination.

1) Even if we grant the assumption that the “Sardis” church was God’s church, then we must grant that HWA has no authority apart from that church, and hence no authority, since that ordination was revoked in 1938.

2) Even if we grant that HWA were an apostle, HWA would still have no authority to introduce any legislative changes that differed from the teachings of the post-Acts 10 church, apart from a direct revelation from Christ.”

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