"RCG Fruits" and More!

The following contribution is

by “Hoss Cartwright”

Dear Painful Truth,

After seeing articles like “RCG Fruits” and critiques on the latest singularity in the COG universe, I came up with this

 – To the tune of the Stonecutters song, The Simpsons, S06E12.


Who has all the doctrines right,

Who has the most well hit website?


We do! We do!


Who has the best Alexa score,

Who beats those who came before?


We do! We do!


Who says watching football’s bad,

Who says birthdays make God mad?


We do! We do!


Who proves all the others wrong,

Who has the best clone of Armstrong?


We do! We do!

We do! We do!




Thanks for the invitation to share some experiences. Also, another little ditty…


There is a saying, If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention. Perhaps this is why I have no bad memories of my WCG days. Probably the strongest words a minister said to me came as a stinging critique of my first Spokesman’s Club speech, or during a sports event. (The aggressiveness of some ministers could lead one to write Should a Christian minister play basketball?).


Far worse were my religious experiences at home – my father’s family was strong German Catholic, my mother’s was anti-Catholic Scottish Protestant. I was the child brought up Catholic, to first communion and confirmation. Then one Sunday after summer vacation overseas I was told we’re all going to my mother’s church. I refused to go and got a one-week reprieve, but from the next Sunday, I had to attend Sunday school, services, fellowship, membership classes, outings, the works. My father’s decision to leave Catholicism and forcing me to join a Protestant church had more lasting impact than Joe Senior’s dismantling of HWA’s core doctrines.


The first time I heard GTA on radio, he was doing a “Panorama of Prophecy” series – a few months after a friend showed me a book about Nostradamus. The WCG did lead me to solving my Catholic/Protestant problem; when I left home I became a member.


My post-WCG enlightenment was realizing the poor, downright sloppy scholarship of HWA, Dr Hoeh and others. I never joined a splinter – each seemed to be based on being a “true” successor to HWA, along with many of the mistakes. I got involved with a Jewish community, and discovered the faulty premises of HWA’s exegesis. Instead of reading Rupert, Allen, and Mein Kampf, Herb should have used the Talmud in his research.


Reading stories in the Painful Truth, it is appalling to learn what some have suffered in their WCG and splinter experiences. So why do I stay involved in discussions of HWA and things of the past, which I personally survived unscathed? Perhaps it’s the same dreadful fascination we hold for things like Hitler and the Nazis. Or, as why George Bernard Shaw said he liked to listen to Brahms: To remind myself how bad he was.


In my Catholic days, I used to joke about Long Mass, Short Mass, and “Very Short Mass” – which I said consisted only of collection. “Collection” of course meant collecting money once or twice during mass. It’s interesting that the tithing doctrine finds itself in Catholic, Protestant and Cult groups; it’s one “Jewish” law that Christians keep but Jews don’t. When I started attending WCG services, stories were circulating about the infamous intellectual “Dr Martin” – but I didn’t know about his tithing research until years later. And to think that Joe Tkatch proclaiming the abolition of the triple tithing doctrine was meant to increase church income…


A blog author mentioned that Bob Thiel might get contributions from “a wandering Armstrongite”, which inspired this parody:

A Wondering Armstrongite I

– to the tune of the first ten lines of A wandering minstrel I, from The Mikado, Gilbert and Sullivan.


A wondering Armstrongite I

Of mind in tatters,

Unsure of just what matters,

And if and to whom I should tithe…

And if … and to whom I should tithe!


The list of COGs is very long,

Of every doctrine ranging,

With only one not changing,

To whom I must send my tithe!

To whom … I must send my tithe!


I’ve looked at Gerry, Ted, and Ron,

(Both Dart, and Weinland)

Wherever I could find them,

Of course they will tell you to tithe!

Of course… they will tell you to tithe!


Then there was Rod and Dick, and Dave,

And now I’ll visit Bob T,

The latest Herbert proxy,

Who says I can send him my tithe!

Who says … I can send him my tithe!


And then one day it dawned on me

That I could form my own COG,

With bank account and web log,

So now you can send me your tithe!

So nowyou can send me your tithe!

Ancient Athens didn't have politicians.

 By Tom Atlee

Few people realize that in ancient Athens – the original democracy from which modern democracies supposedly grew – no one was elected to be a representative. There were no public offices elected by the people. They just didn’t have politicians.*

They had voting, of course, because it was a democracy. But they voted for proposed laws, not for candidates. And they had a Council of 500 (the “boule”) who proposed laws for all the citizens to vote up or down in Athens’ participatory Assembly. Ah! So that’s a powerful role, being able to create the proposals that the people voted on! So how were those 500 council members chosen?

Well, believe it or not, those powerful people were ordinary citizens who had been chosen by lot – by random selection. And Athens’ democracy didn’t stop there. No way! Nearly EVERYONE holding public office or serving on a governing board was an ordinary person who had been chosen by lot. (The only exceptions were top military and financial posts, which constituted about 100 of the nearly 1000 government positions to be filled.)

In other words, Athens – that ancient city-state we consider “the birthplace of democracy” – was governed by randomly selected ordinary citizens.

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Herbert Armstrong’s Crime Syndicate

Mr. Davis stood there with Mr. MacFarland discussing the repairs Mr. MacFarland had made for Mr. Davis. Mr. MacFarland was a remarkable man, since he was blind from action in a foreign war, but was still a top flight mechanic. He was remarkable in other ways. For example, he was giving his wife grief because she could not park the car. She said, “Fine, you park it!” not expecting he could respond. He got out of the passenger’s seat, measured off the distances between the auto and the two other cars in relationship to the parking space between them, got in the driver’s seat and proceeded to park the car perfectly. She certainly didn’t have much response to that. Our illustrious Mr. Davis handed Mr. MacFarland three one dollar bills and thanked Mr. MacFarland for the excellent work he did, and Mr. MacFarland thanked him for the $30 dollars owed, thinking it was three ten dollar bills. He was blind you know.

Swindlers have been an endemic epidemic within the Cult of Herbert Armstrong since the 1950s: It isn’t just the leaders and ministers, it’s the members. One estimation is that about one-third of any given micronanocult of Herbert Armstrong may be swindlers. Dr. Robert Hare and Dr. Paul Babiak give us a clue in Snakes in Suits: Psychopaths are attracted to unstable environments that lack controls for process — and even lack process. A group that is in stages of development or drastic change are particularly vulnerable, since swindlers take advantage of the lack of standards by which “right” and “wrong” within the group are measured. They marginalize what rules there are through doubt and casting aspersions, making people within the group vulnerable to their inevitable psychopath games.

A girl named Cara, a member’s daughter, came home one day with the rest of the family from Sabbath Services and proceeded to tell them about her best friend in church: Marta was 12 years old and her father had been committing incest with her. The family also found out that Jan, Cara’s other best friend, had a father who was a psychopath with an interesting story. Barto had come into the church from the Philippines and promoted the idea he was a doctor, but because of United States rules, he could not be certified — or so he said: The real truth is that he was a swindler with a con game who had no medical training at all. Barto became best friends with Dr. Johansen, a church member who was a real licensed practicing physician. Barto proceeded to dupe Dr. Johansen into promoting him as a physician. The end result of this game was that the real doctor, Dr. Johansen, lost his license, his practice and was disgraced while the psychopath Barto dumped Dr. Johansen to leave him fend for himself after Dr. Johansen was ruined, lost his license and his practice — forced to change careers. Barto remarried. His daughter, Jan, and Cara, the daughter of the family in view here, went to meet with the psychopath’s wife, Jan’s stepmother, who just happened to have schizophrenia. They knocked on the door and from inside a voice said, “You are here to kill me! No wait, that’s not reality!” The three girls, Cara, Mara and Jan, often went off together to Nordstrom’s to shoplift expensive scarves. They never got caught.

Recently, the elder pedophile who had a penchant for young boys in the church died and had his funeral, which brought up the memory of the leading lady in the church who informed the father of the young son what the man who was his YOU teacher had been doing. She related at the Night to Be Much Observed that the leading ladies in the church tried to bring the matter to the Headquarters at Pasadena but were rebuffed. The best they could do is “keep an eye on him” during services and particularly on the Holydays.

Many are familiar with the stalkers in the cult who declared to their obsession, “You are mine!” after their obsession was married to someone else. Imagine the embarrassment of a married man returning from his honeymoon having the lurker in the church spring from behind a column where she hid herself to declare this.

There have been all manner of scams, swindles and cons, not just by the Takers who are leaders in the church with their ministers, but the members as well. The cult is a dangerous environment and that is because of what Dr. Phil in his book, “Life Code” describes as the BAITERS:

  • Backstabers
  • Abusers
  • Imposters
  • Takers
  • Exploiters
  • Reckless

Though virtually invisible to most naive sheep members, these BAITERS lurk in the background like the crows at the neglected Ambassador College before it was sold to Harvest Rock. They are dark evil beings at what may be thought of at the fringes of the cult, but are very active and very much a part of it — it’s just that people don’t recognize them.

Last time, we examined the Evil Eight properties of these BAITERS:

  1. They see the world through a lens of arrogant entitlement and frequently treat people as targets
  2. They lack empathy
  3. They are incapable of feeling remorse / guilt and don’t learn from situation to situation
  4. They are irresponsible, self-destructive and disregard the well-being of others
  5. They thrive on drama and crisis
  6. They brag about outsmarting other people
  7. They have a pattern of short-term relationships
  8. They live in a fantasy world marked by delusion

This time we will examine the Nefarious 15 “tactics,” behaviors, or strategies BAITERs will use to “get to you,” hurt you, and take what is yours:

  1. They infiltrate your life, seducing with promises and flattery
  2. They define you as a conspiratorial confidant
  3. They are way too focused on getting your approval — as though their very existence depends on your accepting them
  4. They are always gathering data and “building a file” on you. Everything they do, every interaction, is for a purpose
  5. They consistently misdirect and maintain a mystery about who they really are; they answer questions that weren’t asked; they obfuscate
  6. When confronted with problems, they always blame others
  7. They lie, either by misstatement or by omission; they understand that lies with a kernel of truth are the most powerful
  8. They are frauds; they cheat, and they steal property, information, and credit for other people’s work and claim false competencies to gain trust and reliance
  9. They isolate their victims and foster dependency to obligate you and gain leverage and power
  10. When in a position of power and authority, they abuse it with self-dealing and egomaniacal conduct
  11. They ID your sensitivities and hot buttons to gain leverage
  12. They have “selective memory” and are revisionist historians; they reframe reality
  13. They are two-faced; they spread lies and gossip — pretending to be your friend and ally to give you a false sense of security while being disloyal
  14. Because they are paranoid, they “get you” before you [can] “get them”
  15. They are masters of passive-aggressive sabotage

Our pilgrimage would be incomplete if we did not mention the methodology used by Herbert Armstrong — the one still in use today by all the cult leaders: To reduce the prospective members to think of themselves as worthless.

Those of us who were in the cult in the 1950s and 1960s remember well this indoctrination. As we came to “the truth” (which was nothing of the sort), we were taught that nothing we knew was worth anything, nothing we ever did amounted to anything and we were convinced that we were so worthless that we had to start from the very beginning to rebuild from the ground up.

Herbert Armstrong, of course, knew everything that was worth knowing — he was the Apostle and no one could trump him! He was the one that God chose who was the only one through whom any truth could be revealed — from the top down. No one could tell him anything, and if they tried… well, he had a temper and he was used to getting his way. He was the top dog and he was the only one who had the quality to take the message of Corporate Christ to the leaders of this world (by using vague stupid references to the two trees which meant absolutely nothing). He was the only one who could go to evil despots and dictators to present them with Steuben Crystal from tithed blood money. All the rest of us were pathetic nothings who needed to know our place in the hierarchy, which was pretty much to supply this egoist with $2 Billion to $4 Billion to provide for his excessive personal life style. He was so close to God, no one dare oppose him.

By the put down and treatment with contempt, the people fell into line, devoid of what might be laughingly called self-esteem.

This was doubly bad because the children of the church members were treated the same way: They needed to know their place among the gods — playing less than any insignificant role as less than anyone else, save for the domestic companions of the family. As serfs and slaves to the serfs and slaves, having absolutely no rights, knowing nothing and having not one shred of power in their insignificance, they were prepped for a future slavery of underachievement, discouraged from ever aspiring to the dreams and goals of their schoolmate peers. Many of them thought that this dysfunctional family life was the norm and everyone lived this way, not realizing that it was a profound aberration designed to keep them captive to a slave mentality system of the peasants.

You are nothing.

You will be god.

Be satisfied with that.

Or you’re out.

There’s nothing like intimidation on the worthless to keep them in the prison especially designed by the swindlers of the cult.

The Cult of Herbert Armstrong employs all of these methods. They are evil. They corrupt.

And again, there is not one reason in this world you should give them the benefit of the doubt. None. They are not worth your time, let alone your money and other resources.

To be clear: Herbert Armstrong was a failed ad copy writer with barely an eighth grade education with delusions of greatness, plying lies, deceptions and fantasies as reality upon duped naive sheep type followers. He had no real worth. The only thing he really understood was “quality” things, possessions; and his great swelling ego making him above and beyond those of accomplishment, talent and achievement who could have been great, but were ruined by his selfish meddling. He was a swindler — a BAITER.

And all his followers now making themselves leaders are also BAITERs.

This is the time to understand who these people are, understand how they work and guard against them, lest they take who you are and destroy it.

Abandon the swindlers and don’t let them claim ascendancy.

The Joe Schmo Show


Herbert W. Armstrong. Bounty Hunter
Herbert W. Armstrong. Bounty Hunter

The Joe Schmo Show is a funny near reality show on the Spike TV involving an innocent honest unsuspecting participant, unaware that the entire scenario is a total deception and scam.

Here’s the setup from the show’s website:

The Joe Schmo Show is a one-hour, 10-episode series featuring a real guy who believes he is on an over-the-top reality show looking for America’s next bounty hunter and the chance to win $100k. What he doesn’t know is the entire show is FAKE. For over a year his entire world was carefully planned by a team of writers, producers, and actors all performing for him. His “competitors” are actually actors representing every classic reality show cliché, including the Buddy, the Jerk, the Model, and even Lorenzo Lamas, playing a washed-up version of himself. The actors must do their best under these insane circumstances to follow a pre-determined script.

The actors around Chase Rogan, the Joe Schmo for this series, have to keep the deception going for this 28-year-old all around nice guy to convince him he is a viable contestant to change professions from groundskeeper to a full fledged Bounty Hunter. This is harder than you might think, because Chase is a really smart guy who catches on to stuff really quick. One actress is pretending to be deaf with her own “interpreter” but has had three muffed incidents where it’s clear she can hear. The whole production crew has had to cover up and convince Chase it’s all “normal”. None of the production crew know anything about being a bounty hunter beyond watching “Dog”, including the supposed top Bounty Hunter conducting the contest and the actress playing his blonde bimbo wife. There’s slip up after slip up and Chase is getting suspicious.

Chase should have been suspicious since the beginning because the situations are preposterous. Moreover, the language and the little speeches, particularly those at the insane Eliminations replete with a giant gold Blind Justice lady the “contestants” enter to “vote” who will be ejected from the contest after communing with their spirit guide. Chase has a llama as his spirit guide.

This is all done in fun and Chase will be “rewarded” at the end of the show, though it will never satisfy his adventurous nature by bringing him closer to be a Bounty Hunter.

Those of us who have been in the Cult of Herbert Armstrong have lived through our own Joe Schmo Show: It is all fake — the joke is on us.

Sure, none of us like the idea that we are a clueless Joe Schmo, but there’s not much of an excuse these days since the deception is so obvious.

You know, it might be OK if Herbert Armstrong missed one or two of his “prophecies” and we could have given him a free pass, but since they all went south, we should have known we were duped Schmos. The same can be said about the CoG-PKG concerning Ronald Weinland — he’s in Prison now as a convicted felon for five counts of Income Tax evasion to serve 42 months. Hello?!?!

As entertaining as it was every time Gerald Waterhouse came to town, after a few times through everybody should have realized that he was the master of fantasy spin. British Israelism: Fake. Church History: Fake. An apostle: Fake. A prophet: Fake.

Paying up to three tithes should have been a dead giveaway.

If you are honest with yourself, you’ll admit that you have been a contestant on The Joe Schmo Show.

In his new book, Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World, Dr. Phil McGraw points out that the old value of giving everyone the benefit of the doubt is an unworkable ethic and will make you a Loser. He describes the people who are out to cheat you as BAITERS:

  • Backstabers
  • Abusers
  • Imposters
  • Takers
  • Exploiters
  • Reckless

Dr. Phil points out that you need to know these people because they certainly know you. He lists the “Evil Eight” Identifiers of the BAITER:

  1. They see the world through a lens of arrogant entitlement and frequently treat people as targets
  2. They lack empathy
  3. They are incapable of feeling remorse / guilt and don’t learn from situation to situation
  4. They are irresponsible, self-destructive and disregard the well-being of others
  5. They thrive on drama and crisis
  6. They brag about outsmarting other people
  7. They have a pattern of short-term relationships
  8. They live in a fantasy world marked by delusion

This list pretty much describes the leaders of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong.

These people are out to take what you have for their own benefit. They may pretend to care about you, but, in the end, you are but a means to their ends and their ethic is always that the end justifies the means. The end is the end they plot out for themselves.

You cannot give these people the benefit of the doubt.

It is deadly.

The bottom line of getting real is to pay attention when the warning bells go off. We tended to trust and turned off our defenses to the people working to harm us all and take advantage of us, while turning on the RADAR to those who might actually alert us to the danger of engaging with the BAITERS before they could turn our world into dysfunctional chaos.

Next time, we will look at bad guy’s BAITER secret playbook.

The Infamous ManPower Papers

American Religious Police State


In 1961 at the behest of the Armstrongs a “manpower committee” comprising 15 of the leading men of Ambassador College (AC) was formed. The noble purpose of this committee was to evaluate AC students-especially male students-and determine whether or not to employ them at AC or in the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) upon graduation. The Manpower Committee, however, quickly degenerated into a high-level gossip session in which a group of corporate misfits combined to destroy the reputation of numerous students whose only offense may have been intellectual resistance to the doctrinal intimidation and personal prejudices of AC/WCG officials while attending to their formal education.

Before any discussion of a student began, his picture was projected onto a screen. Then, as the members of this “spiritual jury” stared at the student’s image, each one of them divulged information – often given to them confidentially in private counseling sessions – gathered on the student. This information often included a student’s background, racial and genetic heritage, sex and dating problems, attitudes, and physique, in addition to biased personal assessments of a student’s potential worth to the organization.

Below Ambassador Report is reprinting a number of statements made in these manpower meetings that aptly illustrate the mentality of the Ambassador College administration in the 1960s. Little if any concrete evidence for the allegations, innuendos, or rumors in the following quotations was ever formally submitted, probably because it never existed. All students were tried in absentia and never given a chance to reply to the biased information disseminated in these meetings that sullied their reputations. Yet the essence of what was said in these meetings was carefully typed and distributed to several leading men at AC in Pasadena, the vice-chancellor of AC’s Texas campus, and AC’s Personnel Office. (In order to protect the identity and reputation of the students mentioned in the following statements, we will refer to all male students as “X” and to all females students as “Y.” We have gone to great lengths to delete anything that we felt could lead to the identification of a student.)


“Like most Negroes he is reserved, timid, and not as warm and spontaneous as he could be…. Most of our Negro leaders are partially white and don’t have the normal dull mind of the average Negro.”

“X has a lot of ego. He is a Jew, and a Jew feeds upon applause, people appreciating him, living in the limelight, being a performer, so they are hard to convert-but once converted Jews can be the best instrument in God’s hands there is.”

Mr. Meredith feels a lot of this apparent haughtiness and cockiness is the results of the English class distinction bred in him…. The English people tend to be that way…. The English do this naturally.”

“He is converted, yet like most Germans, is hard to love…. It is most imperative that we all get to know him.”


“He has had a sex problem since he was ten or twelve years of age; and since he came to college he has been able to overcome it several months at a time, but continually lapses back into it.”

“He is all but a practicing homosexual, has a masturbation problem, and apparently is only here to protect himself from the draft.”

“He is starry-eyed, has a glassy stare when speaking, is hard to listen to because of his poor eye contact-this may be a result of excessive masturbation in the past.”

“X was disfellowshipped from the Church several years ago because of homosexual problems.”

“She comes from a mother dominated home, a pragmatic home, and she needs a ‘he man’ to solve her problems.”

“Y has an excellent I.Q. of 123, but is neurotic…. She is unbalanced, she has sex problems and has masturbated from the time she was about 12 years of age…. She had an affair with a man in the… Church. She doesn’t fit here, she is a wrong influence. She shows definite deep influence from demons.”

“She acts like a lesbian, but is not-her fear and dislike for men is a result of demon influence as well as the result of an affair she had with a man that discussed her with men. She and her family have consulted spirits in the past….”

“He often looks glassy eyed, is washed out, enervated, which is unusual because he works out with weights and is athletic…. It’s interesting-he gave an Attack Speech this morning on masturbation-people tend to attack most vociferously the very thing they are fighting.”

“And although we would not say he is a weird personality, he has a few, weird, creepy characteristics. Dr. Hoeh wondered if he doesn’t have mental sexual problems, that he may be an intellectual homosexual, not that he’s ever physically committed such an act, but does he think about [it] ? We need to sound him out and find out.”

“Y has had dating problems with the fellows, a strong sex drive, a record of instability…”

“He does confess to mentally fornicating with our girls every day of his life. Before he came into the church he used to masturbate twice a day-he is a sexual pervert in his mind. He has had demon problems….”

“X was also discussed as a possible man for the Sermonette List, but when we found he was also guilty of necking (though done very lightly), he was rejected from the Sermonette List…. Mr. Apartian had talked to X before and will talk to him again to find out whether this was a quick goodnight kiss or could be classified as petting.”


“Mr. Smith said whoever counsels them in the final outcome should certainly write her father and tell him we will do all we can to discourage her marriage if he wants us to…. After further discussion we all feel best to advise them to throw cold water on it….”

“Mr. Meredith has already counselled him to postpone any engagement plans, primarily because Mrs. Armstrong was horrified when she heard about them.”

“The Manpower Committee saw no objections to a marriage sometime in June.”

“Mr. Hill said X had counselled him about marrying Y…. Dr. Hoeh did not feel, however, that she should tie herself down to him-she is a terrific girl, should be a Minister’s wife.…”

“Mr. Armstrong just recently made an ironclad rule that any Senior who wants to marry a Freshman is automatically out of college and if he doesn’t take that in a right attitude is out of the Church.”

“X and Y were making marriage plans when advised to put it in God’s hands, break off the wedding plans, and wait until a later date…. it is doubtful she can be sure she and X are actually in love.”

“Mr. Portune said he called the engagement between X and Y off-that he did not believe X was stable enough or ready for marriage.”

“Mr. Elliott brought up the problem of Senior men speaking for Freshmen girls a few weeks after they have arrived on campus…. We are not bringing girls to Ambassador College to marry Senior students after only being here a month or two-we are bringing them here to train them to be wives and mothers, which should mean at least two years at Ambassador College.”

“X was going steadily with Y until Dr. Hoeh counselled him to consider marrying a Russian…. Mr. Portune brought out, however, that he had counselled them and told them that they could not get married for a year and a half after graduation and they both know that they cannot get married…. These students need to learn that unless God is with them they have no business getting married in the first place…. Let’s give them the test, make them… quit running from one minister to the next… and wait the year and a half after graduation as Mr. Portune told them to do in the first place…. Take the emphasis off sex and marriage and get it on the desire to seek the Kingdom of God.”

“Y and X are in love, but they were told they must not get married until the Feast of Tabernacles, 196- [1½ years after this was written]. This will be quite a trial on both of them.”

“He has effeminate tendencies and is definitely a fringer. We need to tell him we don’t want to live his fife, but we advise him not to get married-that the marriage will not work….”

“Now Y is over there and she is getting romantically involved with a weak student named X. His stock is weak. If we were cattle raisers we would not begin to allow such mating to take place. Breeding is very important.”

“X is too close to Y, we need to break them up-either he goes or she goes. He is too polished, he needs Texas [Ambassador College’s Texas campus), he needs to get a little manure under his fingernails….”

“He is interested in Y…. Mr. Apartian mentioned being disappointed with both of their attitudes, because he told them to break it off-but she loves him…. She is sanctimonious, like he is, and we only have eight years left anyhow [8 years till 1975, the year the WCG predicted Christ would return].”

“Mr. Portune… says he [X]… is a clod… a clown in the eyes of the other students, a prolific eater-eats everything in sight. X is only $15 in debt. He wants to marry Y. She… comes from good stock, is a nice-looking girl, beautifully shaped, and is only $438 in debt. Mr. Hill [said X]… has an odd approach, hasn’t produced, and can’t identify himself with the problems. He is like an unemotional fish and needs to attack something and get stirred up. Mr. Blackwell wondered then if it might not be best to… separate he and Y for awhile… and let him know this is it-sink or swim.”

“Dr. Zimmerman… counseled him… to put cold water on his plans with Y…. During the past summer he was sent to… look for work, primarily to separate he and Y…. He later came back to ask Dr. Zimmerman to ask again for approval to get married. Dr. Zimmerman told him again to throw cold water on it…. X felt he could…. Dr. Zimmerman doesn’t feel any consideration should be given him toward marriage, that he should be told again to put cold water on it. Mr. Meredith said he should be told not to even think about marriage for one or two years at least”


“X is odd, he came to talk to Mr. Meredith about his inability to sweat in prayer, after Mr. Meredith’s sermon on really putting your heart and all your being into prayer….”

“X was told he must lose five pounds a month.”

“X is also odd, finky, but has a good mind…. He has been too steeped in music….”

“He was recently given a lie detector’s test which shows him to be a liar and a thief, but since the test is not infallible, and he staunchly maintains his innocence, we cannot be sure that he is a thief and liar. The lie detector records only conscious thought, however, and he was grilled for more than eight hours….”

“X is… very hard to get to know-there is always a question in our minds as to what is going on in his mind.”

“X… has had a perpetual health problem (constipation).”

“Y is weird; she is not normal; she is extremely neurotic. We wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t someday try to destroy herself….”

“Some of the students just had a big party at which they played questionable music, with a wrong beat, drank too many beers, got involved in the wrong kind of dancing….”

“Mr. Meredith, when reading about the wretched background he [X] came from, added that X’s mother and father get in real “knock-down-and-drag-out” fights, get involved in sexual perversion, and have a wretched relationship. She has a Pentecostal background.”

“Mr. [Ted] Armstrong read the resume for X and the comments made at previous Man-Power Meetings-with the comment that X is an ‘ass.’… Being an ass is no condemnation, it is far better to be an ass than to be effeminate, a weakling, or a problem.”

“Mr. Garner Ted Armstrong opened the meeting…. Mr. Armstrong further stressed the need for pooling our information from both colleges [Ambassador College’s campuses in Pasadena and in Big Sandy] by receiving their [man-power] notes for graduating seniors and supplying them with ours.”

“Mr. Armstrong could see no reason why they should not get married. His future is already mapped out for him.”

“He is somewhat boyish… having been reared without a man in the house, and has taken on many womanish ways-although we don’t feel he is effeminate.”

“After the previous Man-Power comments were read on X, it was brought out that he is a product of his environment. Richard Plache said his father is extremely odd, a character, is self-righteous, egotistical, and is a constant problem. Like his father, he goes to bed at night wanting to die…. he has a clinging, fishy handshake, showing complete lack of strength, character, etc…. Mr. Meredith explained the need for all of us, as Man Power Committee members, to get beneath the veneer of these men and fully know their problems….”

“Mr. Meredith… said… he is dull…. Richard Plache added… that… X’s parents have the same slow, dull, sluggish ways In fact, he has a younger brother who is far worse than he is-is much more buffoonish , duller, and has almost no life or spark at all. Mr. Portune feels… we could send him out for a trial as a warm body… to the minister and assist the minister in some of the routine visits.”

“Mr. Armstrong read the previous evaluations of X which included comments on his family background…. He is in love with Y and they eventually want to get married. Mr. Armstrong found it a little hard to understand a mutual attraction between them…. He is sincere and he assures us he really loves Y and that there is a mutual physical attraction as well as the intellectual. Most of us might not find her attractive because of her thick wrists and ankles and blocky build….”

“Mr. Armstrong said the Admissions Committee needs to be more strict and forceful in turning down people who have physical handicaps”

“Y is not a very pretty girl, she is not a great intellect, but she will make someone a very fine wife.”

“Neither Mr. Armstrong nor Mr. Meredith feel that this is the right girl for X; she is a peasant-type girl, is slightly dumb and immature.”

“Mr. Hill… says there are no problems except for a few effeminate flareups now and then, a womanish tendency, but he does have good dignity, a good mind….”

“He is a liar, a fink, a queer, and has lost job after job.”

“X has a self-righteous attitude. He… has a semirebellious attitude… is another one of those whom we cannot seem to get to know.”

“He continues to show disrespect for authority, talks disparagingly of the leaders of the work over the breakfast table… has many signs of hidden rebellion. His children are constantly on the spanking list at school…. He is a dirty player, fouls others continually.”

“X appears to have a bad attitude some, or most of the time. The whole attitude of that family has never been too good.”

“We need to get to know X and jar him into cooperation….”

“X is weak, effeminate, unable to rule his house and unable to master his marital problems”

“He is slow, dull, unable to think, and is all but completely lacking in zeal.”

“X is a hard worker, but he doesn’t seem to know his own mind.”

“She had a breakdown in Mr. Buzzard’s class the other day-she couldn’t stop crying. We don’t want ‘odd’ people-people obviously demon influenced. We should not hesitate to kick her out at the end of this semester, unless there is a drastic change.”

“He is not emotionally unstable as girls normally are, nevertheless, he does have an emotional problem.”

“X is still somewhat girlish, although not queer; he lacks the strong masculine quality. He has a weak voice like Richard Nixon….”

“He did finally come to talk to Mr. Elliott, he told about kissing in the bedroom, where another student saw him, but he didn’t tell everything. He went behind the science class building, behind Mr. Meredith’s house, and fondled her breasts, etc., and she is the one who told this to Mr. Elliott.”

“Mr. Ted Armstrong said there are still security leaks in our manpower committee that must be stopped. Word got back to X that we had discussed him in a recent manpower meeting, but what he heard was 5th or 6th hand, perverted, warped, and only a small percent correct.”

“Unless he goes into the field [ministry], the draft may snatch him up. Someway we need to legally classify him as doing ministerial work of some nature. Mr. Hill classified X as an assistant to him, dealing with theological responsibilities, as a ministerial assistant, and he was reclassified without any problem. He suggests we write the same kind of letter he did to the draft board…. ”

“X took Y, W, V, Z, and the girls signed out to go to the Student Dance. Instead they went to a football game, and when it didn’t prove exciting enough they went to a park and played touch football themselves. Some other people joined the party… and they wound upgoing to the sister’s house of one of the people they met and staying till 2:30 in the morning dancing and drinking. When they brought the girls back they were fearful of getting caught so they dropped the girls off on Orange Grove Boulevard. The girls cut through the Orange Grove Manor property and signed in-but they falsified their time…. His father is cocky, conceited, has constant financial problems… is often bothered with demons, etc.”

“…the sewage of X’s activity continues to flow through to us He is one of the worst scum who has ever walked across this campus”

Ambassador Report feels that the manpower mentality still predominates at AC. Some have cited the discontinuation of the comprehensive Manpower Committee in 1970 as a sign that all is now well. However, a memorandum from the committee’s chairman, Gainer Ted Armstrong, indicates that there is still cause for concern:

“…it will be no handicap whatever for various departments to obtain useful information about prospective employees, or for a smaller group to make requests concerning prospective ministerial assistants….” (Memorandum to All Committee Members, Manpower, Jan. 8, 1970.)

Most of the men who made the assessments and final decisions in manpower meetings are still college administrators, student counselors, department heads, or policymakers for the general student body. They still advise and counsel students, becoming familiar with each student’s most intimate problems. Yet the mentality of many of these men remains basically unchanged to this day. It is painfully obvious from their sermons and articles that their positions of prejudice and disregard for students’ rights still exist, public pronouncements to the contrary. The reason these harmful prejudices still exist is because the mentality of “ministerial privilege” has never been significantly discouraged nor discontinued from private practice among Ambassador executives.

Ambassador Report feels that student and public awareness of AC’s disregard for its students’ rights is imperative in order to discourage further abuse by members of the administration. Also, we encourage all AC students to be aware that what they reveal to AC counselors and/or WCG ministers may one day be used against them or passed on to others.

A reliable source inside AC has informed us that one administrator currently secretly records his counselings with students and church members and later has the conversations typed by his secretary for future reference. In light of this report, we feel the need to notify all AC students of their legal right to complete confidentiality in matters of spiritual guidance and their right not to have their personal problems and identities divulged to AC or WCG officials for reasons of employment or any reason whatsoever.

California law clearly states that under no circumstance is a minister allowed to divulge or otherwise disseminate information supplied to him by an individual seeking spiritual guidance. Confidentiality is implied, and any breach of this confidence (especially for reasons of discrimination in employment) is prosecutable under the law.