EU Leader Admits European Union in Danger of Disappearing

I say good riddance! Herbie’s stolen dream should have died with him.

crumbling eu flag

After decades of misguided economic policies, bureaucratic overreach, and unfettered immigration, the European Union is on the ropes. While the leaders of the EU do their best to keep the union together, everything we’ve seen since the global financial crisis of 2008, suggests that doing so is a fool’s errand. Now it seems these leaders are beginning to realize the truth, albeit for the wrong reasons.

Martin Schulz, the President of the European Union Parliament, told the Die Welt newspaper that “The European Union is in danger. No one can say whether the EU will still exist in this form in 10 years,” before adding that there were “forces at work to drive us apart.” He believes there will be terrible consequences if this ever comes to pass, and said that the alternative to the European megastate would be a “Europe of nationalism, a Europe of borders and walls.” This he believes would take Europe back to its past, which was rife with endemic warfare (though he ignores the fact that Western culture grew to be the most influential in the world during this period).

He is correct, in that there is a resurgence of nationalism that threatens the European Union, but that is merely a symptom of the EU’s failed economic practices and open borders policies, which are crippling the cultural heritage of Europe. Even though this political union has completely failed to protect its citizens and maintain their standard of living, Schulz, like a typical politician, used fear to scare the people into supporting the EU.

“The retreat of many governments into nation-based thinking is fatal,” he said before adding “no country alone can handle challenges such as migration, climate change, terrorism, trade and international crime. We can only do it together, as the EU.”

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Herbert Armstrong, Science Fiction Writer
Herbert Armstrong, Science Fiction Writer

Herbert Armstrong was a science fiction writer: His genre was a special kind of science fiction known as alternative history science fiction. This manifested itself in a number of ways. The first was his science fiction history of the world where there were lost tribes of Israel which migrated and became the United States and British Commonwealth. This never happened, but it makes for interesting science fiction to explore the possibilities should such an unlikely event ever happened. The second was his science fiction history where Nazi Germany under Adolph Hitler won World War II. This never happened, of course, but if a few minor events in history had happened differently, the alternative history could have been a reality. For Herbert Armstrong it was a reality, for he lived in an alternative universe where the Nazis had won World War II. He wanted this delusion so badly that he never gave up on it even though his prophecies based on his distorted perceptions, mainly derived from the writings of G. G. Rupert, were proven wrong time and again. He would have been delighted if Hitler actually had won because it would have ‘validated’ him as being a viable prophet.

For those not familiar with alternative history science fiction, here is a video which explains it using the book written by a well know science fiction writer, Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle:

This frightening and dystopian science fiction has been ‘fleshed out’ in an original Amazon Prime series, The Man in the High Castle:

It portrays the United States divided up into three parts: The West Coast, occupied by the Japanese, the East Coast, occupied by the German Nazis and the middle of the country as the Neutral Zone.

Berlin, capital of the world in an alternative history timeline
Berlin, capital of the world in an alternative history timeline

It’s difficult to say how Herbert Armstrong would have fared if this science fiction alternative history actually came to pass. It would be a world to his liking, if only he could have positive attention from the Nazis and had his own ‘8 Japanese Sons’ of the occupied west coast. Remember that Herbert Armstrong predicted during World War II that Germany would win, which gave him some difficulties for a time as The World Tomorrow was suspended by the United States Government (it was subversive for war time), but if the Germans had actually taken over, he might have been given credit (and a free pass) for predicting the downfall of the United States. Herbert Armstrong wanted it to happen really, really bad! Elements of the Third Reich would have agreed with him: Homophobia, enforcement of laws, racism, sexism — all perfect for a man like him. It’s clear from the Amazon Prime series, alcohol would have been readily available, which would be perfect for the alcoholic Herbert Armstrong. As unlikely as it might seem, Herbert Armstrong might actually have ended up a multimillionaire, friend of the Nazis and maybe a personal friend of Adolph Hitler, particularly if he used his skills to promote the Third Reich and betray the freedom of the people. He might actually have been good at it. Heaven knows that he was successful in his advertising campaigns to promote his alternative science fiction to the few who found resonance with his delusions.

Who knows what could have been with just a tweak or two in history?

It might be noted that Herbert Armstrong was in much the same path as another science fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard, who wrote his own alternative science fiction history and turned it into a religion.

Roderick Meredith Biographical Sketch
Roderick Meredith Biographical Sketch

This science fiction alternative history would not be complete without mentioning the Third Reich of Roderick Meredith: The First Reich was the Radio / Worldwide Church of God, the Second Reich was the Global Church of God, and, of course, the Third Reich is the Living Church of God. Those who know his history would find him a credible candidate for Nazi occupation — he’d fit right in.

The truth is, Herbert Armstrong and Roderick Meredith have lived in an alternative universe unconnected to our own. Let’s be grateful for that.

We’ve had quite enough with men lusting to be in the high castle.

Here is a particularly pointed comment about The Man in the High Castle relevant to Armstrongism:

But the series’ greatest masterstroke is that the vast majority of its characters, including our heroes, don’t really seem to care about the evils being done right under their noses until they’re forcibly confronted with said evils. High Castle forces viewers to see what’s human in Nazis, right down to Adolf Hitler himself.

In so doing, it suggests that all of us live in societies where we find at least something, no matter how small, completely unacceptable. And yet we do nothing, because it is more comfortable to stay put. This is the series’ deepest, richest theme, and when the material supports it, it pushes the show into another realm entirely.



TheJournalArmstrongismObituary______ ______ of the [__________] Church of God [__________] died ________ nn, 201x. He is survived by a total mess.


The position [Apostle | Prophet | Evangelist | President | _______ General] is now opened.

Candidates should have the following qualifications:

ball_blueMust be narcissistic;

ball_bluegreenMust have antisocial personality disorder;

ball_brownMust be Ambassador College Graduate (Pasadena Campus is preferred);

ball_grayNeeds to be completely legalistic;

ball_greenPersonality must be cruel without mercy, compassion and warmth while projecting charisma;

ball_magentaMust publicly espouse British Israelism as “The Key to Prophecy” while realizing it is totally wrong to produce false prophecies which will appeal to Armstrongists;

ball_magentaNeeds to be an effective and convincing liar and deceiver;

ball_purpleMust not have any shred of conscience;

ball_whiteNeeds to be implacable without any shred of regret;

ball_yellowCannot exhibit any embarrassment over any mistakes or broken laws (candidates who claim to have never committed any major sin since baptism with a straight face will have preference);

ball_blueMust have a record of mocking science and higher education as being ‘intellectual’;

ball_bluegreenMust appeal to the conservative geriatric crowd while being liberal in personal conduct and to favorites / relatives;

ball_brownShould be able to make the most outrageous obvious error appear to be realistic;

ball_grayShould be a triumph of image over substance;

ball_greenMust have some kind of plausible strong personal association with Herbert Armstrong to leverage credibility;

ball_magentaMust be completely arbitrary in conduct and decisions;

ball_magentaPreference will be given to boozing alcoholics;

ball_purpleShould be part of the “good ol’ boy’s club” of the old Worldwide Church of God;

ball_whiteShould be able to disfellowship anyone who exposes errors;

ball_yellowMust be a gossip given to slander and libel;

ball_blueMust be completely selfish and egocentric;

ball_blueMust be extremely arrogant, defining hubris to a new level;

ball_brownShould be able to extort money from members for “emergencies” in the “work” (generally caused by profligate spending by candidate);

ball_grayMust have a terrible temper (preferred candidates will have inherited the ‘warrior gene’ or ‘anger gene’);

ball_greenShould be racist, sexist and homophobic;

ball_magentaMust have ‘vision’ but be completely devoid of foresight, prudence about the future and have absolutely no concept of planning;

ball_purpleShould have ‘stick-to-it-tiveness’ to be persistent in the face of being a total crackpot, no matter how much of a kook he proves to be;

ball_magentaMust be addicted to power, privilege and prestige as an entitlement of the elite;

ball_greenMust be adept at disdain, contempt and abuse.

Successful candidates will need to sign a non compete agreement to refrain from establishment of a new sect of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia for a period of two weeks if said candidate leaves the position.

Position is open until filled.