Garm Wars: The Last Druid — a totally unwatchable movie

Peter Debruge, Chief Film Critic for Variety has this to say in his review of the Science Fiction Movie, Garm Wars: The Last Druid:

‘Ghost in the Shell’ director Mamoru Oshii scraps his anime roots for a visually stunning yet impenetrable hybrid blend of live-action and CG visuals.

On a planet no one’s ever heard of, three species no one cares about are caught in a genocidal battle for reasons no one understands. These are the so-called “Garm Wars,” a mind-numbing, semi-animated hybrid that blends greenscreen-heavy live-action footage with hyper-detailed yet minimally engaging computer-generated visuals guaranteed to bore all but “Ghost in the Shell” director Mamoru Oshii’s most dedicated fans. Drunk on the needlessly complicated mythology of its unrelatable universe, this talky (to the point of impenetrable) Canadian-made curiosity plays like an elaborate sci-fi screensaver, hi-res enough for theatrical exhibition, but far too stultifying to support it.

He ends with this:

In the end, Khara is less concerned with protecting the Druid than in getting answers — a sentiment audiences will certainly share. Before her quest is done, Khara will convince Wydd to spill secrets meant to enlighten, but every word out of his mouth merely serves to make things more confusing. Though it couldn’t have been Oshii’s intention, to watch is to comprehend how it feels to desperately crave peace — the kind that can only be found when the credits roll and the house lights come up.

Now you may wonder what this has to do with The Painful Truth and Armstrongism and we’re coming to that. We are about to embark on a wondrous journey of non-revelation that will leave you with the very same sentiment — “to watch is to comprehend how it feels to desperately crave peace — the kind that can only be found when the credits roll and the house lights come up”.

We are talking, of course, about the silly idea that the Druids are British-Israelites. “What!”, you say. After all this has to be the MOST stupid idea ever. If you think that, prepare to be surprised and appalled by none other than the Philadelpha Church of God’s moron emeritus, Brad MacDonald:

Fanciful Science Fiction proposing that the Druids are from the Lost Tribes of Israel

It’s hard to imagine just how wrong anyone could get this topic. The article is headache inducing, particularly since our readership is more than a bit familiar that we’ve thoroughly debunked British Israelism, but Brad takes the alternative world science fiction to a whole new level of idiocy. Redfox has an article on Living Armstrongism containing the Overview of the October 2014 Philadelphia Trumpet mentioning the Brad MacDonald article. Here are a few banners in the article:

Many people contest the idea that the Bible can provide insight into the identity of nations and international relations. But the facts in The United States and Britain in Prophecy are validated by science, by rational argumentation, and by convincing empirical evidence.

For those of you who contest that the Bible can provide insight into the identity of nations and international relations, go right on and keep contesting it. You are on solid ground. The non facts (outright lies) in The United States and Britain in Prophecy are invalidated by science, invalidated by rational argumentation and certainly completely debunked by objective empirical evidence.

The Druids worshiped in the same manner as the Israelite practitioners of Jeroboam’s religion.

Really, really tough to prove. There aren’t many examples of any sort of written documentation from the Druids. It’s pretty clear, this is just plain made up out of thin air. Pretty much everything in their booklet and in the article are nothing more than ox dung.

This nonsense doesn’t just stop with the Philadelphia Church of God, over at the Cry Aloud Cybermagazine, there’s a preposterous article, Joshua is Hu Gadarn who started the Druids in Britain and Ireland. Shame on him. This is another example of collecting dubious sources and amalgamating them in creatives and the justifying one of the premises with The Compendium of World History, Volume II by ‘Dr.’ Herman L. Hoeh. It adds insult to injury with a sly side reference to the persecution of non Jewish groups in Europe being persecuted for keeping the Sabbath from the First Century through the Middle Ages. The idea is nonsense and we’ve shown before that the Waldensians never kept the Sabbath, no matter how much Ellen G. White may have insisted they did. Over at the PreteristArchive.com website in the article Why British Israelism is Wrong by the Adelaide Revival Center, the following points were made:

The Encyclopedia Britannica says, “The theory [of British-Israelism] … rests on premises which are deemed by scholars – both theological and anthropological – to be utterly unsound”.

Morris Silverman, Assistant Professor of History at Yeshiva University, New York, agreed. In Time magazine, he noted, “The British-Israel theory is complete nonsense, as anyone with the slightest knowledge of history, anthropology or philology can tell”.


So, if the British are not lost Israelites, then who are they? I had the opportunity of listening to Adelaide English History lecturer, Marcia Nichol, discuss this. According to her, the first Celtic people were not Israelites, but could be traced to a group known as the ‘Urn-Field People’, or ‘Proto-Celts’. They were called ‘Urn-Field People’ because they cremated their dead and placed them in distinctive urn cemeteries. They were a Northern European people who began to appear from about 1300 B.C.E., and spoke a form of Celtic. Their Anglo-Saxon counterparts were descended from a central Asian plains culture who later migrated along the same route as the Beaker people, because of food shortages. They were around long before Assyrians took the Israelites captive!

But what about the ancient writings? True, some point to early English legends to show that Israelites came to Britain. But this is quite deceptive. The legends contain little, if any, real history. Sometimes, they are even misquoted to prove the British-Israel viewpoint! Irish Historian Sean O’Faolain says, “We do not read the literature as it was originally created. The Christian scribes and the patriotic ficto-historians have freely altered the original records and the traditional lore to suit their own ends … Myth and history, dreams and facts, are forever inextricably commingled”. Because of this, James Campbell, in his book The Anglo-Saxons, describes the early British legends as “largely romance”. So, these spurious texts cannot prove British-Israelism.

As for the true destiny of the Israelites, the inspired writings are our best source. British-Israelites distinguish between the ‘Jews’ and ‘Israelites’ – and this has some basis. Before the captivities of the tribes, Israel and Judah were once united. Saul, in about 1117 B.C.E. ruled over a ‘united’ kingdom of Israel and Judah (1Samuel 8:4-9). But In about 998 B.C.E., the kingdom was split in two after the death of Solomon. Judah supported King Rehoboam, and Israel supported Jeroboam (1Kings 11:29-37).

The real fate of many of these Israelites was probably death….

The imbeciles trudge onward and over at seekgod.ca under A Little Identity Crisis ~ British Israelism, there is this jewel:

Brothers supposedly “authored the “British Israel” movement that taught that the scattered and lost 10 families of Israel had journeyed northward, and through migrations had settled in northwestern Europe and particularly the United Kingdom.”

However the facts go much deeper, with a connection to the Druids. Professor Stuart Piggot writes in The Druids” of the influence of Rowland Jones who saw Cabalistic teaching in the words and syllables of the Druids. Professor Piggot states, “of Rowland Jones, it has been written”:  

“…through his influence on…William Owen Pughe… he helped to pollute the stream of Welsh scholarship throughout the nineteenth century…The Druids in their latter days begin to move away from scholarship, however eccentric, and offer themselves as symbols within a non-rational universe…Pughe was one of the Twenty-four Elders appointed by Joanna Southcott, the religious maniac, together with the engraver William Sharp, who had previously been  a follower of Richard Brothers…Both Sharp and Pughe were friends of William Blake, and Robert Southey wrote of Pughe, ‘Poor Owen found everything he wished to find in the Bardic system, and there he found Blake’s notions, and thus Blake and his wife were persuaded that his dreams were old patriarchal truths, long forgotten and now re-revealed.”

 “…’the antiquities of every Nation under Heaven’, Blake was to write, ‘is no less sacred than that of the Jews. They are the same thing, as Jacob Bryant and all the antiquaries have proved. ‘ Though the Druids change their character as Blake’s own vision changed during the writings of the Prophetic Books between 1797 and 1804, they have their apotheosis in the context of his revolutionary discovery that Britain was the original Holy Land, and Jerusalem not so far from Primrose Hill…”

“The Druids are the priests, lawgivers, philosophers and mathematicians of Urizen, but by Jerusalem, “All things Begin & End in Albion’s Ancient Druid Rocky Shore”…’Was Britain the Primitive Seat of Patriarchal Religion?’ Blake asked, and straightway gave his answer: Patriarchal Druids originated in Britain and spread their doctrine far and wide, even to the oak-groves on the Plain of Mamre. ‘Your Ancestors,’ he told his readers, ‘derived their origin from Abraham, Heber, Shem and Noah, who were Druids, as the Druid Temples (which are Patriarchal Pillars and Oak Groves) over the whole Earth to witness to this day.’ And in a single phrase Blake takes us, and the Druids, back to a familiar landscape. ‘The Nature of my Work, ‘ he wrote, ‘is Visionary or Imaginative; it is an endeavour to Restore what the Ancients call’d the Golden Age.’”.  

The history of the Druids provides some of the more notable names involved in the movement, along with some of it’s more aberrant factions and teachings.

 “…1781, a ‘secret society’, The Order of the Ancient Druids, had been set up in London by Henry Hurle…on Garlick Hill in the city, on lines doubtless inspired by Freemasonry…In 1833 the Order split…majority became ‘The United Ancient Order of the Druids.’ This, with …numerous daughter Orders, flourishes as a Friendly Society, but the rump of the 1833 split also contained its original mystic lines…Albion Lodge of the Ancient Order of Druids of Oxford (1908) it accepted as an initiate the young Winston Churchill at a ceremony in Blenheim Park…. Henry Hurles original Order…The British Circle of the Universal Bond—split and formed The Order of the Bards, Ovates and Druids in 1963—meet on Tower Hill in London.  1717 members of Druids include John Toland, William Stukeley, Lord Winchilsea and William Blake. Chief druid from 1909 to 1946 –George Watson Macgregor Reid, friend of Bernard Shaw…”.

 “A man named Owen Morgan or Morien around the 1920’s in England managed to reconcile his pious Welsh Calvinistic Methodism with Druidism even though it meant equating Taliesin with Jesus Christ.–his writings such things as Phallic worship to the Holy Greal, by way of Druidic Mysteries.”

OK. We give up. Let them have it their way: The Druids were British Israelites descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel. They embraced the religion of Reheboam. Fine. Read Hosea. Dare you. It’s about Ephraim: Boozing alcoholics, with a lot of objectionable practices. If you count them as Druids, you can add human sacrifice to that.

So go ahead.

There’s one trade-off, though. Read Revelation 7:5-8. Note that Manasses and Joseph are mentioned among the tribes that are sealed, but there is no mention of Ephraim [along with no mention of Dan]. Ephraim is one of the two lost tribes of Israel. There is no sealing and likely there is to be no salvation for them. They are gone for good by the time we get through to the Great Tribulation.

So if you want to claim an heritage of Ephraim as a Lost Tribe of Israel, be aware that God wasn’t much happy with Ephraim even before the end of the Old Testament and having your ancestors practicing human sacrifice is a less than noble heritage. In the end, there won’t be salvation and redemption as a tribe (all of this is nonsense of course because Britain isn’t Ephraim, but just for argument’s sake…). You are so screwed.

If that’s what you want to believe, you can have it. It’s the worst science fiction ever. It’s wrong of course, and your opinion that the United States and British Commonwealth are descended from Lost Tribes of Israel is so wrong in so many ways, but you are welcome to be stupid and hold to an unworkable belief system that will lead you absolutely nowhere you want to go.

If you have been paying any attention at all, you’ll have noticed that the claim of Druid British Israelism is that the Druids went to Mesopotamia to Abraham and that Abraham was a Druid Priest. This would certainly explain the religion of the Israelites, passed from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob — it was the celebration of the Ancient Pagan Druid’s Religion, replete with the Feast of Tabernacles, the keeping of the Sabbath and the Calendar. It seems reasonable that Stonehenge was built to ascertain the signs and wonders in the heavens so that the British Hebrew festivals could be kept in their proper times, based on moon phases, Solstices and the Equinoxes. Note that through the ages that not just Abraham, but evidently such luminaries as Winston Churchill and Pat Robertson can claim a Druidic connection. Since Glenn Beck believes in British Israelism, we can only assume that he is of the Druids as well (based on Occam’s Razor that the most simplistic of two ideas is the most likely to survive — and it’s likely that Occam was also a Druid). We’d like to think so. It would explain a lot. It is also likely, based on this faux infotainment that the United States Fathers established the Constitution of Druid concepts and that they were high level 33 degree Druids, particularly Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. See, when you have one good explanation for everything, everything just falls into place.

So there we have it. Herbert Armstrong discovered the key to understanding the Bible through British Israelism and British Israelism was founded by the Druids. We can stop calling them Armstrongists, ACoG and Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia and simplify things by just calling them Ancient Pagan Druids or APD for short. The Armstrongists don’t realize that as they save their ‘second tithe’ for the Feast of Tabernacles, observe the supposed Jewish Calendar, believe in the mystical mysteries of Olde Testament Christianity devoid of spiritual values embedded in absolute materialism and ancient rituals, noting that in psychology, the term ritual is sometimes used in a technical sense for a repetitive behavior systematically used by a person to neutralize or prevent anxiety; it is a symptom of obsessive–compulsive disorder. Of course, the original Druids differed in some regards. Monotheistic druids believe there is one Deity: either a Goddess or God, or a Being who is better named Spirit or Great Spirit, to remove misleading associations to gender. But other druids are duotheists, believing that Deity exists as a pair of forces or beings, which they often characterize as the God and Goddess, or in the case of the Armstrongists, God and the Word. Soon they will be Polytheistic Druids believing that many gods and goddesses exist, where they are God as God is God.

All of this should lead us all to one inevitable conclusion.

Herbert Armstrong was really very stupid.

The Self-Made Armstrongist Experts

Herbert Armstrong didn’t even complete high school, but some how he read material in the Central Library in Portland, Oregon from G. G. Rupert, wrangled a ministerial certificate from the Church of God Seventh Day and for no particularly good reason was granted the title of ‘Apostle’ by the very Conference he later betrayed, going on and becoming one of the most prominent false prophets in the United States in the early Twentieth Century with nutty ideas and even nuttier kook predictions which fell flat, but yet, he became a foremost expert in the minds of his deluded followers. Continue reading “The Self-Made Armstrongist Experts”

Why Armstrongist leaders MUST lie

Herbert Armstrong lied because he had to. All Armstrongist leaders must lie.

To understand why, let’s look at what a sociopath said on Quora:

Thomas Pierson

Thomas Pierson, I was born this way

235.5k Views · Most Viewed Writer in Psychopathy and Psychopaths
The situation that made answering this question anonymously a necessity has passed.
I hate doing this, but I have to answer this anonymously. I am a diagnosed sociopath and according to Quora statistics, many of you have seen and liked my answers, questions and blog posts.
I am probably among the most fortunate of my particular set in that I had a great family. My Father was a very even keeled man who never finished high school because he figured he knew everything he needed to know at 13. He was a “been here” in our little community, a branch of a family tree that had roots in our small town going back six generations. My Mother was a loud, social butterfly who formed the hub of the local rumor mill. Both of my parents were socially active; Moose lodge, VFW, County Fair, Grange Hall; these were the places I grew up.I was the weird kid in school, the guy who didn’t “get it.” There was a very good reason for that, I wasn’t attached to anything. If you watch people as they go about their normal lives, and I have spent my entire life doing so, you will realize that there is a social mandate at work and it shows up very early in our children; that’s why neuro-typical kids pretty much all act the same. As they grow they become more complex but are little more than collections of well known stereotypes.The general call and response of daily life was largely lost on me as a child. I have no talent for rote memory, because I have no desire to learn anything that demands rote memory. Even at 5 and 6 years old I had dozens of songs and television shows and movies memorized, but I didn’t care about the “times tables” or “presidents” or anything else that demanded memorization by benefit of it’s existence. But after a long while I learned to do it because I was laughed at, called stupid and ugly (I never understood the correlation, so I put it down to limited vocabulary) and generally bullied by my peers.Then I learned something wonderful, something so amazing that it changed my life forever; I learned that people don’t want to hear the truth, they want to hear what is expected. So, I learned how to lie to people so I wouldn’t be abused any more. I learned this early, I couldn’t have been more than six or seven.So there is one of the first questions people ask about sociopaths answered. Why do they lie and manipulate? Because people punish you when you tell them the truth

We’ve already covered the fact that members of the Armstrongist churches are sociopaths previously.

Armstrongist leaders MUST lie because people don’t want the truth.

It’s as simple as that. If you are currently in an Armstrongist cult, you do not want the truth and if the leaders and / or ministers told you the truth, not only would you not like them, you’d leave them.

How do we know this?

The scientific method.

David Hulme
David Hulme, beleaguered guru of the Church of God, an International Community

David Hulme found this out the hard way awhile back. He hinted that he was going to eliminate British Israelism and excise it from Church of God, an International Community. Almost immediately, some of his leading ministers rebelled and split off, forming an ACoG of their own. David Hulme was a onetime World Tomorrow presenter and founding president of the United Church of God (which he subsequently abandoned) to form the CoGaIC. He had a semi-successful sect of the Armstrongist cult and even had a printed copy of his magazine, Vision. He’s had to stop printing it and now it is just an online website. It’s amazing how fast things can go to hell in a handbasket after only 16 years. If only he had continued lying to his ministers and members about the viability of British Israelism, he’d still be in good stead –because Armstrongists hate truth, and if you have the audacity to tell them the truth, they will hate you, make fun of you, oppose you and leave you.

The other Armstrongists have realized this. Roderick Meredith at the Living Church of God even has a course at Living University for British Israelism. More and more, ACoGs have realized that British Israelism is the fundamental core of their religion and are finding more and more ways to promote the idea.

It’s all a lie of course. British Israelism is bunk. In keeping with the sociopaths in Armstrongism, though, the sects of the cult promote it. Armstrongist leaders MUST lie. They must lie because people don’t really like the truth.

So all you Armstrongists out there, watching the insanity of your headquarters / home office as it disintegrates and the leaders become more and more egocentric and eccentric, just remember: You are responsible for all of it because you don’t want the truth.

Armstrongism is a cult, after all and you shouldn’t expect anything but lies if you can’t handle the truth.



The British-Israel-World Federation is having a crisis. It is having to face DNA evidence that British Israelism is wrong:

British Israel World Federation Facing DNA Evidence
British Israel World Federation Facing DNA Evidence

It’s an embarrassing moment for an august institution over a century old. Here is an opportunity to admit the truth and disband. Will they? Here’s a hint:

There is a need to evidence that the progression from one haplogroup to another is most likely to have gone from a “developed” haplogroup (such as R or N) by losing DNA information. This does accord with decades of scientific research into both observed and artificially induced mutations which demonstrates that mutations involve a loss of DNA information.

In other words, the Great White Hope is that it can be proved that the Y Chromosome magically and mystically ‘transforms’ from one haplogroup to another. There is some speculation in other places that the Y Chromosome will change when subject to sunlight: Move from Africa to Europe and the next generations will change to white or move from Sweden to Nigeria and a generation or two later, voila, you’ll change to a black native Nigerian! No, it doesn’t look like the British Israel World Federation is about to admit the truth! They will staunchly resist truth and cling to a lie. They just can’t give up 100 years of tradition, no matter how wrong they are.

The Hope of Israel Ministries is doing the same thing. The British Israel Association of Canada are doing the same thing using idiocy championed by Martin Lightfoot. One of the most obstreperous strident groups demanding attention is Brit-Am as demonstrated in their article,

The DNA War Against Brit-Am. 
Nazi Vermin Attack Brit-Am DNA Explanation.

It turns out that Brit-Am is in a snit. Apparently, they have come on several forums having a scientific bent and have been kicked off! Those terrible scientific people just aren’t going to listen to their ideas, so the best way to deal with the problem is an ad hominem attack, accusing them of being ‘Nazi Vermin’. There’s nothing like using stubborn resistance to facts and scientific proofs, refusing to listen to reason, to win over people to their point of view! Just like the cartoon above, Reality is so unfair! Reality should show more sensitivity to their deeply held religious beliefs, no matter how stupid and wrong they are. Any one who disagrees with them are Nazi Vermin!

It’s no wonder that Neil deGrasse Tyson made this comment on Twitter recently:

Neil deGrasse TysonVerified account ‏@neiltyson Dec 3

Odd that we live in a world where even objective truths count as controversial subjects

If proponents of British Israelism have their way, all DNA evidence used in our court system will have to be scrapped. After all, if you can’t rely on DNA to remain stable to prove anything, using it for paternity suits will be useless; scratch the rape kits; murders will go free because the DNA linking them to the crime will be thrown out. Great going guys: This is the ultimate in stupid crazy distorted perceptions.

Other proofs were available even before DNA was available to absolutely prove that British Israelism is a fraud.

There has never been any excuse for British Israelism.

Even without DNA, anyone could have known that British Israelism was false: The proof has always been there; it’s just been ignored for the sake of convenience.

British Israelism cult leaders have been too careless with the truth, totally dishonest or both.

1. DNA
2. History
3. Archeology
4. Linguistics
5. Failed Prophecies
6. Scripture

Archeology is particularly weak in supporting British Israelism.

What ever archeological evidence is proffered by British Israelism proponents, has taken artifacts and corrupted the scientific evidence to map to the desired outcome of proving British Israelism.

The proffered evidence is sketchy because when it comes to science, British Israelism is beyond speculative, relying on folklore rather than analytical methods.

For example, British Israel writers developed the belief that these “ten tribes” were able to retain their identity and cohesiveness, became lost to history, and wandered far from the Middle East. They concluded that the stone used in the coronation of King David was transported to the British Isles where it exists today as the Stone of Scone. The latter stone is still used for the coronation of British queens and kings. The writers promoted the belief that divine authority was transferred from ancient Israel to England along with the stone. In reality, the origin of the Stone of Scone has been traced to rock outcroppings in Scotland using standard geological analysis methods.

Adherents of British Israelism suggest that Behistun Inscription provides a link between the Israelites deported from their ancient lands and the Cimmerians and Scythians. It does not. Only the most careless research standards could even begin to find credibility for this proposition.

Bad Archeology

Bad Archaeology is the brainchild of a couple of archaeologists who are fed up with the distorted view of the past that passes for knowledge in popular culture. Here’s what the say over at their website at Bad Archeology:



We are unhappy that books written by people with no knowledge of real archaeology dominate the shelves at respectable bookshops. We do not appreciate news programmes that talk about ley lines (for example) as if they are real. In short, we are Angry Archaeologists.

Explore the diversity of archaeological misconceptions, mistakes and distortions.

We are dedicated to exposing Bad Archaeology wherever we find it, naming and shaming, pulling no punches in exploring all its shameless horror.

Remember that these are real archeologists; proponents of British Israelism are not! They have reserved their ire for British Israelism in their blog at The Lost Tribes of Israel. We include the entire blog entry here because sometimes pages on the Internet get lost:

The Lost Tribes of Israel

Since the unexpected discovery in 1492 of humans not accounted for in the Bible, Europeans were keen to find out where they had come from. An ingenious solution was proposed: they were the tribes of Israel that disappeared from history with the fall of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah in the middle of the first millennium BC. A whole religion has been built on these foundations. There was also a movement in the late nineteenth century to identify the English with the same lost tribes. There are still traces of the ‘British-Israelite’ movement today.

The Israelite hypothesis

Very quickly after the discovery of the New World, Europeans began to treat its inhabitants as little more than their possessions. There was some debate about whether they were fully human and thus descendants of Adam. At first, few of their fellow Europeans protested, but in the early sixteenth century, Bartolomé de Las Casas (1474-1566) became a champion of the Native American cause. He spent many years trying to improve the conditions under which they lived in the Spanish colonies in the West Indies, Peru and Guatemala. Las Casas believed that the Native Americans should be converted to Christianity, as he was convinced that they originated in Ancient Israel and felt that the Bible contained the proof that they were members of the Lost Tribes of Israel. He was not alone and it was in no small measure thanks to his efforts that Pope Paul III (1468-1549; pope 1534-49) declared that the Native Americans were fully human, after all, in 1537.

A report by the seventeenth-century Portuguese traveller, António Montezinos (also known as Aharón Leví de Montezinos), published in 1644, reawakened interest in the subject. He claimed that there was a Jewish tribe living beyond the mountain passes of the Andes and that he had heard them recite the She‘ma Yisro‘el (the expression of the Jewish faith) and saw them observe Jewish rituals. Alas, Montezinos was a fantasist whose stories were accepted uncritically.

Having decided that some of the Native Americans practised Hebrew rites and were therefore ancient Canaanites or the lost tribes of Israel, this meant that they were in dire need of conversion. Thomas Thorowgood’s Jewes in America, or, Probabilities that the Americans are of that race, first published in 1650, was one of the first to argue for the need to convert these lost tribes. The second edition of 1660 quotes the authority of John Eliot (1604-1690), the “Apostle to the Indians”, who went on to publish a translation of the bible into the Massachusetts dialect of Algonquin in 1663. Groups like the Corporation for Propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in New England were founded by English settlers who believed that the Native Americans were lost Jews who would need to be reconciled with Christ at the end of time. Although the belief that Indians were Hebrews quickly faded as knowledge of their languages, customs and beliefs increased, Edward Johnson (1598-1672), author of The Wonder-Working Providence of Sion’s Saviour (published in 1654), argued that a mass conversion of Indians was necessary if America were to be the site of the new heaven and new earth.

Menasseh ben Israel (1604-1657), a respected Dutch Jewish scholar, was heavily influenced by the account of António Montezinos and wrote his best-selling book, The Hope of Israel, which he dedicated to the English Parliament. Meeting Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658; Lord Protector of England 1653-1658), he petitioned for the recall of the Jews (who had been expelled from England in 1290) and expressed his belief that the dispersion of Jews to all corners of the Earth was the beginning of the redemption. Certain Christian traditions claimed that when the Ten Tribes of Israel were found and restored to the Holy Land, the return of Christ to reign supreme was not far off, a belief that is still had by some, especially American, fundamentalist churches. There was thus a considerable vested interest among some believers to identify the Lost Tribes. Now that apparently Israelite tribes had been discovered in the Americas, ben Israel argued, Cromwell must readmit the Jews to England to bring about the Messianic era. Similar sentiments were expressed, albeit in more humanistic terms, in the second half of the eighteenth century during the American and French revolutions. Some abolitionists, for instance, claimed that the Messianic Age would be ushered in when the slaves were freed and when the native Americans, as descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes, were converted to Christianity. The sometimes eccentric religious beliefs of the pioneer settlers developed political overtones, with the production of bizarre propaganda works such as the Apocalypse de Chiokoyhikoy, chef des Iroquois (published in 1777 by the newly-formed Congress and condemned by the Inquisition in 1779). This purported to be an account of the end of the world by an Iroquois prophet, denigrating the English to support the cause for American independence by showing how the Iroquois would be better off under American rule.

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Written by: Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews

This is not the end of it: Another article at the site specifically addressing British Israelism and dispatch it thoroughly. The article about The British Israelites may be found at The British Israelites and is given in its entirety here:

The British Israelites


The British-Israelite movement was a sect within the Church of England that emerged in the 1870s and formed a relatively powerful and influential voice in British middle-class Christianity until its rapid decline after 1945. Amongst its numerous bizarre and amusing beliefs there is a consistent obsession with antiquities and alternative archaeologies of various kinds, ranging from Celtic and Arthurian myths to Biblical archaeology and Egyptology. The present day pseudoscience of pyramidology is in many respects an after-effect of British-Israelite efforts in the 1870s and 1920s, as we shall see.

British-Israelism was primarily a movement of the upper middle classes, particularly within the military, the clergy and the colonial middle classes, although there were famous and prominent supporters including George VI, the poet Patience Strong and Princess Alice of Athlone. The core ideology of the movement is the belief that:

“The Jews are not the whole of God’s people Israel, as so many imagine, but only a small part of the chosen race – at the most two tribes out of twelve… and British-Israelites maintain that the Anglo-Saxon race embody, and are, the ten-tribed kingdom of Israel” (Dixon, 1915: 16, emphasis in original).

Racial Origin Myths

The British-Israelites’ attempts to integrate the fashionable race-science of the 1930s into their beliefs was fraught with difficulties. While they wished to prove their pure Aryan credentials, they were stymied by their frenzied hatred of Germany and their crude but endearing philo-semitism.

The solution to this thorny problem emerged when the Germans were declared to be the descendents of the Assyrians, oppressors of the Israelites and definite non-Aryans, while the Jews were proven to be Aryans by references to the supposedly Nordic-looking Jewish population of Palestine. This tortuous non-logic and appeals to vague bodies of evidence is typical of the ever-evolving British-Israelite ideology. “On this rock I will build my church” – The Stone of Scone Biblical literalism is a cornerstone of British-Israelite dogma, with obscure passages of scripture wielded as blunt instruments in religious debates. Their obsession with the Stone of Scone or coronation stone is a good example of this: in their paroxysms of patriotic fervour, such an obscure but resolutely British object as the coronation stone must be found at least one biblical provenance.

In the event they found two. The stone is (literally of course) ‘Jacob’s Pillow’, as attested by Scottish tradition: the stone on which Jacob rested his head, then blessed as a pillar in the temple of God. The second and more obscure connection is to the (clearly metaphorical) “stone that the builders rejected” in the Psalms, interpreted by later Christians as referring to the rejection of Jesus by humanity. For the British Israelites, this connects the stone of scone to the Great Pyramid (see below), as builder error in the construction of the pyramid allegedly meant that the intended capstone was unable to be fitted. This then became the coronation stone. This clumsy attempt to shoehorn vague materials and sites into equally vague or totally allegorical fragments of scripture is typical of bullshit biblical archaeology at its worst.

Tomb Raiders – Pyramidology

From the mid-nineteenth century onwards, the British-Israelites played a significant role in the creation and promulgation of the pseudoscience of pyramidology, which has remained one of the most popular and profitable branches of alternative archaeology ever since. Prominent British-Israelite pyramidologists include Charles Piazzi-Smyth (1819-1900), David Davidson, Colonel J Garnier, and James Bernard Nicklin (1881-?). Between them, these scholars (who included an engineer and an astronomer) created a rich and enduring tradition of prophecy and historical interpretation, based on the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Khufu in general and its interior measurements in particular.

For the British-Israelites, the pyramid is nothing less than “the Bible in Stone”, as important an aspect of their millenarian beliefs as the holy book itself. The main passage and the King’s chamber are, in this model, a timeline of British-Israelite history from the creation through the birth, death and resurrection of Christ, to the First World War and the start of the British Mandate in Palestine. Along the way, these measurements highlight such earth-shattering events as coronations, treaties and the end of the gold standard.

In the later stages, the measurements were taken with such accuracy that the start and end dates of the First World War were claimed to be accurate to the hour, assuming a scale of one pyramid inch = one month. The similarity between the imperial inch and the (invented) pyramid inch is another basis of the claim that the pyramid was built by the Israelites under divine supervision.

Raiders of the Lost Ark – The Hill of Tara

The British-Israelites only venture into field archaeology, aside from their obsessive measuring and re-measuring of the Pyramid, was a series of excavations carried out at the hill of Tara in Ireland in the early years of the twentieth century. Due to the usual combination of scriptural misinterpretation and blind acceptance of obscure fragments of folklore, the British-Israelites came to believe that Tara was the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant.

Allegedly brought to Ireland by an Israelite princess, the Ark had been buried for protection and for future use. In an archaeological initiative that makes Indiana Jones look professional, enthusiastic British-Israelites tore into the mound with picks and spades over several years. No Ark was found and the controversy around the desecration of the monument put a stop to further work, but the British-Israelites had made their mark in the long and inglorious history of mad, bad and otherwise god-crazed archaeology.

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Written by: Gabriel Moshenska for Bad Archaeology

There’s no reason to get into a snit. British Israelism doesn’t need DNA to prove it false, but it does quite a good job.

So here’s the deal:

Admit the truth, apologize and go out of business

When Prophecy Fails

When Prophecy FailsWhen Prophecy Fails is a study of what happens to individuals when their belief system has been shown to be in error (disconfirmed).

A review by William E. Adams at Amazon.com says:

This work first saw print in 1956. It is the story of a UFO cult in a large city in the Midwest…how it developed, how the leaders recruited followers, how predictions about the coming end of the world started flowing from the psychic members who allegedly channeled messages from the spacemen/pilots. The cult members were told they would be saved, picked up by saucers on an appointed date. The members quit jobs, sold possessions, and gathered, only to be disappointed. Did they all quit in a huff? No way. The first failure only made them more determined they were right, more anxious to be ready for the next announced departure date. Then a second failure. A few members fell away, a few suffered doubts, a few challenged for leadership themselves. The point of this book is that it takes “three disconfirmations” to kill a movement of true believers, and even then, some still hang on to the discredited “theology” by grasping at excuses. I found this book by accident about 30 years ago, and have read it at least four times. I find it fascinating. In the 1970’s I knew two women in Albuquerque who were amateur psychics. They started bringing forth “space brethren messages” and eventually, although they failed to attract a following, they went up into the nearby mountains one night sure they would be lifted off before the coming unspecified disaster. They waited, but no ship appeared. I think people inclined toward UFO beliefs haven’t changed much since this book was published. The basic data shown in this study can apply to religious or political groups as well. I am sorry it is out of print, but if you have an interest in this field, get a used copy…the prices are reasonable and the book will not disappoint!

Support for the study was obtained through the Laboratory for Research in Social Relations of the University of Minnesota and help received through a grant-in-aid from the Ford Foundation to one of the authors. The study is to answer the how and why people take on new fervor when they have contradictory evidence which they should not be able to avoid. There are five conditions under which the authors would expect to observe the increased fervor:

  1. A belief must be held with deep conviction and it must have some relevance to action, that is, to what the believer does or how he behaves.
  2. The person holding the belief must have committed himself to it; that is, for the sake of his belief, he must have taken some important action that is difficult to undo. In general, the more important such actions are, and the more difficult they are to undo, the greater is the individual’s commitment to the belief.
  3. The belief must be sufficiently specific and sufficiently concerned with the real world so that events may unequivocally refute the belief.
  4. Such undeniable disconfirmatory evidence must occur and must be recognized by the individual holding the belief.

The first two of these conditions specify the circumstances that will make the belief resistant to change. The third and fourth conditions together, on the other hand, point to factors that would exert powerful pressure on a believer to discard his belief. It is, of course, possible that an individual, even though deeply convinced of a belief, may discard it in the face of unequivocal disconfirmation. We must, therefore, state a fifth condition specifying the circumstances under which the belief will be discarded and those under which it will be maintained with new fervor.

  1. The individual believer must have social support. It is unlikely that one isolated believer could withstand the kind of dis-confirming evidence we have specified. If, however, the believer is a member of a group of convinced persons who can support one another, we would expect the belief to be maintained and the believers to attempt to proselyte or to persuade nonmembers that the belief is correct.

Luckily, the authors found a group they could observe during the study. A woman of a very religious persuasion began writing messages she just ‘knew’ was from a contact in outer space. This ‘source’ warned her to tell the world that there was going to be a great flood to purge the world.

Licensed from Adobe Photo Stock; replication of this picture is in violation of copyright laws.
Licensed from Adobe Photo Stock; replication of this picture is a violation of copyright laws.

Along the way, she was told that those within the inner circle of her group would be rescued by flying saucers.

Licensed from Adobe Photo Stock; replication of this picture is in violation of copyright laws.
Licensed from Adobe Photo Stock; replication of this picture is a violation of copyright laws.

And in the end, we all know how that turned out. They waited again and again to be picked up, but, alas, there was no saucer shuttle and no flood. Yet, many of the group continued to believe even after a number of disappointments, illustrating the workings of the 5 premises. The people really did hang on to their beliefs even after they had been demonstrated to be patently silly.

Of course, those of you currently in the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia know perfectly well there are no such things as flying saucers and the whole thing is patently silly on the face of it.

Apparently there are some Armstrongists who believe in flying saucers.
Apparently there are some Armstrongists who believe in flying saucers.


Just in case you Armstrongists get off the hook because you don’t believe in flying saucers, think again! The authors of When Prophecy Fails spend over seven pages of the first chapter on William Miller! The CoHAM should be getting mighty nervous. After all, those of us blogging to refute Armstrongism have shown that the Worldwide Church of God and its successors are cults. We’ve debunked British Israelism and shown up the same sort of ‘prophecies’ ‘disconfirmed’ by the book. There are no excuses. You Armstrongists are doing exactly what the study predicts you would do. For example, consider the British Israelism Church of God: It has the gall to just make up excuses why DNA doesn’t disprove British Israelism. The problem is that Y-Chromosome DNA has been found to be stable over thousands of years and just doesn’t magically morph to some other haplogroup. Idiots.

 Then we need to consider Herbert Armstrong’s Prophetic Record:

Herbert Armstrong's Prophetic RecordMajor fail. Again and again. And yet, people keep believing and making up excuses, just like the study says. If you really want to be embarrassed by what you believed, re-read 1975 in Prophecy:

1975 in Prophecy Color VersionHerbert Armstrong made some pretty bold prophecies. They simply didn’t come to pass. Did you make excuses for the failure in 1975 when the disconfirmation was too intense to ignore?

Ron and Laura Weinland -- the two witnesses of the Church of God - Preaching the Kingdom of God (CoG-PKG)
Ron and Laura Weinland — the two witnesses of the Church of God – Preaching the Kingdom of God (CoG-PKG)

 If there is any group that illustrates the truth of When Prophecy Fails, it is the PKG. Ron and Laura Weinland — the two witnesses of the Church of God – Preaching the Kingdom of God (CoG-PKG) — have conned the PKG to continue giving them money even after their major prophecies failed… again… and again. What’s worse, Ronald Weinland is currently serving his sentence for felony Income Tax evasion, but the PKG membership sticks with him and continues to make excuses.

Others, such as David Pack continue to exhibit hoof in mouth disease — Dave prophesied a specific date that three major leaders in the other churches of God would die and members of all the ACoGs would come flocking to him. That was years ago and still… nothing.

 Now it is true that the Armstrongist Churches of God have something that little group in the Midwest in the 1950s didn’t have. It would have been so much better after the flying saucers failed to show and take them away from the flood that didn’t happen if they had some way to find out how the various members of their group fared after The Great Disappointment. They should have had the benefit of some sort of periodic newspaper which had stories and articles about the group and the individual members. They could keep up much better, even if the editor didn’t particularly believe in the tenets of the group and held the ‘floodists’ and ‘farmer UFOlogists’ in contempt. He could still publish something called The Journal. Maybe out of some town like say, Big Sandy. What’s important is not what the group believes — what’s really important is to keep the social group together in its completely delusional dysfunctional existence.

It’s called journalism.