What Next? And What Of “God”?

Philip Slater, whom I consider a brilliant thinker, points out the evolution of civilization, and leaves us with two basic choices: Community, or the mechanical psychopathology on which we seem bent. While I am a big fan of Ayn Rand and Objectivism, Slater offers some interesting points worth examining, which may also explain ancient truths as well.
“…we need to recognize the degree to which objectivity is a symptom of our cultural disease, and consistency the mechanism of its metastasis.”
Ayn Rand offers reason as the standard by which freedom is attained, and many disagree. However, Rand stated the first axiom of objectivity: “I am” or ‘I exist”, and the ability to state one’s self existence is important as a beginning to any civilizational prescription.

However, in describing the stages of civilizational evolution, Slater writes:

“In the simple community, objectivity as we understand it scarcely exists. Almost all acts, decisions, and rewards are based on particular relationships and positions within the community. There is inequality, there is inequity, even a modest degree of exploitation….No one dies unnoticed or un-mourned”.

Slater goes on to explore relationships that move from bottrom to top and back down, with everyone having some contact, from town drunk to town banker or minister.

Slater goes to the next stage:

“When, with increasing size, this form breaks down and authoritarianism takes its place, we begin to encounter brutality and exploitation on a scale and a form familiar to us. Here for the first time rewards and decisions tend to be based on a kind of crude principle: the closer to the center of power, the more rewards.”

Slater then goes on to point a kind of crude “algebra” that allows people to predict the distribution of rewards while ignoring the relationships and “checks’ that existed in the community. This leads us to a “geometry” of relationships that can avoid the lack of objectivity in community life.

As you can see the increase of sociopaths and psychopaths can increase in such an environment because the rewards become subject to a kind of “pure geometry”, devoid of the necessary relations springing from community.

McLuhan offers an explanation of how consciousness is shaped by our process of communication that elevates linearity and principle above the random affairs that occur in communities, but I’ll hold off for now.

Slater then goes into the next stage:

“…with further increases in size and complexity, authoritarianism itself breaks down. The personal limitation of despots give rise to demands for objective, mechanical systems for distributing rewards. People begin to feel that personal relationships should play no part in arriving at political or economic relationships.”

At this point I would point to the cultural influence of Judaism and the bible in this regard. The beginning of Jewish history is as slaves. Being slaves, and being of a particular race, they sought ways of self identification or self reference apart from their social milieu. As you will see, this is the beginning of a reward system that became more predictable as people rose closer to the seat of power. The more perfectly the legal system could define the process of reward by distribution, the less randomness threatened the system. Two things were needed for the Jews to establish their freedom from surrounding systems:
1.An all powerful God to enforce their laws
2. A system of laws that defined the distribution of rewards according to strictly Jewish principles wherever they found themselves.

This was the second stage “infection” of community systems by that process that defined a reward system more directly and ignored the complex interplay of community relationships. However, it is also the process by which individuals begin separating themselves totally from the social milieu and claim connections to that “higher power” that brings rewards to all those most directly related to “Him”.

This means that there will be a demand for consistency on the part of all adherents. “God”, or “Jesus” or any religious power becomes the unity of all perfection and we seek to be like Him/It.  But to achieve that, we tend to seek the set of abstract mechanized systems that are independent of human flawed thinking.

Community, in which every person has a part, is abandoned in favor of a system of abstract rules to which everyone is said to agree to constant striving for consistency wih those principles.

Slater points out:

“The demand for consistency treats the disease by seeking to extend it to the entire organism.”

With the advent of the computer, and those mechanical processes contained within a machine in a kind of self referential system, people such as Ray Kurzweil write of “uploading” your mind into a computer, since it is held that the mind is subject to laws of physics, and can therefore be uploaded as a kind of “miniature model” of the universe. This is the full realization of the last stage described by Slater, with all physical processes, including the human being, discarded in favor of nothing more than a set of instructions, rules, and algorithms.

It also parallels the evolution of religion, with the emphasis on a “soul” apart from our fleshy self, that is more important than the salvation of the fleshy body. But what is the soul? It is seen as the interconnection of all “spiritual” things, that is, those things that can all be reduced to concepts, rules, laws, and algorithms. Until now, the church was the “upload” that we had to seek. In the future, we can simply upload the mechanical rules of the “soul” into the mechanized model known as the computer, or Artificial Intelligence.

At this point we seem to be hovering philosophically between the concept of the “immortal soul”, which is nothing more than the mechanical conceptualization of a complex interplay of laws of physics, and community, the interplay of human relations at all levels. Church and state combined in the machine. With the rise of epigenetics, I see the rise of community taking a central place.

Tower of Babel and the “Gray Goo”

In the study of nanotechnology, there used to be an idea called “gray goo”. This goo was composed of sub-atomic nanobots that would build so many of themselves that they were uncontrollable”.
It was a great dream in nanotechnology to create little sub-atomic robots that could literally assemble anything by combining atoms. Imagine being able to build anything simply by re-constructing atoms to create that object!

But here’s the problem: in order to make any object, the nanobots would have to assemble enough of themselves to make it feasible to quickly assemble whatever our heart desires. What happens if they start replicating only themselves and this becomes a kind of cancerous “prime directive” that can’t be stopped?

Trouble. really big trouble, because they could turn everything on this planet, including you and I, into little nanobots!

The problem was how to create an intelligent “off switch” that would react to all necessary situations, and simply stop replicating when the optimum number is reached. But what is an optimum number? Surely there would ultimately be a number applying to certain objects, but not all objects, so much would be left to experimentation. But what if the “off switch” broke down?

This is an interesting parallel to the Tower of Babel. Imagine you have these little animals called humanoids that can build virtually anything they imagine, and all they have to do is form a central decision-making process, organize, and then focus on the building of that one thing. You have a problem similar to the gray goo don’t you? Once they collectively focus on this process, what will act as an “off switch”? What will keep them from continually working on this one project until they have totally destroyed their environment and cannot even grow food to sustain themselves? Is there some kind of “foresight” switch that allows them to produce, realize the goal is unattainable, and then simply stop?
That brings up a problem known as Turing’s halting problem. Alan Turing developed a “Universal Turing machine” which actually existed only in his imagination. It was based on the idea of a computer, but there were no such computers at that time. Left to its own run-time, could such a computer find a way to predict whether or not there was a solution to certain questions asked. Turing found it could not be done. The problem fed into the computer might be so complex that it might run forever, but that would not tell us if the Turing machine would ever stop. Was there a solution to that question, a way to know predictively that it would reach a solution, or would it simply never stop, allowed to run on its own time? Certainly human programmers can build in certain “off witches’ that are complex now, but even those safeguards don’t tell us if there are actually answers to all questions, or if it will be necessary to simply let the program run. It simply can not be known.

Before Turing, there was Kurt Godel, who developed his now famous incompleteness theorem which tells us that in any consistent axiomatic formalization suitable for number theory, there exists undecidable propositions.

Not only that, there may be an infinity of such undecidables.

Now, we come back to the Tower of Babel. Here were these suddenly self aware humanoids, able to build almost anything they imagined, and once organized, each member would simply do his/her part. If the goal was unattainable or tended to infinity, they would simply keep doing their part, like cogs in a machine, until they had destroyed their entire environment.

So we have Genesis 11:6: “…Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language, and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do”.

The solution was to diversify their language. Simple enough. if each of them had to think more as an individual, then each would have to consider the consequences of his/her acts as an individual. As a side note, this is also an interesting aspect of Godel’s theorem, because in order to develop his theorem, he had to create a “language”, a “Godel numbering” system that exactly reflected the axioms of the math, and use those numbers as axioms to act on the numbers creating a self referencing system! These “languages” consisten of three levels, and Godel found that the system, no matter how formal, there would exist mathematical statements that declared “I exist,  but I cannot  be proven in this system”!

 In effect, there existed no language that could ever reflect an “off switch” for any foral mathematical system. It had to be added by “outside” programmers!

Back to the Tower of Babel and God’s solution :

But this was not a permanent solution, because down through history, other humanoids would learn how to organize, conquer and build larger and larger systems of thought, with no restraints. How to stop them? If their one ruler claimed to be God, who would question his/her commands? Where would be the “off switch” that would say, ‘here and no further”? Anyone who did would be placing his/her own life in jeopardy. Evolution would not tend to favor such individuals. If you are a being of such power to create humans, your problem would be to keep them from destroying their environment before they reached their full potential. So, you would have to create a system that, by its very nature, led to continual splintering and speciation, with no “halting” in sight. You would have to “infect” the humanoids with a system that made them become ever more individualized and less collective, as collectivism would lead to death. That would require a system of rules or laws that, by its very nature, forced the people to question the consequences of their own acts. That would include the promise to Abraham, in my first essay.

Abraham’s Promise–Destroys Judaism, Christianity, and Islam!

All three major religions trace their origins to Abraham. Show the truth of that, and you destroy the foundations of all three religions! Think about this:  people have been searching for the one true religion, the one that can be proven beyond doubt. Yet there are over 38,000 versions within Christianity itself! Adding to that problem, Paul declares in Romans 8:7 that the natural(carnal) mind is enmity against God, and cannot be subject to God’s laws. If our natural minds aren’t dependable, what do we use? The Holy Spirit? Yes, but how in the world can we know we have it if our natural minds can’t show us? The simple fact is, we have no way of proving it, and if we could, we could simply eliminate all the unnecessary religions! We could unite church and state! We coud have a human authority that provably represents God! Instead, we have over 38,000 versions within Christianity alone, and the Muslim religion, anong with Judaism, has its own splintering groups. In this world of such deception, what does Jesus say about it? His statement is both plain and logical: “Then if any man says to you, Lo, here is Christ, or there, believe it not”!

Believe it not? But all those churches are out there telling us we MUST believe! W hat in the world is going on?

It all begins with Abraham. God visited Abraham about four hundred years before he made a covenant with israel at Sinai. But as Paul tells us in Galatians 3;17 , this promise had nothing to do with the covenant at Sinai! Even with the laws given to Israel, the promise still stands! So, if there is such religious confusion, and Jesus himself tells us to avoid all of it, giving us the only logical solution, what does the promise to Abraham have to do with it?

It is very simple. God told Abraham that these children of “promise”, born to Abraham would someday inherit the world. Not heaven, but the world, right here(Ro mans 4:13, Revelation s 5:10). That was the deal! Those children, born to Abraham by God’s promise, were to inherit a world ruling kingdom!

The firstborn of these children was Isaac, born to Abraham’s wife Sarah, who had been barren ad was nearly a hundred years old. Notice, there was absolutely nothing  that Abraham could do to fulfill this promise, and he tried! He took Sarah’s handmaid, Hagar, and impregnated her, who bore a son Ishmael. Yet God said this would not be the child of promise, but a child born of Sarah would be the true seal of this promise. Sure enough, as Genesis 21:1-2 tells us, God visited Sarah, and Sarah gave birth to Isaac. Here are the conditions of that promise: Isaac would be the first of many children, all of whom would be born in the same promise ,under the same conditions as Isaac. They would be foreknown(as Isaac was), they were predestined (as Isaac was), and they would be called (as Isaac was). Notice the parallel in Romans 8:29-3. These are the ones that Paul refers to as the “called according to God’s purpose”. Those were the terms, and Isaac filled them all. Notice what Paul said in Galatians 4;28: “Now we brethren, as Isaac was, are the children of promise”.! Not enough? How about Galatians 3:29: “And if ye be Christ’s then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise”!

Still not convinced? Paul had already written that our natural minds were enmity against god, so that eliminated ny possible decision procedure that would allow us to decide the one true church, and Jesus himself had told us not to believe in any of them, so Paul tells us that these children, whoever they are, are born under the same conditions, the same process, predestined, foreknown, and called, just as Isaac was!

After Paul informed us of this in Romans 8:7, and Romans 8:29-30, he then goes into detail to show us that we cannot show ourselves, by any human process , to be any loser to god that anyone else(Romans 9:16-22)!

But if we have no way of proving it, who are these children? Look at Romans 9:7-15.
“Neither because they are the seed of Araham, are they all children: but, ‘in Isaac shall thy seed be called'”.

Notice that Paul shows a distinction between the children who are descendants, and those of Isaac.
“That is, they which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God, but the children of the promise are counted for the seed”! How much plainer can you get? ONLY those born under the conditions of that promise, born as Isaac, are the actual children of God! Chosen to someday inherit a world ruling kingdom!

What promise was Paul referring to? Next verse: “For this is the word of promise: ‘At this time will I come, and Sarah shall have a son’. ” !
And if that’s not enough, look at verse 11: “(For the children bein gnot yet born, neither having done any good or evil, that the purpose of God according to the election might stand, not of works but of him that calleth)”!

Why don’t any of the religions teach that? because it will put them out of business! If God foreknows, predestines, and calls his own children, and if these children are born of that same promise to Abraham at God;s will, there is no way to organize in God’s name! And that means we are free from all organized religion! After Paul clearly describes who these children are, the conditions of their  birth, he then goes to pains to show that there simply exists no decisin procedure by which we may show ourselves as one of them! But if that’s true, wouldn’t all attempts to organize in God’s name result in constant splintering and division? Obvously, and that’s why there are over 38,000 versions of Christianity and growing! By the very best human efforts, men cannot organize in God’s name and prove it! Therefore, Jesus told us the truth in Matthew 24:23! But notice what Jesus himself said about it in Matthew 10:34-38: “…I came not to send peace, but a sword.
“For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.
“And a man’s foes shall be those of his own household”!

Jesus told us the logical results of all human attempts to worship God by human efforts! Men cannot organize in God’ name, but if the churches told us this, they would all be out of business! They are all frauds!

Look at these children described in John 1:13: “Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God”.
Again, plainly stated! Who is the ruler of this world, of this human system of government? Satan(Matthew 4:8-9, Luke 4:6). he is called “the god of this world”, so obviously all attempts to organize in God’s name must be in service to Satan!

Jesus said “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free”.. We see in 2 Peter 2:19: “While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for whatever overcomes a man, to that is he brought in bondage”.
You are free, and there is something amazing happening here right now, on this earth! But the religions aren’t teaching it, because they wish to enslave you to the government controlled by Satan! You can only be free by choosing freedom from ALL power structures of men, both church and state! I will be writing future essays to show you the amazing things that are revealing this freedom from all human authority systems, and I WON’T be asking for money , because how can I claim money when I have no authority?

It is time to set all persons free!