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      I recently happenened across your article on thi2s church's beliefs. I was raised in the worldwide church of god. (I put the church's title and 'god' in lower case letters because this church IS NOT of God. It was horrifying, the things that my siblings and I endured. The teachings stole our lives and made my mother a basket case. My mom still blames my dads alcoholism for our terrible life. But my dad didn't believe Armstrongs crap so I'm pretty sure the alcoholism was made worse because my dad didn't know how to fight the teachings of this cult church. Anyway, about 20 years ago Gods Holy Spirit started opening up my mind to His truth. I in turn questioned the worldwide church of god pastor about things that he could not or would not2 give a biblically true answer to. Eventually I was disfellowshipped (kicked out) of the church.  God has been very merciful and kind to me as He helped me discard the wrong teaching from worldwide and filled my heart with His truth. Now, I am a New Testament Christian. A true follower of Jesus Christ. My hearts cry is to help my family, as well as other people to break satans stronghold of deception so they can worship Jesus (God) in spirit and in truth and be free. 



      Well I am happy that you found the way out of this cults deceptive and evil teachings.

      While your former brethren die by a thousand cuts following their false prophet(s) (by disregarding the warnings of Jesus Christ) you have managed to muster up true courage and stepped out of the darkness of armstrongism and into the light. Congratulations!

      From the words of Rudolph Rummel (1994) “Death by Government” we read “Regimes are in realty people with the power to command a whole society. It is these people that have committed the kilo- and megamurders of our century, and we must not hide their identity under the abstraction of the ‘state,’ ‘regime,’ ‘government,’ or ‘communist.’”

      We concur with this political statement but we also realize that this statement not only can, but does in its self apply to religion. Armstrongism at its core is full of death over the many decades of its existence. There have been individuals that killed their wives or fellow members, lawyers, children, etc. over some trivial concern. Why the armstrongites even have their very own mass murderer! Terry Ratzmann of the Living church of God. You may recall that Terry killed 7 or 8 of his fellow church goers in a sudden rage. Many of us believe it was the sermons of gloom and doom. Others believe that he was extremely lonely not being able to find a wife in the confines of his small cult. Regardless, such is the legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong, false prophet, liar, cheat and disciple of Satan.





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