Articles by Bill Fairchild

A Conversation with Bill Fairchild

 Frogs In The Water

 30 years in the Worldwide Church of God. - Part One of Five

Religion and Politics

Herbert W. Armstrong: Confidence Man Was this Herbie's secret role model?

I'm Tired of Hearing About What Jesus Wants Me to Do

It Was "God's Will"

Why in the hell do we need a savior?

"New York State of Mind"

Damaged Goods

The Friendly Giant

Thomas Jefferson and the "Clergy."

The Bible proves we are a Christian nation!

Speaking Evil

Why I still believe in creation and not in evolution

The Only Prayer You Have

Why in the hell do we need a savior?

Herbie and the Dragon

Childrearing "God's Way"

Exclamatory OVERload!!!

Mind Rape, The Worldwide Church of God, And The Good Samaritan

USA -- Christian Nation!!

The Constitution and the Ten Commandments

Searching For Truth

Christian Founding Fathers?

Is there a Creator God?

Trust No Man

I Finally Know What My Creator Wants Me To Do

The Effective, Fervent Prayer of a Righteous Man Doesn't Do Shit

Religion and other mental illnesses

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