the painful truth about the worldwide church of god. the painful truth about the worldwide church of god

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1

Science and Other Heresies

Chapter 2


Chapter 3

The Catholics

Chapter 4

The Protestants

Chapter 5

Henry The VIII

Chapter 6


Chapter 7

The Shakers

Chapter 8

The Mormons

Chapter 9

The Seventh-Day Adventists

Chapter 10

Christian Scientists

Chapter 11

Santa Claus

Chapter 12

Jehovah's Wittness

Chapter 13

The Unchurched

Chapter 14

The Unitarians

Chapter 15

The Volstead Act

Chapter 16

The Masters and Johnson Act

Chapter 17

The World Tomorrow

Chapter 18

Techno God

Chapter 19

The Theory of Creation

Chapter 20

A. A.

Chapter 21


Chapter 22

Jalopies Of The Gods

Chapter 23

The Monotone God

Chapter 24

And Here He Is

Chapter 25

The Moonies

Chapter 26

The Children of God

Chapter 27

Divine Light

Chapter 28


Chapter 29

Oral Roberts

Chapter 30

The Rapture

Chapter 31

Heaven And Hell

Chapter 32

The First Fairy Tale

Chapter 33










































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