Below is one of Dad's masterworks. Exquisite technique, masterful manipulation, and the full range of emotions--- God's church, God's people, God's work, promise of rewards, threat of the lake of fire, shaming members for their failure to respond, and commanding members to respond immediately with cash! An incredible tour de force!

Times were tough. Dad reveals he does the Work on a "lady's dressing table" due to lack of space at HQ and needs a new office. He reminds the membership its up to them or God's Work dies...Of course, Dad finally did get that "executive" office he yearned for, with a private entrance/parking place, and a private elevator that went directly to his private office - so that the sheep would not interfere with the Work. Funny thing is that even that new office wasn't big enough for Dad, because he continued to do a lot of work in my sister's bedroom in the evenings.


                                                                                DICK ARMSTRONG




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October 16, 1961

Dear Brethren of God's Church:

         GREETINGS, in the name of Jesus Christ!   I have to tell you, now, about our most serious problem in God's work.  I made some mention of this -- or part of it -- at the Feast of Tabernacles, both at Squaw Valley and at Gladewater.  It is SERIOUS and it is URGENT, and so I hope you will, as a begotten child of God, take this to heart, and pray very earnestly about it...

         GOD'S WORK CANNOT STOP GROWING!  For 27 1/2 years it has continued to grow 30% a year.  Now RIGHT HERE is our TOUGHEST PROBLEM!

         Do you realize that most churches don't grow at all -- or they grow at a very slow rate, compared to our 30% a year?  Do you realize that most business corporations grow very slowly -- or not at all?  DO YOU KNOW WHY?

         One reason is that when a business man or a corporation starts an expansion program, they soon learn that expansion demands the advance investment of MONEY, and trying to finance this expansion often causes a firm to go bankrupt.  Commercial business corporations finance GROWTH and expansion programs by borrowings. But both the Church and the two colleges are NON-PROFIT corporations.   And neither banks, nor loan companies, nor insurance companies, nor private investors, will loan money to non-profit corporations.  Do you know why?  They are afraid that IF they had to foreclose on the mortgage, or whatever is given as security, on a church, a college, or a hospital, there would be a great howl of
public protest.  The bank or association loaning the money would suffer great loss of public prestige and good will.

         SO WE CANNOT FINANCE NECESSARY EXPANSION BY NEGOTIATING LARGE LOANS.  And, with an operation that MUST OPERATE ON MONEY, we cannot MEET A 30% INCREASE IN OPERATIONAL EXPENSE EVERY YEAR out of a 30% increase of income, and at the same time accumulate large special funds for the purchase of additional properties and the construction of additional buildings.

         Now look at this PROBLEM.  I have to face it!  But I can't solve it WITHOUT YOUR HELP!

         We have plans all drawn for converting old cow barns into a new student dormitory, and the former electric light plant into a new much larger dining hall, at our college in England.  UNLESS WE CAN NOW PROCEED IMMEDIATELY with this alteration and building project -- UNLESS IT IS COMPLETED BEFORE OCTOBER NEXT YEAR, we cannot
accept any more students at the college in England -- IT MUST STOP GROWING.  If this work stops growing, it cannot be the WORK OF GOD -- and it will die....

          There is one more urgent need I feel cannot be longer neglected.  I feel that I must have an office in which to do my
work.  For the past several years I have used a small room on the third floor of the Library as a place to do my work -- but it is not really an office.  I do not even have a desk -- there is not room enough for one, so I do my work on a lady's dressing table.  Now I did have an office -- but there was no privacy -- everybody knew where I was-- I was constantly interrupted, and could not get my work done.  So I moved up to this smaller room in order to get enough seclusion to write and get my work done, and my former office is now used by Garner Ted Armstrong.  All of our other executives and department managers have offices, and office desks, and secretaries and stenographers.   I have none, for there is no place to put a secretary.

         More than ten years ago, our architect made preliminary plans for an executive office for me.  But it was part of a new
wing on our administration building and we couldn't build it then, because funds were not available.  They have never been available since.  Then about two and a half years ago, the architect completed plans for a much-needed new wing on Ambassador Hall to provide additional class rooms.  We have published pictures of this.  It included an office for me.  But we did not have funds on hand sufficient to build such an addition -- and have not had since. So that office never materialized.

         Next, with the need of an office for myself growing desperate a year and a half ago, the architect completed plans for
a remodeling job that would expand my present work-room and give me an office -- and provide a suitable one also for Garner Ted Armstrong, adjoining mine, with a mutually-shared reception room and space for a secretary or two we could share between us.   This would put us both just a few steps from the radio studio -- which is rather important.  The plans were approved by the city building commissioner's office, and building permit was taken out.  But then, we simply did not have the funds on hand for this remodeling job.  I wrote all our members, and urged you to keep up, or increase your special offerings for the property and building fund. But, instead, these offerings slacked off.  SO WE NEVER STARTED
THIS ALTERATION JOB -- and I still do not have an office.

         Now, dear Brethren, LISTEN!  We simply cannot delay some of this building program longer!  This IS the Church of God -- this IS the very WORK OF GOD, being done by HIS CHURCH!  God's work CANNOT stop growing.  I am unwilling to simply grab it by the neck, and STRANGLE IT TO DEATH -- which I would be doing if I allowed it to
STOP growing, because we can't somehow induce YOU BRETHREN to do anywhere near as much for the building and property fund as you did do three years ago.

         There IS a way we can provide for this NECESSARY BUILDING.  We can't finance it by making a big loan, payable in
somewhere between 8 and 20 years.  But there is a way we CAN finance it.  Over three years ago we were paying out $18,000 per month to pay for the new 7,000-seat Tabernacle near Gladewater, Texas.  You Brethren DID SEND THAT IN THEN, as special offerings, over and above regular offerings for the Gospel, and tithes.  THERE WERE LESS THAN HALF AS MANY OF YOU, THEN!

         Today there are MORE than TWICE AS MANY OF US.  Today I KNOW WE CAN RISE TO MEET THIS IMPERATIVE NEED!  If we don't, it is not because God has not made us able -- IT WILL BE ONLY BECAUSE OUR

         As God's minister, whom He uses in the over-all direction of His work, I am not going to wait around any longer for
luke-warm, or half-hearted, or rebellious "brethren" -- and if your hearts are NOT in God's Work, ARE you really brethren?  ARE you going to be in God's Kingdom -- OR IN THE LAKE OF FIRE?  As God's Apostle, I now put it squarely to you!  WE CANNOT WAIT LONGER!

         So, I tell you, NOW, that I HAVE GIVEN THE GREEN LIGHT! THIS ENTIRE WORK OF GOD IS GOING TO SINK OR SWIM ON IT!  I have ordered work to begin IMMEDIATELY on the office for myself and the Vice President.  I have given orders for work to start, FORTHWITH, immediately, on THE NEW DINING HALL for the Pasadena campus. I have
given order for the work to proceed forthwith, on the dormitory and dining hall in England.  I am not willing to see this work DIE.

         Brethren, I have written you -- I have begged you -- I have pleaded -- I have quoted the Scriptures of how God's people of old responded MORE than asked -- BUT YOU HAVE NOT RESPONDED.  Right now, with nearly TWO AND A HALF TIMES more members, you are sending in only an average or $12,500 per month -- about two-thirds as much as
less than half of you sent in three years ago.

         By creating this SPECIAL fund for property and building -- now of $35,000 per month -- over and ABOVE, and apart from regular offerings for the work of the Gospel, and your honest FIRST TITHES -- we can proceed and keep this work from dying.  THIS IS THE WORK OF GOD, Brethren!  But God uses us as His instruments.  You GIVE a little more, and GOD WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH MORE!  IF you are HIS BEGOTTEN CHILD, you will respond.

         Now, once again, I call on YOU for a totally RENEWED statement of intention.  When I asked you for a conditioned PLEDGE, YOU SIMPLY DID NOT RESPOND!  And, Brethren, let me tell you, THIS HAS BEEN THE MOST DISCOURAGING EXPERIENCE I HAVE HAD TO SUFFER IN YEARS!  I know that God's people would respond, many did -- but too many did not!

         I made it mighty plain that, if for some unforeseen cause your income dropped, or you found yourself, later, UNABLE to
continue to send in regularly whatever you pledged, that you are automatically released -- the pledge would not be binding, if you become UNABLE to continue it.

         I did not ask for a VOW -- I have said to you that God does not require us to vow -- ever, and He teaches us that it is not wise to vow -- for if we do, God will hold us to it, regardless of circumstances.  But that is not what I asked.  I asked for a
conditioned pledge -- a statement of INTENTION, as long as you are able.  That is something altogether different from a vow!

         The program I have now authorized is going to have to run two or three years.  But I will ask you to send in a STATEMENT OF INTENTION, or a Conditioned Pledge, to be binding as long as you are able, for the coming year.

         Those of you who are already sending in these extra SPECIAL offerings regularly, are also asked to send in once again
such a statement.  Perhaps you can increase it, now.  Those who sent in such a pledge before, yes, YOU are to send in a new one, now, which will automatically cancel and replace the former one. AND THOUSANDS OF YOU WHO NEVER SENT ONE IN, I call on you, now, BY ALL THE AUTHORITY VESTED IN ME BY JESUS CHRIST, IN HIS NAME, TO

         During the war, people dug down deep and GAVE TILL IT HURT, to have a part in WARFARE OF THIS WORLD -- in killing!  People are PATRIOTIC toward their NATION -- but are YOU toward your GOD? Are you willing to give extra special, even till it hurts, toward SAVING LIVES for all eternity?  Are you less loyal to GOD than carnal unconverted people to their HUMAN government?

         Do you realize that this very addition to the building and property fund might influence one of your own unconverted loved
ones getting into God's Kingdom -- being saved for eternity?  Listen! Even though this is not the time God is calling everyone --
nevertheless, if you PRAY earnestly enough for your unconverted loved ones, with FAITH, God may call one or more of them NOW -- convict them by His Spirit.  And it could well be that, through the physical facilities made possible by our property expansion program, and the continued GROWTH of the colleges turning out additional ministers and workers in this globe-encircling work, that the right spiritual help would be available for them at the right time.  And if we have to STOP the growth of the work, such needed help might NOT be available.

         IN ANY EVENT, additional PHYSICAL facilities for TRAINING men and women for spiritual service DOES MEAN more precious lives converted and finally born into God's Kingdom for eternity!  THIS NEED MUST BE MET -- N O W!

         NO PEOPLE ON EARTH have been blessed in material prosperity like we in America.  Our Brethren in England give MUCH MORE, in proportion to income, than you Brethren here.  They don't get to enjoy all the luxuries you do, but they do give till it hurts.

         Now I am FORCED TO ask every member to give this conditioned pledge for whatever you are able.  PRAY EARNESTLY over this, see how you can re-arrange your own budget -- readjust it so you can spare something extra for this property and building fund. PRAY earnestly that God will AWAKE AND AROUSE HIS CHURCH, that all
other members, too, will respond generously.  We HAVE to do this, or see the work die -- and we are NOT going to let such a powerful work of God die.  THANK YOU, and GOD BLESS YOU!  This time, I know we are going to GO OVER THE TOP!

    With much LOVE, in Jesus' name,

     Herbert W. Armstrong

P.S. EVERY MEMBER is expected to fill in and mail the enclosed
    coupon IMMEDIATELY!