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    This web site is best enjoyed by paying no attention to the man behind the curtain. Simply think of me as representative of the multitude of adult children who survived Herbert W. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God.   TOMORROW NEVER CAME  is my story.  Should you want to know more about me, also read DANCE HALL DAZE, my experiences with attending Worldwide Church of God church services for 34 years.

     I have been asked, " Isn't it morally reprehensible to take advantage of a person who cannot fight back?"  Yes it is. That is precisely why this site exists, because that is exactly what Herbert did to a generation of Worldwide Church of God children.  Herbert took advantage of the vulnerable, those of us who grew up under the religious dogma he created.  A toxic belief system that forbade us to question, taught inherent worthlessness while feeding a seemingly endless narcissistic illusion of grandeur in the Apostle. We could not fight back until now. 

       With this site, Herbert has been brought back from the grave, where he can no longer hide from those with issues to settle.  The intent is to not to defame any living person (one cannot libel the dead), but to allow us to heal by illustrating the insanity of fundamentalism in general and Armstrongism in particular. I strive to present Herbert W. Armstrong in a manner that is ribald without being nasty.

    Am I angry and bitter (the ultimate WCG insult) as labeled by the true believers?  No, I am no longer angry. Creating this site is healing and has dispelled the last of my anger. As for bitter, if that means I will never forget, OK.  This site is merely a small diversion and by no means consumes my waking moments. I have a life.

   Do I hate Herbert W. Armstrong? No, but I do not like him either. I believe he was a man caught up in his own delusions and had the charisma to sweep up a following of  religiously disfranchised people with him.  This has happened throughout history, and often with far more disastrous results.  Heaven's Gate, Jonestown, Waco... W.W.II Germany. We were lucky that Herb died and his dream died with him.  Unfortunately, there are some who have not realized this yet.

    For those who also hurt, please join me in my endeavor.  Submissions, ideas or constructive criticism is always welcome. For those who are offended, remember no one forces this site upon you and you are invited to go elsewhere. There are plenty of Herbert worship sites available.  While the vast majority of visitors understand this page for what it is, some take things too seriously. Therefore, all threats against the Caretaker are duly noted and taken for what they are.


                                                                                 Enjoy the site,
                                                                                 THE CARETAKER