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Betty Brogaard

      Betty Brogaard is an all American hometown girl who finds herself later in life questioning the validity and truthfulness of the Holy Bible. Just how does someone who has spent most of their life believing in a god reach the conclusion that such a deity does not actually exist?

      Reading the Homemade Atheist, Betty Brogaard reveals the impossibility of the bible as being the word of God. She points out that the Christians “doctrinal proofs” of "An All Knowing God" within the pages of the bible cannot exist as evidence for a creator. Furthermore, Betty points out to the reader that mans disposition for selective morality, by the wars they wage, the treatment of others who differ as to religious belief or opinion stands as the real “proof” that religion is the great force behind the immorality of the world.

      Without hesitation, Betty Brogaard touches on the aspect of religious influence on the American political system and how government finds itself promoting a particular belief system all in the name of tolerance. Betty pulls no punches as to the simple yet logical solution to end intercourse between politics and religion. A must read for those who may just be questioning why they believe what they do!

      Editor of "The Painful Truth"  
      A collection of Facts, Opinions and Comments from Survivors of Herbert W. Armstrong - Garner Ted Armstrong - The Worldwide Church of God and its Daughters.


      Like so many all-American girls, Betty Brogaard was raised to be a good Christian. By the time she was 20 years old, she had been indoctrinated into an extreme fundamentalist church. She even met and married a young man who became a minister in this cultlike congregation. The Homemade Atheist shares her step-by-step search for the honest answers that freed her from the mental slavery of extreme religion and allowed her to find a true happiness. Without malice, The Homemade Atheist invites readers to analyze why they believe what they believe (or don't believe) — exactly as the author did over a period of many years. It was no quick-and-easy step from faith to reason for the author, but her transformation provides a wealth of insights she now shares with readers. The book details why Betty and her husband left the fundamentalist congregation, and how she then belonged to an orthodox church for 15 years until her ongoing questioning and searching convinced her that religion holds no truth. Relating her years of research in an enjoyable-to-read manner better suited for kitchen table talk than academic publications, The Homemade Atheist offers readers a path to a satisfying nonreligious way of life.


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