Religious Zombies

Cults and fundamentalists turn people into religious zombies, which is what makes them so scar. Since appearances deceive there is no mass hysteria, and they can go about their business without hindrance. The result is mass contact on a global level indifferent of culture or race. Where there are social and economical problems, this infection is often spread as a cure. This infection reaches all classes in our society and does not stop at any intellectual level either. Families that are infected will pass on the infection to their children, relatives and friends. The religious zombies can be anywhere and when they strike they spread fear and terror.

So where do you find religious zombies? You find them as being part of cults and fundamentalist that preach dogmatic ways of life, where intolerance towards all who do not belong to their belief system are to be subjugated or eliminated. You can find them everywhere on the planet.


Transmission and Incubation:

The virus can be passed on through the family or from outside influence. Fundamentalist and cults can infect patients within days or months by isolating and influencing them from the rest of the world. Once this process has been completed, they are let lose on an unsuspecting population.


To identify a religious zombie is to understand the symptoms and actions of the patient. These include rash and destructive actions that can lead to the killing of people and are the extremist form of the virus. There is however a more insidious form of the virus that often goes unnoticed. A slow assimilation of entire populations on a national level where freedom of speech and thought are destroyed in small steps under the guise of protecting one set of values for another.


The infection is diffi-cult to treat and fundamentally hard to kill. It takes years to detoxicate and treatment results are not always satisfactory since patients often relapse into their old habits.


Since religious beliefs are hard to kill and good common sense is often ignored, it will be a fundamentally diffi-cult job to convince vast numbers of people that extremist views are only being practiced by a few obscure groups of fanatics. These belief systems are being practiced in part by a much larger population from around the world. This is a global problem and it’s roots are centered around two powerful belief systems that both have at their roots a flawed heritage that hasn’t been changed in over two thousand years. As long as these ideologies cannot be questioned without being called a racist or a bigot, the religious zombie will continue to wreak havoc around the world.

This is the religious zombie test:

A Religious Zombie will pursue his goal without pain or emotion.   

A Religious Zombie will believe that he is loving when he is actually hating.   

A Religious Zombie will walk in circles repeating the same things over and over and over...

A Religious Zombie cannot be cured, the disease is simply to hard to kill.  

A Religious Zombie cannot survive on his own, he only operates in a collective.

A Religious Zombie cannot think for himself.   

A Religious Zombie looses family and friends.  

A Religious Zombie defies common sense, even if you hit him over the head with it.  

A Religious Zombie believes he's in touch with god.  

A Religious Zombie lives in a colony that has one leader who believes he's the only one that can save him.  

A Religious Zombie shows no tolerance to others.  

A Religious Zombie wants to turn everybody into a Zombie.  

A Religious Zombie will pursue his goals no matter how mad they are.  

A Religious Zombie never questions his leader.  

A Religious Zombie never mingles with others, other then to prey on them and turn them into Zombies.  

A Religious Zombie will do anything for his leader.  

A Religious Zombie thinks the world will come to an end, and he will be the only survivor.

A Religious Zombie will never be held accountable for his actions.  

A Religious Zombie will set all hell loose when he shows up.  

A Religious Zombie survives on barely nothing, giving up everything, and leaving nothing but destruction in his path.  

A Religious Zombie can smell a non zombie from miles away.  

A Religious Zombie will smother his victim with all kinds of fantasies about how great it is to be a Zombie.  

A Religious Victim will then turn into a Zombie and the cycle starts all over again.  

A Religious Zombie spends his life in the dark thinking he's found "the light."  

A Religious Zombie thinks he's spiritually alive, even if he's emotionally dead.  

A Religious Zombie believes that he's the only one that isn't blind, and has received enlightenment.  

A Religious Zombie cannot make any decision on his own.  

A Religious Zombie that realizes he's a zombie is always cast out to face the real world. Wow, we welcome you back to the real world.  

A Religious Zombie will turn lies into truth, and truth into lies.  

A Religious Zombie sounds so sure, sincere, and convincing that you almost feel like cuddling up with him.  

A Religious Zombie always hides his true nature.  

A Religious Zombie believes he has all the answers to your problems.  

A Religious Zombie is free only to think like a Religious Zombie.  

A Religious Zombie has an answer for EVERYTHING.  

A Religious Zombie has been changing the dates for the end of the world for thousands of years.  

A Religious Zombie can never reach his goal, he's never good enough, he's a Zombie after all.  

A Religious Zombie can only marry another Religious Zombie.  

A Religious Zombie never goes to a doctor for help.  

A Religious Zombie wants to believe.  

A Religious Zombie will throw money into a bottomless pit.  

A Religious Zombie will feel guilty for having wet dreams.  

A Religious Zombie will feel guilty for masturbation, god first, me never.  

A Religious Zombie will stop wearing make-up because it's vain, no wonder they are ugly to the rest of us.A Religious Zombie looses touch with society.  


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