2012: Year of Failure


    The Painful Truth does not generally prognosticate, for we do not want to be false prophets as the Armstrongists are.

    Instead, we look at trends to speculate how they will continue. It appears the Year 2011 has set the tone for what is ahead:

    Failures of the Churches of God will continue unabated to conclude in the final death of Armstrongism.

    In other words, 2012 will be 2011 on Steroids -- and not the good kind.


    The Year 2011 saw the division of the United Church of God, an International Association (UC Gaia) into itself and the Church of God, Worldwide Association (CoGW Ass). CoGW Ass took half of the salaried ministers from UC Gaia and 1/3rd the members. Moreover, Dennis Luker, the President of UC Gaia doesn't seem to know (or can't make up his mind about) what he believes and has set up a committee to investigate changes to doctrine.


    Roderick Meredith, that great false prophet who has never committed a major sin since being baptized (Major sin, not the Deadly sin of Pride), apparently is dying. Maybe not, but he declared a fast for his health on the Sabbath in December 2011 so he can continue his (Ego-building) Work.


    Gerald Flurry seems to be in trouble with funding his lavish and unnecessary Ambassador Auditorium for which he still owes $7 million and has derided his membership for letting down on building the er... building fund. He is, however, STILL that Prophet -- meaning that he considers himself the very Christ in the flesh. For ego building, there's nothing like holding yourself up as an idol among the people willing to accept heresy and commit idolatry.


    David Pack has taken leave of his senses and is planning to build an entire empty elaborate expensive campus for millions of dollars his tithe payers don't seem to have on the prospect that his little ego work is going to take off in 2012 and he will need to impress his new converts with the property he can't afford. We can hardly wait to see how that turns out.


    Ronald Weinland who continues to prove that bad things come in small PKGs, is under indictment for Income Tax fraud / evasion. The trial in 2012 promises to be entertaining for the Weinland Watchers.


    Art Braidic over at the Eternal Church of God seems to be down to the wire, since 15 months ago he privately expressed the opinion that the EtC oG will not exist after two years. EtC oG is growing... smaller every week, there in Kalispell, Montana. It looks to be in for a bad spell.


    One of the best choice CoG Weirdness Award should be granted to John Allen who has his own Church of God, claiming secret knowledge of impressive expansiveness: There is an underwater Stargate in the Gulf of Aden, just off the coast of Yemen, which became active January 5th of 2011!

    This Stargate is being used by demons to come to earth from off planet to perform DNA genetic experiments to pervert humankind and destroy the efforts of God to bring salvation to humanity! Satan's forces of high level demons have activated the Stargate to enact a reign of terror on the earth never seen before (the Goa'uld). One wonders what the Ori think of all this?


    Yet the mentally deficient distorted perception pathetic Armstrongist devotees addicted to the false gospel of The Kingdom of God, rather than the gospel of Redemption, continue to lap up this mental swill. Some of them, anyway.

    Some are beginning to think something's up and are finding relief and peace in leaving this noisy chaotic "association" of competing sub cults who are fighting over the remaining cadre of elite who have not awakened to the horror of idiocy. The current practices of the Armstrongist Church of God leaders is akin to a dying patient giving himself blood transfusions from one arm to the other and losing half the blood in the process.


    Objectively, it is difficult to see any viability amongst the narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths and nutjobs of the Armstrongist Churches of God, particularly after they lost the semi positive message of the coming Utopia delivered to them by Herbert Armstrong: As he himself said to these nimnuls -- "You just don't get it!". Indeed they do not: They preach gloom and doomsday in the lose-lose proposition that this is the very message that an already stressed out world of struggling people are waiting for. The brilliant dimwits of Armstrongism persist in thinking they can win over the public with the threats and fear of devastation and Great Tribulation accompanied by the slavery of giving their very being -- not to mention money and time -- to selfish ministers seeking little more than money, cushy retirement and, in some cases, "power" over others.

    The self-serving can hardly be called a ministry and only the most hardened loyalists blinded by the delusion that their leaders are God as God is God will hang on to this dying breed. Most of those between 18 and 35 who grew up in this nonsense are bolting from the scene, never to be seen or heard from again, except for very pointed blogs to expose the nonsense for what it is.


    The sacrifices which need to be made to support this losing proposition are difficult to maintain, let alone proselytize


    We can hope.


    So unless there is some miracle from a God who has been quoted to say that He resists the proud, there is very little likelihood through 2012.


    Will there be people keeping the Feast of Tabernacles in 2012?


    Of course there will, but fewer of them, with Feast swapping in areas with multiple sites. The cost will probably go up.

    order -- People first, then money, then things.



    That is why they fail.


    But not necessarily right away.


    Though 2012 promises to be significant in their demise.


    If nothing else, 2012 promises to be entertaining as we watch from the sidelines.


    Happy New Year, everyone.




    It's 2012!


    Screw that!