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This page will be devoted to persons seeking contact with other former members or members of the Worldwide Church of God or its daughter churches.
You can leave your email address and the person you are searching for can contact you if they so desire. Or you can give your email address to me and the person can contact me and I will notify you. You have to give your name so they will know if they want any contact with you. Be very specific about any information you do NOT want posted about yourself. The post will remain up indefinitely or until you notify me that you want it taken down.

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 Im a former member of the WWCG , son of the minister Lyle Simons, Vancouver 66 to 69 , Prince George BC 69 to 74 Edmonton 75 to 83 IM now 60 years old and rarely a day goes by without some unpleasant ( i wrestled with which verb ) memory floods in . I contemplated suicide daily in my teens , if only to pain my parents. I bolted from the church and home at 18 and embraced sex drugs heavy metal , Rebel without a clue My story mirrors some Ive read from former members I could pen quite a diatribe but my chief reason for writing is to see if former members who knew me would write me . Am I the only one who sometimes feels broken inside? Am I the only one who cant seem to let it go? I havent spoken to my parents in 6 years and i feel no loss , only relief . I was beat regularly . Cant say it endeared me to them can I? I dont even want to live in the same country as them so Ive been in Mexico and the Philippines for 23 years. IM sober 20 years now , alcohol didnt end in very good results. Im not very focused with this letter as it came as a shock to find this material online . I only recently researched and found about the corruption incest , theft , lies and hypocrisy of the church. 200 million a year holy fuck , no wonder my dad took that cushy job , just baffle people with bullshit and bam new car every two years, big house paid for by the church. I had a huge blowout with my dad , I accused him of knowing full well it was all a con job. I went through all the childhood diseases like measles whooping cough mumps because they wouldnt vaccinate. I asked my dad how many died on his watch for lack of medical care. I saw widows on 30% tithe to the church , that doesnt seem right . I asked him why he didnt stop that or say something . I saw people being dipped in a cattle watering trough in our basement . Basement baptism wow. People excommunicated because they divorced and shit like that. I never planned a future or took university courses or anything in life because I was brainwashed that the end was near. I didnt fit in in school because of weird clothes weird lunch stuff short hair when all boys had long hair. I didnt fit in in church with the other kids , they resented the ministers kid. I had no friends anywhere that I felt had my back , kids in church acted cordially when parents were watching, when they werent I was bullied. I couldnt participate in school sports because of Saturday. Im surprised I didnt step in front of a speeding truck. Id be grateful if anyone who remembers me who can relate will tell me something they observed or felt at the time.

Sincerly Trent Simons

Former members that knew me




I am asking for any (former/present), members that were or have been suspended from LCG, UCG, COGWA for some petty offense such as disagreeing with a ministers opinion or any other petty thing, to email me.
-Ray Smith


Ray Smith



Hello! Was a second generationer from the NYC area, from '65-2000 with some breaks in between. Attended SEP from '66-'71, attended AC Pasadena for 5 days in 1975. Just wondered if there are any co-survivors still around and have their brains intact! Would love to know how you survived.
-Debbie Stokes


Attended SEP from '66-'71

My Email is:



Hello everyone,

I am Jon Wakayama. My wife Norma and I were in the WCG Hawaii congregation withJohn Ouvrier. I came across his article about the Hawaii church and it brought back memories (they were good ones). If anyone can get a message to John, let him know that two of his parishioners from the mid seventies wish him and his family a fond Aloha from our retirement home in Utah.

Thanks a bunch, Carruthers! Hope all continues to go well.



Seeking John Ouvrier

My Email is:




My name is Catherine Brown Clune. My father passed away in 1975 when I was only 4 years old. My brother and I are looking to find out more about him. I have the death certificate which says accidental. He died of carbon minoxide poisening in his car in a wooded location in Leesburg. I have always felt the circumstances were odd. I also have the obituary where it states the Reverend Bruce Gore was there and that he attended the Worldwide Church of God in Macon. I have been researching and found your site so I thought I would reach out to you in hopes of learning your thoughts or maybe you knew my father or Bruce Gore. There was also another Reverend by the name of Al Willis from Leesburg. Please do not publish my email address. Everything else would be fine to publish. Thank you in advance for any help.

Catherine Brown Clune


Bruce Gore from Macon

Al Willis from Leesburg




Dale Brown was indeed the husband of one of my closest and dearest friends of many years, Melissa.  After I left the church, shortly before Melissa did, I lost touch with her; our paths diverged at that point in time.  However, two years ago I was told that she had died of cancer but have been unable to locate Dale in order to learn what happened.  Would you please either forward this if you have a current working email address for him, or publish this email on your site with the hope that he'll find it one day and contact me.  And yes, please give him my email address if he asks for it! Until later then, I thank you again for such a wonderful website and the good it has to offer us exitists.  We fled for our lives, and it's my constant hope that life is what each of us has found.


Dale Brown

My E-mail is


APainful Truth reader writes,

"We transferred to the Feast site in Victoria, Canada one time in the 1980's. (uncertain as to year). There were protesters from a Christian group picketing the Feast. We heard and saw them protesting as we were going into the Victoria Theatre for Opening Night. We are curious what the group was, if anyone has any information on the protest, or remembers it. Any assistance/memories will be gratefully appreciated!"

PH says: I forgot to add, I attended this Feast as well, but could not provide details, other than what I remember, which isn't much; I saw the protesters holding up signs once in between services, and a protester burst through the doors and yelled at Gerald Waterhouse that he was "going to hell". Old Gerry didn't miss a beat. That's all I remember, and that one placard I read (before I dismissed it as demon-inspired) was referencing some verse in Romans. But I have no idea who or what was behind the attack, nor do I recall which year it was. The reader did not want to submit the request to the Painful Truth themselves, so I offered to send it in. Just wanted to make that clear. Thanks!




Dear friends,

Just by coincidence I came across the interview Clyde Thomas had with Charles F. Hunting, in 1988 on WKIS.

I have been looking for Charles F. Hunting for a long time. He was one of my teachers and a personal friend. We visited the last time, I remember, when I was stationed in Geneva Switzerland. Maybe he does remember me.

Unfortunately, I lost track of Charles Hunting. Now, my wife and I are spending the winter in Florida, the summer in Switzerland. I would like Charles Hunting to give me a call, if he desires to do so. Please pass on my number to him, if you happen to know his contact address.

Thank you and best regards

Andreas C. Fischer

Tel. 772 595 5122


Charles F. Hunting




I read your website about the church in Fort Worth and going to the Swing time center.

I grew up there going to that same church. Do you remember the small balcony? The one that " few" could even dare to walk up to? Do you Remember " Cookie Day"? 

I remember when Pastor Geen was there, Pastor Smith, Pastor Hertzong, and a few others.

Did by chance you know any one there with the last name of " Hart" or "Bradford"?  Does the name Rick Snead ring a bell?  do let me know. These are some people I do know.. as my former last name was "Hart". I had it legally changed a few years ago.

My best friend back then was John Hale.. He had three brothers, two sisters all attending.


Robert Christian





I wondered if you might be able to put out an info request on the PT site.  I was just Googling a few names of people I knew way back when.  One of the names I searched for is Joe/Joseph Nazarini.  Joe and I were dorm mates in our first year at AC-Pasadena (1971-72), and became very good friends.  Eventually he married Denise Branham, but later it was my understanding that they had divorced.  Several years ago I found out his at-the-time mailing address; he was back in his home town of Youngstown, OH.  I sent him a letter to ask how he was doing, and he sent a brief reply on a postcard, promising to write again, but I heard nothing further from him.
Today when I Googled his name, I got one or two sites I'd seen before (a mention of him in an early '80s edition of Ambassador Report, which is where I learned that he and Denise were divorced), but then other very disturbing things came up, on the websites of a couple of local media for the Youngstown area.  It seems that in February 2004, 55-year-old Joseph P. Nazarini, resident of the Youngstown suburb of Boardman, stabbed his wife (interestingly named Denise), age 52, to death.  He stayed with the body overnight, then called the police the next day.  He pleaded not guilty due to insanity.  As of sometime last year, his case was still floundering, partly due to a long process of acquiring mental health information about him from different places, including California.  I don't know whether the trial finally took place or not. 
Obviously I'm wondering if this is the Joe Nazarini that I knew; and if so, had he at some point remarried his ex-wife, or was his second wife coincidentally named Denise.  The age at the time of the killing seems right on for both the Joe and Denise that I knew long ago.  So I'm wondering if there's a way that you can put up an info request to your readers.  Someone out there might know of this and could respond; others might have known Joe and/or Denise, and would be interested, as I am, to know if these are the people we knew.  Perhaps someone out there has deeper research sources than I have (or a better way of searching), and would dig for information.

Here are a couple of sites, one breaking the news of the stabbing, the second one being about the very slow pace of getting the case to trial:

September 2, 2009

Hello,Just a note, for Mr. Francis Penkava, 4/10/08,  to say that Joe Nasarini"s second wife was indeed named Denise as was his first!

I myself was shocked and horrified to hear what happened to him and his life.

When I was a child he baby sat for me, my brother and sister and I will never forget his kindness. 

One year we went to Israel together, he was in an Ambassador Collage group, my dad was the leader. 

I remember him holding me on his back as I was too tired to swim in the Sea of Galilee.  He swam for what seemed to me to be a very long way, I was 8, I never felt scared as he reassured me all the way and never let me go.

I cared for him very much, and still do, now that I am almost 50. 

He was a good friend to our whole family and I am sad his life has taken the turn that it has taken.

Kathy Martin


Francis Penkava

(Please notify the Editor of the Painful Truth to get word to Mr. Penkava)























Francis Penkava

























I would like to list my name and e-mail for a friend I met at SEP in Orr in either 90 or 91. 


Her name is Katherine Tekla Goldby, aka Katie from San Diego (Poway Street, I think).  We had fun, would like to know what she is up to.


My name is Kelly Carey
(from maryland)

My e-mail is kelpat@comcast.net


If you were at Lake Ozark in 1983 for the FOT and met someone named Linda, I would love to hear from you.  I stayed at the Howard Johnson hotel and drove a blue car.  We had a great time, until we had a major
falling out.  For some reason I've been thinking about this constantly lately. I feel the need to apologize for my part. I hope we can talk. 

Thank you.  Linda







I am interested in hearing from anyone who attended AC in Big Sandy in 1982, 1983 and remembers me. Also anyone who remembers me or attended the Washington, DC church from 1966 to 1985, St. Petersburg, FL church from 1985 1992, Lakeland, FL church from 1992 1996.

Sherry (Williams) Cribbs






I would like to get in touch with members or ex members of the houston, victoria, and san antonio tx churches. 1980-1986   




I am interested in contacting anyone who was a teen from the Dayton, Ohio or Indianapolis, Indiana churches from 1980-1986. Also anyone who remembers me or wants to just talk, chat, email or text to have someone else who understands. If you are from Tampabay and interested in being friends contact me.






I'd like to hear from anyone who remembers me from the Hammond, Indiana or Illinois churches, or from the Appleton (Neenah), Wisconsin church I made a lot of friends at the Wisconsin Dells feasts over the years and would
like to hear from them.  No religious talk, just looking to find old friends.  Thanks.

Chuck Milam




I'm looking to contact anyone that went to the Reno, Nevada congregation up until 1969.  I'm also interested in anyone that went to the Squaw Valley F.O.T. during the mid to late 60's. 


My name is:  Darrell Guss

My email is:  dkguss@earthlink.net

I now live in Madera, Ca.


Former members of Waterloo, Iowa; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Iowa City, Iowa; Baltimore, MD; Washington DC North & South.  Time frame 1972-present.

I'd love to hear anyone's stories or be referred to other sites.  I'm especially interested in anything regarding experiences where the ministers, members got away with breaking the law or encouraged breaking the law.  I'm researching information, and who better to ask than those who suffered with me?

Seeking Person - Rachel Dahms whirlwindgirl@erols.com My father was a deacon and local elder in Iowa and Maryland.









Attended ambassador college 1970 1974. both big sandy and Pasadena campuses. would like to communicate with others attending those years.


Contact Debbie @e-mail address: jsdsks@msn.com  thank you.


Bruce Lynde.
Mid 1970,s --Phoenix A.Z. area


DAVID STEINHAGEN dmsdavid@webtv.net


Benjamin R. Franklin, He was briefly in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area before returning to Canada, I believe in British Columbia.


Glynn Washington


I would be interested in receiving an e-mail from anyone that may remember a somewhat recalcitrant former "Port' editor and all-round unrepentant "scum sucker" who remains much the same.


Gerry R. Ghearing gghearing@msn.com 


Anyone interested in exchanging emails.

I'm Jim Baldwin. I was a captive in the NH/VT circuit.
    I was a member from 1967-1992. I was a local church elder for 16 years.
    I am an atheist now.


D'etta Wise From NC was in 3G in SEP min 1987.

I was "crispy" (nickname) in 3B.

Contact Chris at thebeps@hotmail.com


Members and former members of North, South, West and East and Geelong Churches in Melbourne, Australia.

I miss you  all and hope to hear from you again.

Rolando Quinanola

email address: raqphilaus@msn.com



I'd like to hear from all of my old friends (too numerous to list) with whom I smoked, drank, and raised hell, while at SEP, Embarrassing College, or at AC Press. We were better than GTA because they never caught   us, and nobody in our groups ever ratted!


Bob Evans Ironhorsecowboy1@MSN.com


Charles Hunting or his son, Chris, and daughter, Sydney

Natalie (Abbott) Steinke



I am looking for any former friends who would like to correspond, whether they are ex-members, like myself or members.  I especially would like to reconnect with Gladys Olson (Harper?) Karen Maguire (nee: Leverite).


Manuela Campbell (Schlief) 



Anybody that remembers me from the Pittsburgh Church

Tony Scarpari


Looking for a Cathy Koontz that I grew up with from the Lakeland/Tampa Church.  Unsure of her married name now.

Rebecca Cummings (maiden name Mick)



Nina Overcash Bradley
 Arch Bradley


Barbara Bruce


Looking for people from S.E.P.

Lee Brandon, C.S.C.S.


Dale Hampton

Someone a while back sent me an E-mail with a phone number for Dale Hampton, formerly a minister in the WWCG. I called the number but got "the machine." I said I would call back, but, I have lost the phone number and the person's E-mail I thought I had stored has disappeared.

Is there anything you could do to help me??


Gary Reid


Anyone who went to SEP camp in Minn. July 8-18, 1989 to email me. I was in 1G.




I would enjoy talking to anyone that has left WWCG, but no religions talk.  



I would like to hear from anybody who attended Raymond Cole's remnant wwcg
church in Eugene, Oregon. It's called the Church of God, Eternal.



Looking to get in touch or be contacted by Daniel J. Samson
or anyone who may remember me. 

My name is Randy Tibbits and I attended the church in NB Canada.



Rebecca Karpinec formerly of the Buffalo, New York church.

Glynn Washington


Jenny Atkinson,
Chris Power,
Anna Maria Zambelli,
Jim Meyers,
Teresa Meisner,
Manya Gustafson

Yvonne Kors- Hermans




I would like to contact any former members of the Phoenix, AZ congregation. My family was in the Worldwide Church of God from 1964-1975.  I remember some of the people fondly and would like to hear from them.

Kit Cessna
711 Voorhies Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70815


x-members , that remember me.
 Long Island , New York area . 1971 to1994


Dennis Pelliccia


 I would like to contact the former (or current, I'm not sure if she's married)
Autumn Galloway.

Last I heard she was in Fremont, Calif. but I have been unable to find out anything else about her. I'd like to know what she's doing now and since I last saw her at Cleveland East in 1992.


Tony Castrataro




I'd love to locate
Mirriah Cardill who attended in Arkansas and then in Oklahoma, I believe, for a while.

April and Shane Dorsey

April and Shane Dorsey and Adam Crockett are all looking for her.
Adam attended the Little Rock, AR church. April and Shane (siblings) attended the Mountain Home (AR), Tyler (TX), Sedro Wooley (WA) churches, among others, over a period of about 18 to 20 years. We're fourth generation (they have a great grandma, too) Worldwide Church of Goders and have somehow lived to tell the tales.


I'd like to talk to anyone who was a kid, in YOU or Singles in the following areas at these approximate times:  
Buffalo, NY  1972-1976 (well, there was no YOU yet and I was 5...)
Deerfield Beach, FL 1976-1980
Washington, D.C.     1980-1983
Rochester, MN          1983-1987
Hammond, IN            1987-1992 (now we're in to the infamous "singles"     groups)
Chicago North 1987-199
Chicago NW (Arlington Hts)    1987-199
Austin, TX 1992-1993  


Marcy Flicinski-Schoepko marcyschoepko@prodigy.net

My maiden name is Flicinski.  My dad (Mike Flicinski) was a songleader then deacon until he and my mom left in the mid-'90's. (I thought people might remember him if not me!)  







Requesting contact from other former, ex, etc. members. 

There are a lot of members I'd like to know what has happened to them, are they still in or out or what. Some I'd like to start a dialog with while others can go to hell.


Tom Schear




She was wonderful influence on my life at Big Sandy SEP '86 by her presence as one of the faculty members/counselors


Amber Bricker-Fink


Michelle Dean,
Aaron Dean's wife


Brenda Denzler



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