The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God.The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
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"As of right now I do not know what my job situation will be. They have hinted around many times that some of us would be 'sold' with the property--that the buyer would take us on since we were familiar with the buildings and grounds. Someone told me today that the buy has no intention in hiring any former employees. They have plans to shut the facility down for 2 years as they virtually demolish everything EXCEPT the Auditorium, Ambassador Hall, Terrace Villa and Mayfair (Del Mar may be moved to another site as it is historical and can't be torn down).

"So virtually every other single building will be demolished. Then we hear that they are only going to tear down the Hall of Ad, Student Center, track and the gym. One really stupid situation is the gym pool is closed for over 50,000.00 in repairs to the plumbing, the deck has been cut up and all of the asbestos pipe has to be removed and replaced, and to now find out that is going to be one of the first buildings torn down.....well, you can figure out the rest! Sadly, I have to rely more on the newspapers on what is happening than what they tell us. So time will tell as to what happens with my job. I have not been a real happy camper this week. Nor have most of the other employees.

"Good old Bernie said that they only plan on taking 30-37 employees with them when they move. That means another 100 people are going to be terminated. Or should I say 'screwed'! When they sold Bricket Wood is was worked into the contract to have the buyer take on some of the employees. This is not being done here. They do not care what happens to the majority of us. All they see is the money coming in and financing their retirement. You can be guaranteed that those in high offices will get retirement packages BEFORE any other employee, then if anything is left they 'may' give it to us

"One thing that is pissing off many employees (deletion) is that they get up and say how bad the money is and Schnippert goes out any buys a new car and a new motorcycle, his assistant goes and buys a new top of the line Explorer (or Suburban--the smaller model--can't remember which at the moment). Obviously they have received a bonus or a raise for the 'duties' in regards to the sale. But then, if I was living rent free in half million dollar homes, had free utilities, yard care, free cable etc, etc, I could afford a new vehicle also. Then the other day we heard that Schnippert has ideas on moving into the house Rick VanPelt moved out of this week (right next door to each other). Guess his present home is not good enough for him! Wonder if he will make landscape move his Jacuzzi for him again?

"There is no regard by Schnippert for the 'common' employees (i.e. landscape, custodial and maintenance) we are disposable. While others on campus get raises and continue to get raises and bonuses, no one in these three departments ever see anything (this has been the trend for the last 6 years). Of course the common thinking that has always been prevalent in the Pasadena area was that anyone NOT working in the Hall of Ad was dirt. Only those especially called by God were allowed to work in these 'high' offices.

One good thing out of all of this, if they do tear down virtually everything, then they have erased all that Herb stood for. Blot everything connected to the con artist off the face of the earth!"

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