On April 12, 1976 an AMBASSADOR REVIEW correspondent contacted the Ambassador College re-recording facility to request a copy of a sermon given publicly by Garner Ted Armstrong on February 29, 1975.

The, facility secretary informed our correspondent that he would need the permission of a minister before she could process his request.

Our man then contacted by phone the assistant to Ronald Dart, Steve Martin. Mr. Martin hesitated considerably over the phone, apparently unable to reach a decision. When informed that the tape was being requested by AMBASSADOR REVIEW in an attempt to clarify several points of contradiction, Mr. Martin replied, “That’s a shitty thing to do.” (It is interesting to note that the only word of questionable usage that appears in our magazine has come from the mouth of a Worldwide Church of God minister.)

Unable to convey the fairness of our request over that type of protest, our correspondent had no choice but to terminate his end of the telephone conversation. Our re-recording facility informs us that copies of this tape-recorded conversation may be made available to the public if an apology does not reach our offended correspondent soon!