Editor: With all the changes that have taken place in the Worldwide Church of God in the last few years it is becoming increasingly difficult for members to know exactly what their church teaches. Until about three years ago most members knew the traditions of their church. Now, many are not so sure what they are.

The following list of do’s and don’t’s was compiled by Ambassador graduate, Robert Gerringer. It represents some of the customs and traditions of the Worldwide Church of God up until about 1973. We’re sure it will bring back a few memories. The editors are not, of course, necessarily recommending or endorsing any of the following:

Do not use medicines or drugs. Never wear sideburns below the middle of the ear, or comb your hair over the forehead. Never dance without holding your partner and don’t wiggle your hips. Never listen to hard rock music. Do not contribute to charities (Easter Seals, March of Dimes, etc.). Women should wear skirts long enough to at least touch the top of the knee. Women must wear their hair long enough to cover the nape of the neck. Never vote in any elections. Never join a political party. Avoid doctors and hospitals. Never receive a blood transfusion. Do not donate blood. Never serve in the military in any capacity. Never celebrate Christmas, Easter, New Year’s, Halloween, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, or April Fool’s. Celebrate Thanksgiving. Do not have more than two drinks a night. Don’t be a teetotaler. Never wear make-up. Men should never wear a toupee or wig. Women can only wear wigs if they are bald. Never color your hair. Women should not wear pants (except for sports activities). Never ever smoke anything. Pray at least 30 minutes a day. Study your Bible at least thirty minutes a day. Fast and meditate regularly. Never join or remain a member of a “worldly” club (Elks, Lions, Kiwanis, etc.). Watch only movies rated G and occasionally PG. Do not observe Mother’s Day in England (Mother’s Day is OK in America). Do not earn a living as a policeman, judge, fireman, physician, elected official (except Mayor of Big Sandy), astronaut, gambler, concert musician, actor or ballet dancer. Never have a picture of “Christ”, “God”, “angels” or “saints.” Women should not go braless. Women should not take “the Pill” or have an abortion. Do not allow your children to join the boy scouts or girl scouts. Children should not play “pretend” games. Women should not wear Tampons. Always take notes during church services. Never call a minister “Reverend.” Never bring the “unconverted” to services without the minister’s permission, this includes close relatives such as an unconverted mate and children over 16. Never co-sign for a loan. Do not wear heart shaped lockets. Beware of classical music written by demon inspired composers. Never serve on a jury. Never sign over your body for scientific study. Do not read the writings of philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle. Do not vote for or initiate a labor strike. Going to night clubs is allowed, in moderation. Do not have organ music in church. Men should not wear pink or flowery shirts. Children should not be allowed to read fairy tales or nursery rhymes. Single people should date widely. Never date a non-Worldwide Church of God member. Never neck on a date. If engaged, a good-night kiss is permissible, if not prolonged. Never hold hands unless married or engaged. When married, have sex only in the two approved positions; never kiss below the neck (pre-1960’s), never kiss below the waist (pre-1975). Dentists are OK. Novocain is OK. Antibiotics are not OK. Immunizations are not OK. Only unmarried women should be employed. Never date or marry outside your race. The races should be segregated whenever possible. Men should not wear beards. Do not eat maraschino cherries. Never get a tattoo. Avoid “Protestant type” hymns. Minimize contact with non-believers. Use olive oil and wine on sores. For weddings, use only the Herbert Armstrong approved ceremony. Card playing is OK. Never listen to “soul music”. Have only a graveside service at funerals. Never wear or own a crucifix. Never sign a letter “in Jesus’ Name” unless you are a minister. Church buildings should not have steeples or stained glass windows. Never build or own an obelisk. Never celebrate birthdays. Don’t go into partnerships in business. Never say “God bless you” when someone sneezes (in fact, never say “God bless you”). Always buy “quality”. Strive to become “cultured”. Do not break an engagement to be married. Always get a minister’s advice before making any important decisions (changing a job, marrying, selling your home, etc.). Never go along with new styles or trends until at least 50% of the public has adopted them. Never be a leader in setting styles or trends. Never support or attend the services of any Catholic or Protestant church. (The Catholic Church is the “great whore” of Revelation. It is Satan’s church and Protestant churches are its children.) Do not listen to preachers who teach contrary to the W.C.G. doctrines. Do not practice vegetarianism. Do not have your body cremated. Women should not wear two-piece bathing suits and especially not bikinis. Men should not wear tight bathing suits (in England only). Do not engage in sky diving (before David Armstrong’s interest in same). Never chew tobacco. Do not speculate in stocks or bonds. Never ever use “unnatural” farming methods (chemical fertilizers. pesticides, etc.). Never act in, direct, produce or write a drama. Never hypnotize anyone or be hypnotized. Do not celebrate the 4th of July (pre-1965). Do not adopt children. Do not have your ears pierced. Make ample use of corporal punishment in rearing children. Do not use euphemisms such as gosh, darn or gee. Do not create or own “modern” art. Sex on Friday night is OK for married people. Never go to a psychiatrist.