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Answered Prayers
By Ed Sr.
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From Laci Peterson's family:

"We believe that if this is Laci (Peterson), God has allowed her to be found because our family needs to know where she is and what has happened to her. If this turns out to be Laci, we want the animal responsible for this heinous act to pay. We will do all we can to pursue justice for Laci and Conner."

It was, indeed, Laci. Real generous of "god" to do this for the family. Too bad "He" wasn't powerful enough or didn't care enough to stop the killing of Laci and her unborn child. In order for the relatives to finally have a little closure, "God" had to allow the physical deterioration of the bodies, submerged in water for almost four months to make them finally surface. You have to ask yourself just how this would have turned out if "God" had done nothing at all. (Ed Sr.)



Prayers Are Answered in W. Virginia Hometown:
"Our prayers came through," said Daniel Smith, 18, a friend. "She made it."

"A miracle from God." Senator Jay Rockefeller D-WV

19 year old Jessica Lynch, POW, was rescued today by God with the help of the Air Force, Marines, Army Rangers and the Navy Seals. God had a little problem with the rescue since Jessica appears to have suffered two gunshot wounds, two broken legs and one broken arm and possible torture at some time during her captivity but He was able to pull it off in the end. God was also assisted by an Iraqi Attorney, named Mohammed, who saw the young woman in the hospital, because his wife was a nurse there, and walked six miles to tell the Marines about her. The Marines (under God's direction, no doubt) sent the Attorney walking back to the hospital two more times to gather more information. It then took God five more days to get the rescue mission underway while, in the mean time, the Feyadeen were beating Jessica. Nine dead bodies of Jessica's fellow soldiers were found buried nearby and recovered during the rescue. God apparently has very limited powers and can only help one person at a time and not without serious risk to that person.

If God cannot manage a rescue, since He is completely at the mercy of human beings doing His work for Him, He will give comfort to relatives and friends that are left behind. God has had a lot of practice at giving comfort since prayers do not get "answered" unless by time and chance or the direct intervention of human beings.

Relatives of the other 24 missing/POW and the 63 dead military men and women are trying to figure out what they are doing wrong in their lives since God is not answering their prayers. Maybe they just don't realize that God is answering them and the answer is NO. At least that is what Bible believers will tell you.

God's constant PR campaign benefits from the fact that "American troops will never leave a fallen comrade behind." Unfortunately for humans, God does not suffer under such moral compunctions.

Inquiring minds should think about whether or not Jessica would be with us today if only God had been involved in this rescue.

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