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Babel Stories III -- No answers
Jim V

 Let's cut straight to the chase...

 This is for those who still cling to a shadow of belief in the Bible, and this is for those who are still wrestling within themselves about the validity of the Bible. And this is especially for those who doubt, question and wonder...

Are there any answers, revelations or advanced knowledge and understanding anywhere in the Bible? What about knowledge of the future? Does the Bible tell us how to get the right job? Where are we told in the alleged word of an almighty, all-knowing creator God how to find the right mate? What about future inventions and technology?

Stop and think about this...

If any one of us could be transported back in time and were able to talk to ancient scribes, our conversation would be saturated with knowledge, information and facts far beyond their understanding. We would make simple offhand comments that would be far beyond their comprehension. So why is the Bible such a vacuum of knowledge and answers beyond what was known to the writers in their own time?

A very, very important point is that all religions teach that the Bible was written for "us" today, and was written for "our" knowledge and understanding. So why does the Bible limit itself only to events, stories and knowledge of ancient times, but has nothing to say or reveal about our modern times? At the end of this, I will list some religious "excuses" that make no sense whatsoever, and provide no answers whatsoever.

The ability to see contrast (comparing one thing to another, to define my definition) is one of the most powerful abilities all human minds have. So I will use contrast to show just how ludicrous the idea is that the Bible was inspired by a supreme all-knowing being. And especially how ludicrous the belief is that the Bible was written for us today by a God who already knew all about our world.

I have read and heard many times that God almighty was "incapable" of talking about jets, rockets, electricity and our modern technology in the Bible because the terminology the scribes used to write the Bible could not possibly convey the meaning of those terms -and I have also read and heard that modern translators would not be capable of translating those terms. But yet, the Bible was "supposed" to written for "us."

Let's ask a question. Why would an almighty God write the Bible for "us" at a time when he was incapable of talking about our world, our environment and our technology? And why would an almighty God write a Bible for "us" at a time when he was incapable of taking "about" us, and at a time when he was incapable of talking "to" us?

Here's the deal, and here's the contrast... The deal is that I will write as if I was speaking to a scribe who lived in 1,000 BC. Therefore, I must use terms and words that he could easily understand and write down. And I must also use terms and words that modern translators would be easily capable of translating. And most important of all, the real meaning of what I write must be easily understood by the average person today, without the need of "dark and mysterious" explanations or interpretations from any pulpit.

The contrast is simple -compare what I could reveal to an ancient scribe who lived a full 3,000 years ago to the utter lack of such knowledge in the Bible. The writers of the Bible could not write of things they did not know of, so where was the almighty supreme being who was "inspiring" these ancient writers to write for "us" today? Where in the Bible is the slightest hint of knowledge or technology on our level?

I remind you that I am talking to this ancient scribe for the "future" benefit of mankind, not for the benefit of "his" world. Don't forget -it was not given to "them" to understand.

How much could I say and reveal that could be written by the ancients, translated by modern scholars, and then understood by the average person? And don't forget that an almighty God would have already known everything there is to know about the events we now call history. Look at the contrast between what was "not" revealed in the Bible -and what "could" have been easily revealed by a mere, but modern, human...

I ask you one final thing. Even with the limitations of ancient words and terminology, just how hard would it be for you to understand the real meaning of the following things -"if" they had been so much as "mentioned" in the Bible?

 * Mankind will create powder that burst into flames. A powder with heat and power. Men will fashion staffs of iron, and skilled craftsman will cause the staff to be hollow, save for a small thickness of iron at one end. Men will put this powder into the hollow staff and then place a round metal object into this wondrous staff. The powder will flash as lightning and will sound as distant thunder, and make much smoke. The powder will give power to the metal object to fly faster than a man can see. The metal object will have the power to pass through a mans body as no arrow can, and many metal objects will cause grievous wounds and death. Many armies will wage war with many thousands of staffs of iron that flash as lightning and sound as thunder. Countless tens of thousands will die. And many more hundreds of thousands will be afflicted with grievous wounds.

* In many generations, man will learn to build ships of iron. Man will put exceedingly powerful weapons on these ships, and man will build devices to power the iron ships without the wind. Devices whose belly is made of fire and heat.

* Man will also learn to build ships of iron that have power to travel deep beneath the oceans. Ships in the depths of the oceans will have weapons that travel far and can destroy even the greatest and most powerful of iron ships upon the waters. Man will then build iron ships that go upon the surface of the oceans whose purpose is to hunt and destroy enemy ships that go under the waters.

* In generations to come, man will learn the secret of lightning and the source of its power. Man will create much light without fire. Multitudes of dwellings will have light without fire. Light that knows the source of lightning's power.

* Diseases are inflicted upon mankind by evil creatures far too small for mans eyes to see. Man will create instruments that will reveal the evil creatures for all to know. Man will then create medicines to destroy and kill these creatures that ravage all of mankind. Some will still die, but countless ten thousands times ten thousands will be healed and saved.

* Many generations hence, mankind will learn to build iron birds. Iron birds of war that can fly faster than a man's voice. Iron birds that will fight as dogs in the sky, clawing at each others destruction. Iron birds that have weapons with the destruction of many lightning bolts. Iron birds that can kill many and destroy great cities. The iron birds will be given the power of flight by great roaring fires.

* When man builds iron birds of war, he will build great ships of iron that are as cities. Great iron ships that contain thousands of men. Great ships that will carry a nest of iron birds that number neigh to two hundred. Great ships that can carry the iron birds of war to the utmost parts of the Earth.

* Mankind will build other iron birds without weapons that are for commerce. Great iron birds with great wings that many people can enter, as a tabernacle. Iron birds that will take a man wherever he chooses to go upon the Earth. Establishments will become exceeding rich by reason of owning flocks of iron birds that carry mankind to and fro. These iron birds also power their flight by reason of great roaring fires.

* The Earth has a power that permeates all of the stars and heavens. A power that pulls all things to the Earth's center. This is the power that causes a thrown rock to fall to the ground, because the Earth pulls all things toward its center. The moon also has this power, but is only one-sixth of the power of the Earth.

* The Earth is round, and is 8 parts water and 2 parts land. And there are many other worlds that circle the sun. But no other world, nor the moon has air for a man to breath. Some worlds have such great heat that metals would melt on their ground. Other worlds are so cold that the air of the Earth would become liquid as water.

* In many generations, man will learn to create exceedingly clever devices. A device will transform a mans voice into a secret, invisible power that travels through the air. Another device will receive this power and transform it back to the mans own voice. Thus, a man will have power to speak to those who are far, far away. And they can hear him while he yet speaks.

* Man will create even greater devices that can both hear sounds and see images. A device will transform what it sees and hears into the secret, invisible power that can travel through the air. Other devices will receive this power and transform the power into sounds and images that all of man can see and hear. Thus, in generations to come, a man can hear and see what transpires throughout the Earth.

* There are secret, unchangeable laws within a mans own body which he receives at conception, even before his mother knows she is with child. These laws tell a man who is taller than another man, and who is stronger. These laws make a man into an artist, merchant or warrior. These unchangeable laws give a man his own strengths and abilities. These laws tell a man the path he should walk, weather he knows of his path or not. Many will make their lives void by reason of not knowing the true path these secret laws command. Learned Men will devise clever questions to ask of a man, and when the man answers, he will know the path that is set before him by reason of the secret, unchangeable laws within his own body. These laws that command all of mankind are shaped like unto a winding staircase.

* In many generations, man will learn to replace the blood of a wounded soldier, or even a child who is smitten by a grievous injury. But mankind is not made from the same blood. There are various kinds of blood, and each kind will be named with a letter of the alphabet. If a man is given blood that is not of his own kind, he will die. However, there is one kind of exceedingly rare blood among mankind that can give life to all. These same various kinds of blood exist in all races of mankind.

* In many generations, man will fly to the moon. Men will walk on the moon and return to Earth. Man will build giant round towers whose height is near to 400 feet. These towers will contain one of the greatest and most powerful of mankind's roaring fires that is not a weapon. The great roaring fire will enable the tower to fly, and the flames from this tower will be seen hundreds of miles away. The tower will break away in segments as the power of each segment is spent. Only a small part of the tower will travel to the moon. But men will have need of devices to carry air and water from the Earth. For there is no air or water on the moon, and the void between the Earth and the moon is empty of all things, and is exceedingly cold.

* In all things save height and strength, women are the equal of man. In wisdom, judgment, learning, skills and crafts women are equal. Man and woman have many differences that are determined by unseen secrets in the body, but each is equal. No man can tell if a writing is by man or woman. No man can tell if a work of art is by man or a woman. Judgment and wisdom knows no difference. The mind of a woman has the same power as that of a man. A son can inherit more skills and appearance from his mother than his father, and a daughter can inherit her fathers skills and appearance as well. All things in this regard are equal. Good and evil come from the heart, not the gender. There are wise men and wise women, as there are foolish men and foolish women. There are good men and good women, as there are evil men and evil women, it is the same for both. Both are wise and both are foolish. Both are good and both are evil.

Mankind will learn many secret things that this generation cannot know.

* Man will build countless chariots without horses that will take a man to and fro.

* Man will build devices that give heat in the winter and coolness in the summer.

* Man will create a new kind of scroll that is made of wood instead of skins. The new

 scroll will be flat, and so abundant that even children will own many thousands.

* Man will build devices so that one can talk privately to another who is far, far away.

* Man will educate his children so that many, many children can read and write.

* Even the poor will have devices and power that is unknowable by any king now living.

Can you see just how easy it would have been for an all-knowing God to have saturated the Bible with knowledge, understanding and crystal clear facts about the future? The reason there are no such answers in the Bible is simply because the Bible was not inspired by any kind of supreme being. It's simply the writings and beliefs of ancient superstitious men who did not have the answers or know the future.

Just how many "interpretations" and "explanations" did you need to understand that I was talking about gunpowder, jet fighters, aircraft carriers, submarines, genetics and electricity? Reality requires education, but does not require "interpretation." Once you learn why 2 + 2 = 4, you will be able to figure out all by yourself that 3 + 3 = 6. No interpretation is necessary. That's the way reality works.

How is it possible that we could have been so deluded, and even deluded ourselves so greatly?

Nowhere in the Bible, which was supposed to be inspired by a great all-knowing all-powerful God who was inspiring the Bible for "us" today, are there any simple direct statements about the future. Everything in the Bible is ambiguous, dark, cloudy and confusing. Everything in the Bible has to be "interpreted" and "explained." And if you ask ten different religionist what the Bible means, you won't get ten different answers -you'll get 25 different answers. You'll even get different answers from the same person. It all depends on what mood they're in as to what the Bible means. If they're in a good mood, the Bible means one thing, but if they're in a bad, nasty mood, then the Bible means something totally different. I have seen this myself many times. The Bible is only confusing when a person actually believes it. Otherwise, it's very clear that the Bible is just the ancient ravings of madmen. And make no mistake, many of the stories in the Bible are literally insane. And the Bible is saturated with injustice. An example that comes to mind is the story of the man who was put to death for gathering sticks for firewood on the Sabbath. Yet king David literally got away with premeditated murder. And then God punished David by massacring 70,000 "other" people. That's both unjust and insane. And it's also common, everyday, garden variety power politics. Kings have always gotten away with murder.

The reason the Bible is so confusing is because the ancient writers were confused. Since they had no answers, there are no answers in the Bible. And since they had no knowledge of the future, there is no knowledge of the future in the Bible.

The Bible was not written by God, it was written by men. The Bible was not inspired by God, it was inspired by ancient ignorance, injustice, superstition and insanity.

The only alternative that religionist have is to make endless excuses for God and for the Bible. And they are forced to supply massive amounts of "creative" mud in their attempts to fill the gaping holes of reality. Such as...

 God only cares about spiritual things, physical things are unimportant.

Looking back on it now with eyes of reality, that is one of the stupidest and most ignorant answers I have ever heard in my life. According to the Bible, it was God himself who decided to create us as physical beings, with hundreds, if not thousands of physical needs, desires, questions and hopes-and-dreams. Why in the hell would any kind of sane God create us as physical beings and then totally ignore answers to our many, many physical needs and questions? But then the "creator" God judges us for all eternity based on how we live our lives. Two of the most important parts of our lives that we will be "judged" on is our jobs and marriage. Yet God gives no instructions, explanations or help on how we can get the right job or how we can find the right mate. And then the Bible makes ludicrous "commands" for us to "get it right." The answer is very, very simple. The Bible contains no answers because it was written by men who had ! ! no answers themselves...

At a time in our lives when we are the least experienced and qualified to select a mate, we are bound for a lifetime by a God who refuses to teach us how to find the right mate in the first place. Then the Bible calls "us" evil?

God has called a ministry to explain his word to us.

Okay, so where are the answers? If you really stop and think about it, all a minister does is make excuses why you have to suffer and be in misery. The only real purpose the ministry serves is to make excuses for God and promise you eternal life if you continue to suffer enough.

In 1976, I serviced a heater in Colorado Springs for a full colonel in the air force who was an Industrial Psychologist. For over 20 years, he matched individuals to the jobs they were best suited for. I got more knowledge, understanding and answers from him in two hours than I got in the combined 29 years I was in the "Belly of the Whore." Those two hours ended up changing my life, but only "after" I scratched, clawed and dug my way out the whore's belly. The colonel told me that it takes 3 days to fully test an individual, but if you answer 2 questions you have pretty much found your career. What do you enjoy doing the most when you get a chance to do whatever you want? And if money was no object or concern, what would you get up at 6am to do? The colonel also told me that every individual he had seen in his life "loved" their job -once they found the "right" job.

Having the right job and career is one of the most fundamental and important aspects of "physical" life. Why didn't God tell us about aptitude, profile, preference and career placement tests? Why didn't God tell us about our individual genetics? Why don't ministers teach this to their congregations today? Especially the children? (By the way, if it's too late to change careers, you can still find yourself one "hell" of a hobby.)

The answer is very, very simple. Since the writers of the Bible were totally ignorant of these things -the Bible is totally ignorant of these things. Any sane, rational supreme being would have put this subject at the top of the list of physical needs.

 God works in mysterious ways.

Mysterious does not mean weird, irrational and insane. Mysterious does not mean total abandonment and desertion. Mysterious does not mean zero answers and 100% confusion. Maybe a supreme being did inspire one scripture in the Bible, "God is not the author of confusion." That one scripture guarantees that God is not the author of the Bible or religion. The Bible and religion have created more confusion that any other subject in history. When you think about it, that scripture is an interesting paradox. I could make a far stronger case that Satan inspired the Bible rather than God.

Now stop and think about this one really hard. The Bible is saturated with bloodthirsty massacres of thousands, rape, murder, oppression, greed, injustice, crippling taxation, slavery, selling favors for money, tyranny, cowardliness, liars, insanity and much more evil. Are you ready for the punch line?

I'm talking about God's leaders, prophets and kings...

 God revealed modern inventions in visions.

Where? Ezekiel's wheel within a wheel makes no sense even today. John's ravings in the book of confusion can be, and are, interrupted as many different things by many different people. Was there any doubt or question in my above list when I described a submarine? Or jet fighter? Any one of us today could have clarified massive of amounts of confusion in the Bible. So where was this supreme being who was inspiring so much confusion and ravings?

Do you want the real answer to the Bible's visions? Get on the Internet and do a search on OBE (out of body experiance). This will answer Biblical visions very quickly. Millions of people today have those exact same "Visions." These so-called visions have been experienced by many, many people throughout history.

 You have to have faith.

Faith in what? Faith is trust and trust must be earned. There must be some substance to have faith in. The Bible claims that God is not the author of confusion, yet the Bible is historically one the most confusing issues in mans history. The God of the Bible also says, "Prove me." Yet no one has, or can, prove the Bible to be true. (Do your research "on" the Bible, not "in" the Bible?) No one has, or can, prove that a man named Jesus Christ so much as existed. This is a myth that was compiled from many other myths. Everything about Jesus Christ was taught and believed long before in other myths. Everything from his virgin birth, to his accession, to having 12 disciples, to his death and resurrection after 3 days. There was nothing new about the myth of Jesus Christ, including raising the dead, it had all been taught and believed about others before.

Even one of the popes spoke of, "The wondrous things the myth of Jesus Christ has brought."

 There are no answers in the Bible. If there is a God, we have to reject the superstitions and insanity of the Bible before we can find him. To find truth, we must first reject ancient fables, legends and myths. We must break the shackles of ignorance.

But yes, I do have faith. I have complete and total faith in the following... Religion is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated in the history of mankind.


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