The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

Betty Chikar 

Do these three groups of people in the world today have anything in common? Is there anything they all believe and practice in their daily lives - year in and year out? On the surface, one would think not. Let's take a look at them, though, and see how they live - what they do.

First, we need some definitions - in the world at large. A Christian is one who professes belief in Jesus as Christ – the Son of God - and follows the religion based on his teachings. Sound fair? It's what you would expect - right? But is this definition based in fact? Do Christians in the world today actually follow a religion based on the teachings of Jesus?  Do they follow the example He gave?  Do they actually live the way He taught them to live? 

An Atheist is defined as one who denies the existence of God. Which god? Is he denying the existence of the God who is spoken of in the Bible as Creator of all things, or does he deny that any gods exist at all?  Is an Atheist the same thing as a Human Secularist – who believes only in worldly things as opposed to spiritual things?

A Satanist is supposedly one who believes in Satan and worships him in a way described as a travesty of the Christian rites. (I might add that my dictionary has a secondary definition of Satanism as profound wickedness.) As opposed to profound goodness, I suppose.

Here is what they all have in common: Holidays like Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day and Halloween. Icons, symbols, art objects and buildings like crosses, bunnies & eggs, Yule logs & evergreen trees, Madonna & child, sun and moon symbols, the trinity, horoscopes, and obelisks & steeples.

Don't look at what these groups of people say. Look at how they live their lives and what they teach or allow their children to participate in. Can you really see a nickel's worth of difference? I don't think so.  There are Christians who encourage and applaud their children when they devour books about witchcraft, sorcery and the black arts – like Harry Potter.  They and their children sit before television sets daily and ingest a diet of murder, rape, robbery, adultery, fornication and violence.

Is there anywhere in the world a group of people who call themselves Christian and actually try to live by the example and teachings of Jesus – to do what He did and what He told them to do?  This group might have teachers who try to explain and apply Jesus’ teachings to life today, but they won’t be looking to any man as their priest or mediator between them and God.  They would recognize that others who tell them they should do this or that are trying to control their lives – and their money.  They would know and believe what the Bible teaches - that each person is accountable directly to God and not to some man on earth, no matter what he calls himself.  They would also know that loving your neighbor as yourself is not just a candy-coated phrase to make them feel better, but a way of life.

There are people in the world who really try to help others when they can and do the best they can to do no harm to anyone.  These people are living the way Jesus Christ taught.  They don’t run other people down because they have chosen to live and believe differently from themselves.

Christianity is a way of personal responsibility to Christ – not a tool to judge and condemn other people.  Christians can be just like everyone else in the world – or not.  It’s their choice.


Posted -- 10/16/2005

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