The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God.

Circa 532 C.E. (Common Era)

By Alex

(This is a copy of an article by Frank Mortyn beginning on page 237 of "The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You To Read" by Tim C. Leedom)

Twelve Thousand Bodies

They lie scattered across the benches. Sprawled on the stone floors of the stadium. The sun beats down on the silence. The bodies have not yet rotted much. But the rats have already discovered the carnage.

Close to the exits, panic stricken thousands had clawed at one another. They were trying to escape the advancing soldiers of the Imperial Guard. Few succeeded. Many people were crushed, their bodies mangled underfoot. The hum and buzz of flies was the only sound now over this spectacle of death.

From all around, the air is suddenly alive with the joyous sound of bells. Hundreds of bells, from hundreds of churches. No sound of any call to Allah or indication of any other religion besides Christianity. This is CHRISTIAN CITY. In the broad boulevards and narrow allies around the hippodrome, thousands and thousands of corpses lie on the paving stones. They lie where they fell. They had fallen, screaming in terror, pursued by the Guards.

Who were these dead? They were the youth of Christian City. They had formed rival gangs. The Blues and the Greens. The two gangs had united to riot together in their contempt for the emperor. The Emperor Justinian was overcome with fear. Get ready to flee, said the emperor.

But Justinian was saved! His wife, the Empress Theodora, was stronger than he. She gave courage to the emperor and his followers. They decided to stay and fight. This was the woman who had been on the stage, no princess, but merely a showgirl. The people of Constaninople called her "whore".

The emperor's swordsmen were highly trained. They were proud professionals, carrying on the traditions of the Roman Empire. They were unflinchingly loyal to Emperor Justinian and his wife, Theodora. They killed rioters without mercy. The Guards did not take prisoners. They pursued the youth of Christian City and killed them. In five days of disorder, thirty thousand died. Their corpses tell us of life in Christian City, called Constantinople.

This was Christianity's showplace. Separation of Church and State? Not here. This was Christianity's chance. A chance to show what Christianity can do when it achieves power over civil life. How did Christian City get started?

A Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great, claimed he had seen a cross in the sky. He went on to win in battle. For his own political ends, Constantinople blessed Christianity. Henceforth, he said, Christianity would be an appropriate religion for the Empire. Christianity gained momentum which, to our day, has never lost.

Emperor Constantine became a master planner of the Christian faith. Even in our time you find him honored in sects of the Episcopal tradition. The Nicene Creed is recited: it was compiled in Constantine's reign The mystical doctrine of the Trinity--Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 3 gods in one--is a product of the Ecumenical Council convened by Constantine. And he gave us Constantinople. From the beginning, it was Christian City. The showplace of the Faith. Church and State not separated but united. Christianity was triumphant.

Constantinople was far more Christian than Rome. Rome was just a Christian excrescence layered upon the foundations of hundreds of years of paganism. No--Constantinople was utterly Christian, in conception as well as design. It smothered the remains of smaller towns which had preceded it--such as Byzantium. And who remembers the Greek settlement of Thrace? The great new metropolis of Constantinople had conquered its forebears. Constantinople was the jewel in the crown of our Lord Jesus Christ. Constantinople was Christianity in full flower. It deserves the title; Christian City.

See the Hippodrome now. Only a few Guards remain. The flies are buzzing more loudly now, clouds of them hovering every mound of corpses. Let us stroll the streets of Christian City. Hear the mourners wailing in just about every house. See those people! Some weep, mourning their dead. Searchers pick their way among the dead, seeking their kin. The pavements are still wet with blood.

But--wait! Lift up your eyes to the horizon. See the churches! Oh, just look at that marvelous church! What a masterpiece! The whole world will wonder. The Emperor Justinian, he who presided over the massacre of thirty thousand in five days of urban disorders, will be remembered in 1992 as the builder of Hagia Sophia. Still standing, after 1400 years? Yes. For Justinian built it to last. He succeeded. And visitors from all over the world come to see it.

The glories of Constantinople's architecture are stunning. Historians will write appreciatively of the "Byzantine" style. It has the flavor of the East, in the service of Christian faith. The result is dazzling. Decorated with marvelous mosaics, each church models the cosmos with its portrayals of celestial beings.

Just look at Christian City's mighty walls! There are two walls, one inside the other. and atop the walls are ninety six towers! How can an enemy take such a city? In Rome--the barbarians will rule. But Constantinople? Never! So they thought. For Constantinople shows the world what a society is like when Christianity governs every aspect of its operation. A thoroughly Christianized civilization! A Christian Reconstructionist dream.

The thirty thousand corpses are beginning to stink.

Did It Work?

Let it be clear to us all! The worst, the bloodiest urban riots of all times took place in the most Christian of cities, Constantinople in the year 532 CE.

Meanwhile, where were the humanists? Not much in evidence, unfortunately. The Dark ages were upon Europe.

But across the sea in Athens, we can suppose there were still a few philosophers, clad in white walking quietly amid the trees. If their pavements were slippery, it is because of fruit from the olive branches, not blood from tormented bodies, shed by Christian swords.

Today's freethinkers can look with sorrow on the spectacle of death which occurred when Christianity took charge of civil life. The more you know about it, the more likely you are to say to the Christians: "Thank you but NO to your vision of a Christian society." It had its chance. Did Christian City work? Thirty thousand deaths say "No."

Now let's jump ahead to world war 11. On the dust cover of Erwin W. Lutzer's book titled "Hitler's Cross" are some interesting quotes:

"The revealing story of how the Cross of Christ was used as a symbol of the Nazi agenda".

"The hakenkreuz, or broken cross, became a vivid icon under which Hitler united his destitute and pride-starved nation. As Der Fuhrer, supreme leader of the reichstaf, Hitler rejoiced that the Swastika was openly displayed in churches throughout Germany".

"Confused at first by their responsibilities, then deceived by their pride, many church leaders capitulated to the wave of nationalism that swept the Cross of Jesus Christ from its rightful place. Others did not.....and paid the ultimate price for upholding the truth".

"Erwin W. Lutzer explores the story of Hitler's Cross---how a whole race of people so in need of a champion found little help from the Church of Christ and so invited the judgment of God".

"Six million Jews dead---The monstrosity of Hitler's "Third Reich" remains a stunning chapter in the pages of history. Although the power by which he hypnotized an entire nation is legendary, one question in particular begs an answer: Where was the Church of Christ?".

Seduced by the Satanic majestic of Der Furhrer, church leaders throughout Germany allowed the Swastika a prominent place alongside the Christian cross in their sanctuaries. Nationalistic pride replaced the call of God to purity, and with few exceptions the German church looked away while Adolph Hitler implemented his "Final Solution" to his Jewish problem". Unquote.

I will include quotes from that book in future submissions to the Painful Truth. Now, back to Leedom's book. I quote from the bottom of page 240:--"During World War l l, while I was serving with the Third Army in Germany, I removed a belt buckle from the uniform of a dead German soldier. The lettering on the buckle read; Gott Mit Uns (God is With Us). Kurt Vonnegut

On page 242 are a few more quotes;---"It was Pope Urban Il who inaugurated the crusades at the Council of Clermont in 1095, and by this act formally instituted wars organized and administered by religion.

Almost all Europe for many centuries, was inundated with blood, which was shed at the direct instigation or with the full approval of the ecclesiastical authorities" ---History of the Rise and Influence of the Spirit of Rationalization in Europe (Appleton, 1866) Vol. 2, p.32

"Both (the northern and southern Christians) read the same Bible and pray to the same God, and invokes His aid against the other-------Abraham Lincoln

This shows what a scam Christianity really is. It prostitutes itself in times of crises, acts as a cruel taskmaster to devoted followers, bleeds believers financially with the backing of its God, heavily influences politicians, advances its own agenda by any means, including killing, then chastises us "non-believers" for not falling in line.

"On a hill far away, stood an old bloody cross, a symbol of suffering and pain," (That's the truth!) (plus death, torture, mutilation, genocide, wars. perversion, greed etc..) and the last couple of lines in that hymn, "---So I'll cherish that old bloody cross, Till my burden at last I lay down, And I'll cling to that that old bloody cross, And exchange it someday for a crown".

(Oh, yeah? Inapigsass. An old pervert promised us the same thing).


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