Herbert Armstrong’s Dachaus

Location: Armstrong churches of God years after the first split. A retired minister returns to reminisce about his days in power. Until he finds himself at the mercy of those he tortured, and on trial by those who were abused or died at his hands. Confronted by the ghosts of the past, justice may finally be served . . . in the Twilight Zone.

The parallels are striking are they not? Human behavior at its worse.

Humorless America. Political Commentary

The misinterpretation of black face as “hurt” is a product of the humorless Identity Politics of our sad era. Anyone who regards black face as ridicule of black people could possibly be restored to sanity by watching this Dean Martin roast of Sammy Davis Jr. What would today be damned as the most humiliating of ridiculing insults has Sammy Davis Jr. and the other blacks at the dais in tears of laughter. The black participants themselves lay it on thick. Everyone has a good time. If this happened today, they all—white and black—would be forced to deliver groveling apologies. Sammy Davis Jr. would be called a self-hating black and have to apologize for laughing at himself.
-Paul Craig Roberts

Watch this video from past times, and you will see what an absurd humorless country we have become: