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In the final moments of the movie CONTACT, there came a statement that has always generated conflict between science and God. Palmer Joss, a man of religion (played by Matthew McConaughey) walks to a waiting limo with Ellie Arroway, an atheistic woman of science (played by Jodie Foster).


The reporters want to know what happened at a previously held government hearing, and – in essence – which philosophy won? The comment that Joss made was interesting and one that both sides should seriously consider. In essence, he said:

“Whether you’re a religious person or a scientist, we BOTH seek the truth.”

This obviously assumes that both sides are sincere in pursuing the ideal, and neither side is involved in any self seeking agenda . . . as in the case of a religious cult. In this way, a man/woman of religious persuasion can complement the scientist who has his agenda in pragmatism and mathematics.

For thousands of years, religion has attempted to criticize science as something that is “of the devil,” and thus, tries to strike fear into the lives of church members if the logic and investigation of the scientific persuasion is ever dared to be considered. Science, all members are told, is tantamount to meddling with “the fires of hell,” and the “ungodly” use of one’s mind and logic can never be compared to the revelation coming from church “authority.”

Such was the case in the Herbert W. Armstrong cult, which has now ejaculated the same spermatozoa into the open and gullible minds within the “new improved,” cults that have been fertilized by the same corrupt DNA, and who now wallow within the quagmire of their own uterus that’s soaked in theological ignorance. Herbert lives!

It is an interesting fact that over the years, religion has always been proved wrong when it came to a direct conflict with scientific evidence. Of course, people can be as stupid as they want. That’s up to them. And in the face of undisputed scientific evidence, if a person wants to believe fables in books and revelations from a church hireling ministry, then so be it.

During the mid to late seventies and early eighties, Worldwide Church of God had hired several teachers at A.C. who had degrees from outside this unaccredited college. For a while, things started to look up as students were receiving a token of some decent education, logical questions were raised, and pointed questions were asked to those among the earlier, “old timer” and ignorant faculty. That was the end of the “outside” teachers.

“The leaven of intellectualism has invaded God’s college,” thundered Herbert. And anyone who had any teaching from any other place, other than oracle Herbert himself, was: “Filled with the leaven of intellectualism.”

For two thousand years, the Catholic Church had chanted the same protest. If anyone had received knowledge from any other source than “Church,” then that person was subject to heresy. It was: “God help them,” if any dared open their mouths publicly and espouse some aspect of scientific knowledge. God help any if he or she would challenge the dogmas of mother Church. In past centuries, those caught “defying” the Church teachings had skin ripped from their bodies, finger and toenails yanked, and the rack and iron maiden were common methods of subjugation.

When Herbert – through the snitching of certain androids in his minion ministry – heard of A.C.’s new direction, he moved quickly to put the church “Back on the track..” According to those on the campus at the time, all the intelligencia were fired and replaced with the older teaching staff possessing the combined IQ of meat.

Jesus once said: “The truth shall set you free.” And Buddha said: “The biggest sin is ignorance.”

In fact, I think the biggest sin of all is committed by those who are so ignorant that they don’t even know they’re stupid. These are the ones who deliberately keep knowledge suppressed from young minds, and thus, are responsible for the propagation of behavioral stupidity, ignorance of mind, and spiritual darkness. “The blind lead the blind and both fall into the ditch.”

On this PT website, there is a book called AGE OF REASON by Thomas Paine. If any have not read it, let me encourage you to please do so. It will clarify much of the thinking of intelligent minds over the years, and now aligns its content with the current, enlightened thinking of many ex-WCGers. It’s a book that uses scientific logic and thinking as its basis, and a book that stands provable in its concepts . . . as difficult as it may be for many to accept. But remember again: “The truth shall set you free.” And sometimes that truth may be difficult to swallow.

One major premise that presents itself in this book is the question of God revelation. Before a person can figure out what God wants in his/her life, it would be wise to find out a little more about what God IS. To let God reveal Himself in a way that EVERYONE ON THE PLANET understands would be a logical start. Logical?

Does one find “God” in a book? There are so many “holy” books. Which one does a person accept? They’re all different. And each has its own expounder, or in Worldwide Church of God’s case, its Apostle.

Now, the problem with letting some ill-bred, little man, like Herbert, try and interpret any book is like opening a fresh can of maggots into our minds. Like most cult leaders, Herbert was ostensibly an ignorant man. He never came up with any doctrine himself. All his teachings were taken from the Seventh Day Church, which in turn were taken from the teachings of Ellen G. White, which in turn were taken from the commentaries of Matthew Henry, Adam Clarke, and Jameison, Fawcett & Brown, and other semi-primordial sources of early theological guesswork. Thus: “The blind lead the blind . . . ”

He hated any knowledge that threatened his opinions or ideas. Like Hitler, he was not to be challenged on any point that differed from his predetermined thinking. Since science is the effort to discover the truth about creation and nature, its purpose is really to discover the “plain truth.” Despite the name of the Worldwide Church of God magazine, Herbert obviously hated science because it exposed phonies like himself. No lying phoney can match the truth of a thorough scientific probe, hence Herbert hated true science.

In the AGE OF REASON, Thomas Paine outlines what so many of us have come to see in our productive years ex-WCG. God is not to be found in any doctrine, church, group, book, or theology. The revelation of God is to be found in the most obvious place. That place is available to ALL mankind equally (no exceptions) as a starting point to identify with God, and that place is seen in all things through which God is manifest. God can be seen and revealed in His infinite manifested creation. “The heavens declare the glory of the LORD . . . ”

We see God at work in creation on this planet and in the stars. Particle physics reveals the world of the micro creation while astronomy reveals the world of macro creation. Simply spending time contemplating these infinite miracles makes an understanding and spiritual energy of God more internalized. God becomes real.

Since a study of these micro and macro worlds involves some investigation as to the nature of such disciplines, this study then gives us more and more a deeper understanding of God. The name of this study is called “Science.”

So really, God and Science are NOT really all that different. They’re both part of the same ideal and our goal of understanding. God expresses Himself/Herself/Itself, and science examines the result and helps us appreciate what really is “The Plain Truth.” Is it any wonder that all cult antichrists hate knowledge and true science?

Article By John O.,
Ex Worldwide Church of God pastor

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  1. The author is entitled to his opinion without censorship. The god he speaks of is no bible god but a higher power that never wrote a book for men to use in the abuse and suppression of others. The author speaks of science. Let me elaborate with knowledge that has come out since the decade when this article was originally published.

    The multiverse theory: This subject is gaining respectability with scientists. With the universe around 13.8 billion years old, the light beyond the travel time of this distance is the great unknowable. What is there beyond this distance? Can the space-time beyond 13.8 billion years be considered to be another separate universe?

    The “Infinite Universes” theory: If space/time goes on forever, then it must start repeating at some point, because there are a finite number of ways particles can be arranged in space and time. There are essentially only so many ways to arrange or shape that matter can be arranged. The theory goes that if you could travel there, you would encounter another version of yourself, and possible infinite versions of yourself. This means that our own personal reality is not the only reality.

    Then there is the theory of quantum mechanics which lays out the probabilities that multiple universes might arise.

    The mathematical structure of the universe is not prejudiced by human emotions that wish it was this way or that way. The fundamental reality is that mathematics may explain our universe where the mathematics of another universe may explain another structure. Who can know?

    Its the same thing as a concept of God. Cannot prove or disprove the existence of a higher power. That is why it is unknowable. You might not like that, but it is as honest as one can be.

  2. There was a JJ Abrams TV series that dealt with the multiverse concept several years ago. It was called “Fringe”. Walter, one of the lead characters, had lost his son, who had died as a child. Walter was a scientist who had discovered how to travel between these two worlds, and he kidnapped the identical son of his parallel (a man whom he nicknamed “Walternate”) and raised him as his own. Walter had an associate, Olivia, whose parallel in the other universe he called “Faux Livia”. Leonard Nimoy made one of his final TV appearances as a regular character in “Fringe”. I found the series to be very entertaining and intelligently imagined.

    DVDs of TV series are often available at the library, or at second hand music stores.


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