Lil Joe to give up power

GCI Vice President, Dr. Greg Williams sits down with GCI President, Dr. Joseph Tkach in a laid back interview. Dr. Williams asks Dr. Tkach to share about his journey as President and his transition in passing the baton to Dr. Williams.

One Reply to “Lil Joe to give up power”

  1. My mind has been warped by occasional listening to Lou Reed. At one time, seeing the name “Little Joe” used to remind me of “Bonanza”. Now, I see that name, and I immediately hear Lou’s New York tone poem voice “singing” Hey, Babe, take a walk on the wild side! And the colored girls sing doo ta doo ta doo doo ta doo ta doo ta doo ta doo doo………..

    Interestingly enough, a “colored girl” who taught me a lot of things first introduced me to that song way back when. She thought it was cool. I hope she has had a good and fulfilling life.


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