Gay or Straight? Part One

This article will be broken up into several posts due to its length.

 Someone once told me:  ” John, you CAN’T  tackle this subject. It’s not tellable.   It’s too taboo.”  So, you know me.  I’m a hardhead.   I decided to go for it – “head on.”

“Church” (and that includes our ex-buddies in Worldwide Church of God+), have always tackled the issue of gay or straight as one that’s either “sinful or possibly unforgivable.”  Has anyone out there (especially anything related to “church”) addressed this subject?  Has anyone, simply or honestly tried?

Has anyone in the “Christian” community had the guts (except in the usual, traditional, slushy way), tried to explain the “plain truth about homosexuality?”  Has anyone bothered to explore this difference?  Examine the reasons?  Have we seen any of the “Christian” magazines on the market with the tough fight or the open guts to openly tell (or explain) what it takes to capture to take this problem by the lotus flower, head on?  . . .  “No,” they say (or chicken out).  “It’s not of God, so it must be of Satan.”  Ok.  So then, we say, we have – naturally, only God’s ideas.  We have the “Christian”(or Bible=Mosaic opinion).   So let’s examine the subject.  Maybe some have, but some writers recently have said so little, that got me thinking, it’s about time to address the subject of gays, because if the averages are correct, there are some (if not many) gays that are reading this, right now.  I wonder what the percentage is?  The statistics claim that there are between fifteen and twenty percent of people in the US who are gay, bi, or lean that way.  There maybe more.  So let’s take an intelligent look at this whole thing, and be honest.  The “Christian” community simply says that’s it’s of the devil, and there’s no more discussion.  Yes, that’s their opinion.  But, there’s a lot more to investigate.  We need to discuss this.  WCG+ and it’s breed refuse to  talk about it.  They won’t even discuss it at length.  So let’s attack the subject from an open point of view.   Let’s be open, let’s talk about it, and be sincere with what we find.

This article is not (repeat NOT) a condemnation, even though I’m known as the  (blabbermouth/over spoken/outspoken, over verbal-vomitorious person – and what they know as “gush-mouth) I’m well into the group knows as a straight and strictly  hetro guy.  I adore women.  This is simply an open discussion on the subject (not me), and each of us is entitled to our own viewpoint.  I’m NOT condemning anyone here    They maybe  gay.  That’s their lifestyle.  Me?  NO.  I ain’t gay.  I’m strictly hetro.  That’s my inborn programming.  But there’s NO condemnation of someone here who is different.  Certainly – we see and feel things different.  They cannot relate to me, and I cannot see their point of view.  No condemnation.  I simply don’t see their viewpoint.  I just don’t understand it.  This is NOT a condemnation, buy simply a VIEWPOINT.  Repeating.  Their cannot see my point of view  I cannot see theirs. That’s Ok.  I figure that’s nature.  We differ, but we still tolerate and love (in the spiritual term) our fellow human – no matter what his/her preference..  Remember – this is a layman’s point of view, and it’s an open expression, but it needs to be addressed – in fairness to everyone.  It’s about time someone did address the subject directly, and even though I’m NOT anybody’s expert in this field, (I’m NOT a doctor), I can encourage you to look further and explore (references further on), examine, and research.  If you feel there may be a problem, then openly discuss this with your doctor.  Most doctors are open to this discussion.  Or talk to your psychologist.  Most of them are open minded about a person’s lifestyle. This is the key to knowledge.  We learn from our preferences.  Read.  Learn.  Prove everything.  Let’s learn from our successes, preferences, and our mistakes. 

That’s why God gave us MINDS.  That’s how we grow and evolve.  We are humans, and yes, we’re gonna be different – what a blessing!   Men and women are different too. And that’s Ok.  Let’s accept that.  And that’s fine.  Most of us will agree that sex is wonderful.  Also, there’s nothing better or rewarding than self education from a multitude of brains.  We can have a multitude of input here.  If we work together as a world team, the results will be staggering, and it will change the universe.  Let’s face it.  What’s happening on this planet now – it just ain’t working.  This little planet  is (3rd from the sun on the periphery of the spinning edge of our galaxy [and there’s a physical and scientific reason for that too.  But that’s another subject.).  Things can all change and we can make a universe of a difference if mankind decides to love mankind – no matter what their preference – man or woman..  Anything can be worked out.  If there’s a difference of opinion, then people can always peacefully separate.  Go their own ways.  But, overall, let’s have peace.

It’s been said that inanimate forms/things and inanimate material have no reasoning.  Why didn’t WCG+ ever teach the membership about this?  Why didn’t they teach us about life? Why didn’t they teach us about the essence of nature, life, and God?  This is the real stuff of creation – this is the stuff of the real Infinite God.   Forget “Church.”  Let’s learn GOD.  And they (the hirelings) never had the intelligence to research or take the time to teach us about the beauty, or the intricate details of the cosmos that surrounds us.  They couldn’t be bothered.  They were too busy preaching the doctrines of Herbieizm.  As a result, this has caused irreparable damage in the minds of our young’uns as well ourselves.  It has left us without the fundamendentals  of God. As a result, we’ve lost the basics of all our creative thot.  We’ve lost our original, intended, origins.  Thanx – WCG+. 

Talking of inanimate objects – if  we could see the intricate molecular energy that goes on within each solid (no intelligence) substance, then our minds would be boggled.  There is life there.  There’s life of a different form.  Life like we could never imagine.  Maybe even mini-universes.  Please  remember, time is a relative thing, according to Einstein.  What could be lifetimes to a mini-world, could be hundreds of thousands of years to us.  Think of the possibilities.  Molecules to atoms to electrons to quarks to the light and vibrating, brilliant, and dancing string vibrations that are the end of quarks – but that’s another story.  (Refer to Brian Greene’s THE ELEGANT UNIVERSE. Ref: (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Daltons, Walgreen’s, etc.)  There’s ton’s o’life there. 

The whole universe vibrates with some form of life.  We’re all energy.  Read about it.  Life’s everywhere.  Energy is all around us.  IT exists.  Life is living.  God IS.  It’s even in the ether of space – even though we can’t measure it.  It’s in everything, even that which we consider a “dead” thing.  Like a table, for example.   It has no fundamental intelligence.  It doesn’t have to.  It’s not designed to.  But there’s  still life there.  True – there’s no intellect in the table.  But, look at its molecular structure (if we could see that deeply).  That’s life in a miniscule form.  That’s the start of our forming.  It’s the energy that begins life, as we know it.  LIFE is just what breathes us – and breathes through us – and gives us human existence. It’s energy, and it’s thot. 

It’s the real love.  It’s a miracle of complexity.  That’s “God.”  It’s just life – but a LIFE that wants to live.  And it MUST live some way.  That’s the basic DNA of the Universe. (Reference, the comment made by Jeff Goldblum, playing Ian Malcolm in JURASSIC PARK).  He basically said that life will always find a way to live and survive.  It’s the same principle.  Life will go on – no matter how.  It wants to live as a myriad of forms.  It WILL find a way.   It wants to live AS us.  And it’s chosen to live AS us in our own particular forms, with our own particular characteristics and abilities.  But there’s always that Infinite life and there is always that Infinite energy – all around us.  We can suck from it, we can breathe from it, we can inhale its living, and we can live from its outgiving.  We do.

There’s always life everywhere.  There’s a “God” life breathing through everything.  In you, in me, in the ground, the plants, in our kids, in the stars – and in our time/space continuum. God exists in everything.  Even in gays.  That’s the point.  They’re different – that’s all.  Medical experts, that I’ve spoken to, will tell you that they’re born that way.  But, there’s something in everything that has the breath of God.  And there are always differences.   Intelligence is in the God-Mind.  It’s Infinite thot.  It’s the creator.  It’s the former.  It creates, but, as yet, none of us has figured out exactly HOW.  It (whatever) is the originator of thot.  It is original thot that forms, creates, and manifests.  But “Church” will not accept this. “Church” will only concede that “God” works through them, as an organization.   They believe that they ARE God created.  This is how cults are formed.  Just ask our buddies in Worldwide Cult of God+.  It’s also said that intelligence fundamentally sleeps in plant life. It also says that intelligence dreams in animal life.  And it also says that intelligence awakens and becomes self-aware in humans. What’s next?   Where’s our ultimate destiny?  Read on.

You’re all free to agree or disagree with what I’ve learned, seen, heard, talked about and researched,  but at least (let’s hope), this might start people start researching, thinking, reasoning, concluding – even more, and that’s good.  I love it when folks think and ask questions.  That’s how we learn from each other.  Like I’ve repeatedly said:  “THINK”.  All the modern “Christian” churches (who blindly follow the Mosaic Law and refuse to research – that includes the Worldweird Church of God+) call homosexuality (male or female) as those who (they believe) are Uncalled and/or possessed by Satan.  They think these different people are gonna get fried. According to them.   I’m NOT defending or condemning anyone’s ideas.  Figure it out for yourself.  I’m just different.  I just cannot see the same way.  That’s all.  They can think what they wanna.  I do NOT have their personal feelings.  I do NOT understand homosexuality, because I’m not made – or feel – that way.  I’m your average guy, who chases women (or used to [years ago], or might like to imagine to like to).  Except that I don’t now – ’cause I love my only woman, and I’m devoted to (this) my wife. 

Now, let’s look at churches and gays.  This is their  own personal and their particular reasonable thinking, and I’m only asking for these people to please “stand back” – take a broader view, and then make an intelligent judgment.  No one is anyone’s judge.  Whether you CONDEMN a person is the ultimate test.  Whether you finally prove it “right or wrong,” will be the definitive analysis.   But I think a little more info is needed here.  So before a decision is made, let’s look deeper.

Very few, if any will touch the subject of gays.  Maybe I’m an idiot, but I’m gonna give it a shot.  First – I’m NOT gay, but I’d prefer (like many) to find the logical reason behind it. Something that makes common sense.  I think we (as a collective consciousness) need to.  Any analytical or scientific person would.  I’m still partially (or mainly left headed) or “left brained.”  (meaning “more scientific”)  Right brainers are the artistic, and creative ones.  God bless ’em. But we need to honestly know why all people are like they really ARE.

So, I’ve decided to take a shot at it (’cause I’m always the idiot who sticks his neck out and opens his BIG mouth), and like it or not, here it comes.  So I talked to a lotta doctors and some psychologists.  This is the results.  Please remember, these are MY opinions.  If you wish – then disagree, think them tons o’effluent, and say so.  Please, if you feel that these ideas are wrong (the email’s at the bottom of the page),  the please prove them wrong.   Let’s keep the Bible (Emotion – with no logical [or in many cases, no logical] reference) out there, so that keeps righteous religious person outa  this.  Let’s keep the laws of logic and modern day common sense and  scientific proof well into the picture.  Let’s forget religious emotion and use what we’ve proved, and what has been proved to be common sense.

God (or Whatever) gave us a mind of logic,  and not that of some Mosaic book of growling, representative, laws.  Who the hell was Moses anyhow?  He was nothing but the “would be – Pharaoh of Egypt.”  He never made it.  Ramses kicked his ass outa the throne.  Moses took the next best thing.  So, he did some figuring .  Start my own country.  Steal a feeble nation of dingbats – namely (the slaves of  Goshen) – take over this weaker country (and knowing the slaves growling mentality),  the next best thing – was to take over a scrawny one (to the East –  namely, Israel – [which just happens to be] a strategic military area.   This was a weak country at the time, but a vitally strategic military location,  (which the US now realizes and has capitalized upon) and Moses figured to set himself up as “King.” 

It took forty years of teaching of these “hardheads.”  Let’s face it.  Those slaves didn’t have the highest IQ’s around.  But they could be molded into a powerful army.  That’s what he did with his brood.  It’ll always take some time to mold an army to take over a whole nation.  You gotta giv’em laws, rules, and give’m the consequences if they don’t obey.  “Drive ’em into submission,”  Eventually, we’ll have an army.  They did.  Bring along Joshua. He’s loyal.  He’s a crusty ole SOB.  (Remember the movie?) And he’ll chisel any ass who don’t agree. Possibly with ten rules.  Actually, the real Joshua didn’t really look at all like John Derek.  The real nowadays John D is dead.  (With Bo for a wife, what man’s heart wouldn’t give out after a while?)  And Chuck Heston was undoubtedly better looking than the real Moses.  Moses had his own NRA.

 Israel ( today) is a strategic military position, and very productive oil producing area.  To own Israel is to own the Middle East, because, with the right technology, you can control all the land around you..   Let’s think about it.  It’s the center of the world.  That’s what the arguing is all about.  And who owns it, has the control of the power.  That’s why there’s so much fighting.  It has the PERFECT position.  It has the sea location (the Med).  It has access to the North/East, the South/East, the North, and the East.  Why do we think Moses wanted it so badly?  He was no nuthead.  They knew exactly what we now know.  Moses was a military smarty.  And another fact, the powers of the world know that today.  The same as Moses did.   Go figure.   But today, there’s a difference   Today we have ICBM’s. 

These are the facts. Check the Internet for verification.  Why didn’t our “Christian” brothers (or WCG+ hirelings) tell us these truths?  They were chanting prophecy so much, but they didn’t give us any facts.  They’d rather talk about the “gay” population and how evil it all is.  Listen to Pat Robertson sometime.  He’s just as bad as the hirelings in Worldwide Church of God.  He was made hetro, and that’s fine – sure – but he sure slams anyone who’s different.  Where were their minds?  There’s nothing but a mass of condemnation for anyone who’s different.

Pharaoh Moses (or King Moses could have ruled [almost] the whole Levant)  Moses was no dummy, and he knew this.  He planned to control the whole Levant.  But first you must do one thing.  You must kill everyone alive there.   Including the animals.  Now, there’s a good reason for killing many of those animals.   Animals also provide food for a few millions growlers..  After all, they had the manpower that they brought from Egypt.  And a hungry army needs continual food.

Slaughter the whole land. (So the “Book” says).  They did.  “All in the name of God.”  “Butcher everything,” Moses said, “because God told me so.”  The congregation (much like us) said:  “Duuuuuuhhhhh.”  Just like many church people.   And they went out and did it.  So the bloodshed started.  All in “God’s” name.  Let’s face it.  Look at the odds.  About one million resident Canaanites against three million crazies?.  What chance did any of those resident Israelites have?  Moses was a master of military strategy.  He was one smart cookie. In today’s world?????   The same thing – is what happens when one nation wants to dominate another.  But what does this have to do with gays?  Please, let’s continue.

To be continued….

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  1. Just wow! A lot of verbiage there without even beginning to treat his major premise. Hopefully he will elucidate concisely in part 2.


  2. No fan of the COGs, but it did seem that homosexuality was addressed and, while taught to be very wrong, it was generally explained as a result of societal and family dysfunctions.

  3. I always heard it was Satan’s fault. He ‘broadcasted’ the emotion and people responded. Life is so much more complicated than the COG’s make it out to be in their binary thinking.

  4. In spite of all the hate and rhetoric coming from church leaders and ministers, the church had a lot of gay and lesbian members over teh decades. Even more surprising is that some went with the more conservative splinters where they are bombarded with all kinds of anti-gay comments. One person told me many years ago he did that because he understood God was trying to test him to see if he was worthy. Another said he preferred to be a “eunuch” for the kingdom. Many others have left the religion all together, while others are deeply involved in gay friendly Christian ministries.

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