Gay or Straight? Part Two

What would happen in a similar situation?   Let’s think about this, because this might be a future scenario.  Please, let’s not forget China.  They’re not forgetting us.  Once upon a time, they couldn’t reach us here in time.  Now we have ICBM’s.  And they have the technology.  We sold it – or traded it – to them.

But in those days, “Let’s us build up Israel,” Moses thot, ” and take it over make it  kingdom, and with my expertize (let’s face it, he was an Egyptian Army General, and one smart cookie and strategist.  The guy [no matter what else you think of him] was a military genius),  like so many that are now in the world.  Maybe one day, we can kick Egypt’s ass.” – he was possibly thinking.  The object here was a Moses Vs Ramses.  Moses wanted to control the world.  He had the location.  And the best he could do to be a king or Pharaoh was to was start his own “Church,” (or “empire,” because that’s  all a “church is.  Look at Catholicism).  It’s nothing more than an empire.  A huge business.  It’s also a power base.  And if he could do was decree “The Laws of Moses,” then the Mosaic Law was directly connected with God or religion, then this was simply the start of a culture that begat a nation.  And large nations are nothing more than big businesses.  Moses wanted to be another Pharaoh. 

All his laws, he stole from previous generations.  He climbed the mountain called Sinai with  Joshua – the stone carver and scriber – that followed him.  And so, the ten commandments were written.  They were written by the stonemason and stone master, Joshua and ground into stone.  Joshua was the hopeful (and speculative groveller)  to Moses (he actually made it), just like Roddy might have been to Herbie.  Suck up to the leader, and you might become the next “king.”  Nothing changes, and neither do people. 

But things changed in the  1980’s.  Anyhow, the contenders lost all the reverence.  Just like Teddy.  It was the bucks that won out.  Rader finished up 2IC.  Teddy went off like a sulking Moses, and did his “thing..”  Roddy went ballistic and tried his own ridiculous thing.  Meanwhile,  (back in the whenever) Moses came down from the mountain and maintained that “God” somehow wrote it with His finger.  God – the Infinite – has some sort of finger?  Understand the essence of God.  Fingers?????? Right!  Anyhow that’s what THEY said happened.  They had – or never will – have anything to do with the laws of some all-powerful Infinite “God.” The Pentateuch is simply a compilation of previous laws, and then called the Laws of Moses.  A man.  A would be Pharaoh.  A man who stole laws from previous generations.  That’s all.

The best thing he could do was to try and start to his own nation – with copies of laws stolen from thousands of years before.  Dead Herbie did the same thing.  This tactic ain’t new. Although that might have been Ok to dead Herbie, but it was his methodology that’s what’s in question.  After all, who’s to know the (spiritual) truth?  Like Moses, dead Herbie had the same format.  Where was there a bunch of previous theologians to challenge him?  (CG7 didn’t have the guts).  The mob he (Moses) was ruling were an ignorant bunch of uneducated slaves.  That’s what he tried to do (using them as an ignorant army) with the acquisition of another country, and look at all the bloodshed that was caused! 

Who knows how many people, children, innocents,  and cattle slaughtered.  And – of course, so the “official” record goes – “God told him to do all this.”  The mob of slaves had no one else to believe.  Let’s face it.  They had no leader or teacher.  Moses was a very well educated man.  They had no other teacher.  They had no education.  The “preachers” (of the day) were in charge.  And so, this was all recorded as the “deeds of God.”  And so it comes down to us today as “God’s inspired Word” – or, what’s better known as, “The Bible.”  And so says the “church.”

 Those Mosaic laws were laws divined and ordained by men to keep order in (what would have been) a chaotic society.  At the time, like Paul said, they made sense.  They had a couple of million of scruffy, stiff-necked, hardheaded slaves to deal with.  That’s a mess of disorderly people.  And they needed to be disciplined.  They were all dumb children, but they had the Moses potential in mind.  He’s indoctrinated them well.  Check the records.  They wanted a nation.  A Kingdom..  Moses needed a huge army.  In the center and in control of the world.  Moses, of course, like Herbie wanted to be on the top of the crap heap.  But, Moses never made it.  .

But they had homosexuality among them too.  Obviously.  Nothing’s changed from the beginning of time.  People or genes haven’t basically changed.  Come on – it’s logical.  If there were straight people at that time, then there must’ve been gays at that time.  But  . . . . .homosexuality was absolutely forbidden in that society.  Why?  Let’s think a mo.  It’s logical.  It must have been present.  Otherwise, there would NEVER have been laws against it.  Power leadership always makes laws against practices of which it doesn’t approve.  That’s history.  Check it out.  It’s duplicable  . . .   and replicable, and forever..   Does that sound logical?  If there’s no bad things against the system – then there’s no laws against it.  Let’s look at the logic of their thinking. 

Homosexuality does NOT re-produce.  So it was a taboo.  They wanted a nation.  Not just sex.  They wanted offspring.   They wanted more kids.  More soldiers.  More bodies.  More cannon-fodder.  They wanted a population.  They wanted a kingdom for themselves.  They didn’t just want a nation of simply screwers.  They wanted a nation of potential re-population people. And of course, mucho babies.  Gays were definitely NOT invited.  What was the point?  Their sex was unacceptable.  And no future soldiers?

Probably – I don’t know – their reasoning at that time might have been the right thing (from their point of view) AT that particular time, but as Paul later brought out – this was all kid’s stuff.  Who’s to judge?  Decent people didn’t need those laws anymore was Paul’s thinking. We’ve grown up now.  (Supposedly).  Come on, we’re adults.  And there’s one inbuilt law of love (he said) – and correctly) that can wash the rest of the statutes and ordinances away.  Anyone who has the intelligence to agree with, and follow, the law of love, will AUTOMATICALLY do the rest.  Show me ONE Mosaic law that anyone can defy that would challenge the law of love within a person.  It was a law of power and domination over people.  It was control over a nation.  Much like today.  But, let’s get back to the WCG provable approach on gays.

All of us remember the WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD sermons about gays.  Many who gave those gave those blistering anti-gay sermons were – in fact – were reportedly by men who were bi-sexual themselves.  WCG kept that well hidden.

We live on a planet with two sexes.  The movie, available on video,  (much recommended by JohnO – yeah that’s –   certainly ME  included) CONTACT made a good point.  Both Jodie Foster (who played, the scientist, Ellie Arroway) and her dad  (played by David Morse) said and thot the same thing.  The father and daughter stood on their upper, back veranda, and chatted inside and outside the house, and looked at the immensity of the heavens.  They saw just a segment of the universe.  They discussed it later, both in and out of the house..  And together, they thot.  “If we’re the only ones (meaning us human beings) that are out here, then (let’s think of it) – what’s “out there. Ten billion galaxies?  If we’re all that there is, then it can only be an awful waste of space.”  So guys (everyone)  . . . . . with minds that can think?  Who are we?  What part of the Infinite creation are we?  What’s out there?  With now, over ten billion galaxies (that’s the latest scientific figures that I saw on the Internet), that we can scientifically (and probably estimating) identify with this statement, and it makes a lot more sense.  More and varied beings – based on logic and averages – MUST exist out there.  It makes NO logical sense to think that we’re the only ones in the universe.  We’re a splat of a dot on a spot on some insignificant galaxy that’s makes an insignificant dot in this whole time-space continuum.

Most Christians (certainly WCG+ers are afraid NOT to believe anything that their hireling/cultmaster gurus tell them.  . . . . It’s like: “Feed me.  I’m a total idiot.  Dduuuuuhhhh!”  Tell them something different, and if so, then that’s their problem.  They think – why burden us if we don’t believe so.  We believe only you.  They gullibly think there’s only themselves. God (they think – self righteously) made ONLY us – that’s all – they said, then “that’s it.”  A clear reflection of closed minds.  Ok.  But  . . . . that’s their personal choice.  It’s their decision.  They now have the info.   But that goes for most humans who refuse to think or research for themselves.  The cure/answer is simple.  Get off our asses, do the research, and let’s USE OUR MINDS.

Most of the time, traditional Christian thinking is antiquated, and they’re wrong.  They think that God makes (or thinks – vomits out – into being) a hundred billion galaxies (minimum)?  And all this creation was simply for the purpose so He could save a few Earthling of “da-da” (Jesus) believers?   The hell with the rest of the poooooooor people (and beings) created?  Billions and billions are relegated to freezable – then cook able – barbeque meat in the Lake of Fire?  Is this the projection of sanity?

Let’s propose another question.  Could there be aliens?  Who knows?  Could they have their own “Jesus?”  Wadda bout them?  Who’s gonna save them?  Who are they praying to?  Is Jesus their God too?  Man  . . . that one Jesus guy must be sick of being crucified.  There must be a helluva lot of planets out there that need to be “saved.”  After 3 million years of the creation of humanoids, (scientifically proven), then I suppose then can all of our ancestors can rot in the fires of hell.    Poor people.  They never had “Jesus.”  I think that Jesus (or comparable Saviors)  must be really getting pissed off by now.  “Father,” He  (or they) could say to the Big Guy:  “How many goddamned times have I gotta do this same thing?  For every lousy planet?  How many galaxies do I gotta go through?  Constantly preaching with a bunch of duh-heads, and then letting myself get impaled to some tree trunk, every time, ain’t only monotonous, it’s also hurts.” 

Since, (is the “Christian” philosophy) they weren’t ‘Jesus’ believers.  So let ’em burn.”  Heck!  If they don’t accept Jesus (according to their philosophy), then they can fry forever, or till they die, rot and barbeque in the indescribable agony that WCG describes.  (First, we spear all the unbelievers on the skewer.  Then add your favorite BBQ sauce.  Dump it in.  Plenty. Tons of it.  There’s ton’s o’dividable bodies.  It’s a massive cook-out, and all the starving gentiles are invited.  Remember, the Biblical trib has kept them from the food up till now. 

All body sections are available.  The WCG hirelings (only) will make sure of the cooking texture.  (And it’s NOT to be too rare.  That’s against God’s law).  They’re  good (excellent) with conditioning and/or seasoning people.  This is gonna be the biggest cook-out ever.  After the trib, just submit your Gentillic request for your favorite body part/parts.  You’re now eligible for the gorging. But remember – BYOB.  WCG likes the booze, but they don’t want the bill.    The cost of jet fuel is rising. 

All of the juices will be provided (payable, of course, in advance) are available.  Veggies are extra.  A minor salad will be $12.50.  But you’ll love the flavor – and after our underpaid (and probably illegal alien) chef does his “thing” with it.  But an extra tithe offering (that you MUST provide on entry) will take care of that – payable, of course, in advance.  (We have this “new” cause that we’re promoting – “Gospel” spreading.).  This is the WCG version (or somewhat a variation).  That leaves tons on “red-meat” food for all those the lucky “Un-WCG” gentiles that happened to survive God’s “trib” – just cause He really hates the planet (He really HATES everyone), and especially all those gays – and those “rebellious folks” who don’t keep the Sabbath – and especially those oinks who eat pork. 

 These “newly converted” people must come to an confess to a (questionable) Jesus, overseered by some uneducated, doo-dah hireling, then demands that the novitiate grovel on the ground within the confines of some “money-making: church, then drool all over ground, and confess, be tearful, and contrite, that must only confess to church loyalty, and they must “believe on Jesus and WCG+ leadership?”  Everyone else – Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, Moslems, etc.,  are damned?  They can go to hell.  Right?  Barbeque meat?  Ok?  This is logical?  Come on.  Please  . . . .  let’s grow up.  Please let’s use our heads, let’s not substitute testicles for brains.

What about other possible dimensions?  What about other universes?  Or continuums?  What about other continuums?  What about a multitude of other sexes?  Sure  . . . could there not be other sexes in other worlds – even in ours?  Oodles of them.  Something we ain’t yet thot about.  Have we?  Something to think about.  Maybe (and probably are) there are zillions of other sexes.  I (like any guy) would certainly hope they all look like Alexandra Paul or Pamela Sue Anderson?  Naturally.  I’m your typical man.  These ladies are definitely acceptable.  If that’s the case, I’m looking forward to space exploration.  But, we – as a people and mankind – are  not mature or peaceful enuf yet for that endeavor.  We, as a species, are NOT ready to explore space.  We have to calm down first – get rid of the maniacs – and get rid of the religious demigods.  Get RID of the religious businesses.

I’m just your average, normal, woman-loving granddad, who has a mess of kids and grandkids.  (Don’t even ask me what the bill is at Xmas time).  Let your grandma pay the goddamned bills.    I’m not even getting’ into this.  I’m into everything to take a realistic look at all this falderal that’s now going on with all the governments.  So are many or us.  It’s not the difference in lifestyle.  It’s NOT the difference in culture.  It’s not the difference that they choose to believe differently.  Basically, that only thing  that I object to  . . . is the HATE.  This is what was promoted in WCG.  Hate. We must remember:  “Love your brother as yourself.”  THEN WE’LL HAVE WORLD PEACE.  We may never agree, in a zillion areas, but let’s agree to dis-agree.  But the problem is that WCG or it’s offspring never taught us tolerance. 

At this stage, we have no choice but to look back, but let’s talk like humans.  Let’s  be friends even though we may disagree.  Let’s disagree, but let’s live in peace.  Otherwise we’ll eliminate ourselves as a species.  If our leadership (across the world) doesn’t stop their insane egomania  . . . then we’ll all die.  They’ll nuke us all.  We will be all doomed as a condemned species.  Let’s stop and use our heads and common sense.  If mankind doesn’t decide to love each other as he loves himself, then this planet is doomed.  Religion (especially the Worldwide Church of God + does NOT teach this).   It only teaches love for itself, its system, and its members.  “We are right,” they say (in effect), “and you are wrong.  Join us, or you’ll fry.”

Back again to gays.  Do we remember in WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD (and undoubtedly in WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD+) that abhorrence for anyone “different” from us was to be avoided, hated, and considered “demon possessed?” At one time, they even segregated blacks.

For those who are interested in studying the two subjects “Homosexuality,” and “Genetics,” the I suggest you start at one of the basics – and you might add the site to your “Favorite List.”  Especially – it’s the Encyclopedia Britannica.  The address is:

In general, and in my opinion, you’ll NEVER find a better general overall reference center.  “Encarta” from MSN is another source, but I think you have to pay for that.  I like stuff free.  Plus there are tons of others.  There are tons o’medical sites too.  Explore.  You can do your own research if you want to dig deeper.  I’d recommend it.

Back to the subject of gays:

In the address:  http:// w

We find the following quotation.

No therapy has succeeded. Some of these “therapies” can persuade homosexuals to be celibate, either through terror or guilt. They can persuade bisexuals to confine their sexual activities to members of the opposite sex. They may even be able to train gays to successfully have sex with a woman, while fantasize about making love to another man. But they do not seem to be capable of changing one’s feelings (one’s sexual orientation).

This would tend to indicate, to most people, that there is something fundamentally different in the gay person that is not present in most of us.  And that brings us down to the basics of DNA.

How many know what DNA is?  It’s the programming molecule, or building block of our whole body.  It’s called “deoxyribonucleic acid.”  That’ one helluva name.  Any “Church” won’t tell you these facts, because  they’re scientifically (most of them – ignorant).  “Church” doesn’t like provability and anything that can be verified.  And churches, with their theology – are UNPROVABLE.  THE WORLDWEIRD CHURCH OF GOD+ will condemn anyone doing such investigation.  They do NOT want any proof, as it would “expose” them.  It would make them expose themselves for the phonies they are – especially in the area of gays.  All anyone – that includes current members – has to do is do is get off your ass, and research.  I mean, really start reading.  Swamp the Internet.  That’s what’s it’s  here for.  For the right reason, it can really be a blessing.  Millions are reading this are on the web.  So are you.  Go further.  LEARN.  THINK.  FIGURE IT OUT.  This is your future.  This is what’s life’s all about, folks.  Learning, growing , and evolving, and evolving.  ENUF said?  We are an evolving species.  And what you may think and decide, may determine the future of the  universe.  USE .LOGIC AND THINK. This article might help.

The answer’s there if you dig hard enuf.  The DNA is the basic molecular formula construction  that programs the individuals that what we are.  It is us.  It’s our program.  And it’s also our obstacle course.  Like it or not.  It’s our human software.   It’s inbuilt into our system.  Like a program in a computer, the DNA directs the instinctive functions of our life, and although we DO have the option – and make effort –  to basically choose otherwise.  We CAN choose the direction. 

Sure, we have the option to redirect.  But, I’m telling you, it can be tough to redirect.  A smaller section of that individual DNA molecule (it’s an almost infinitely, powerful  [almost overwhelming] within that complex helical molecule) and it directs who and what we are, but most of that DNA molecule and that, programs both us while, melding with the organ of which it occupies.  The programming (smaller) part of the DNA directs who we are (namely our real US), while larger part of the DNA section, defines and programs that particular organ.  The DNA programming goes on almost infinitum.  E.g.  Fingernail, hair, skin, eye color, our blood, etc.  But our basic programming of our organs is always there, and behind that is the real reproducible US.  That’s the hidden figure in this equation.   It’s our program.  We are who we are.  If you doubt that, then trying changing the color of your eyes.  Try changing your skin from black to white.  Try going from gay to straight.

The DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) molecule is a combination of atoms that link together (like the double rungs of a twisted ladder), in their own way, to form a starting point for a human.   This is our fundamental molecule.  This is our human program.  Check it out.  From there, it’s an explosion to the ultimate growth of the fully grown human being.  The DNA is a double twisted helical tube of an infinite number of combinations.  It tells us whether were male or female, have red or brown hair, whether we have testicles or what colored eyes, etc. . . .  . . ..or whether we’re gay or straight, our desires, potential alcoholics or drug addicts.  Whether we have testicles or a vagina.  DNA determines that.  That’s now been researched.    Go do your homework.  Ask your doctor, or nutritionist.   Check it out.  It’s all there in the EB. Also, if you have any doubts, please check with your professional.  

I’m not going to get into WHY our DNA’s are programmed the way they are.  Right now, let’s take and accept them for what they do to us.  The rest is another looooooooog subject.  A doctor or genetic scientist would be happy to explain.  At his/her regular fee – of course.                      

We have zillions of cells in our body, and science tells us that half the quantity of those cells contains our DNA molecules, while the other half (or more) contains protein + RNA, which absorbs the protein and disseminates it to the body.  Check it out.  It’s all in the Encyclopedia Britannica and/or in any medical library.  Science is now telling us that we have NO control over our sexual orientation – or many times – our behaviour..

To be continued….

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