Gay or Straight? Part Three

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From the Encyclopedia Britannica: 

Can a Person Change their Sexual Orientation?

Human sexuality researchers, liberal Christians, gays and lesbians generally agree that a person’s sexual orientation is determined before reaching school age. Once established, sexual feelings are unchangeable. In terms of behavior by sexually active adults researchers accept three normal, natural expressions of sexual feelings:

Heterosexuals (over 90% of the adult population) can chose to enter into sexual relationships with members of the opposite sex, or be celibate.

Homosexuals (less than 10%) can chose to become involved with members of the same gender or be celibate

Bisexuals (less than 10%) can become involved with members of either gender or be celibate

Many conservative Christians disagree. They feel that sexual orientation is a matter of choice, is sinful behavior, and can be changed through counseling and prayer. Some ministries, professional organizations and mutual support/self help groups specialize in attempting to change homosexuals and bisexuals into heterosexuals. Their long-term successes appear to be in two areas:

convincing bisexuals to restrict their sexual activities to members of the opposite sex

convincing homosexuals to remain celibate.


Continuing from the EB:

We have not been able to find a single case where an adult with a homosexual orientation has been able to develop an attraction to a person of the opposite gender through counseling or prayer. Some who are bisexual change their behavior from same-sex to opposite-sex involvement. Others who are homosexual, decide to remain celibate. Some are able to train themselves to engage in heterosexual behavior by fantasizing that they are with a person of the same gender. They may even marry. But almost all such marriages are doomed to failure. A heart-wrenching story of a gay male who attempted for decades to convert his orientation is described in Reference 26.

It is possible that man may someday control his heredity; even now functional genes can be transferred from one organism to another, and certain treatments are able to cause specific kinds of mutations. Such manipulation of genes eventually may be useful in solving many human hereditary diseases; e.g., stopping the function of genes that are out of control, starting the function of nonfunctioning ones. Activation of nonfunctioning genes in some types of tissue may enable them to replace body parts that have been injured or destroyed. It is conceivable that man may someday learn how to change harmful genes into normal ones.

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But the big problem is the hate factor.  It’s the same as the world’s problems.  Sure, I’m as normal as the next guy, but I will NOT  spit in the face of any gay person (physically or verbally) like the religious hypocrites. I’ll recognize them – I will not agree with their point of views – but there’s NO condemnation.  Religion will condemn gays (who may be genetically programmed that way) then – RELIGION – rips off your hard earned income for some phoney cause or other to gratify their “churchy” desires. Look at WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD+.  Those cults are full of (from private email) guys and women who like to “pleasure with the same sex.” Wife swapping has been joked about.  This is a normal procedure in the “upper class.”  Let’s us use their – the religious ones – whose congregations give their religious bucks for their pleasure – let’s give it to the religious elite, so they can hanky-panky anyway they choose?   Whose gonna bitch anyway?  That’s disloyalty.

To the religious preachers?   Why not?  And those cultmasters will laugh all the way to the bank.  Which is worst?  Homosexuality?  Of which I don’t and cannot from my heterosexual male’s point of view (as I said) – understand – but will NOT condemn..  But neither is the stealing of a person’s personal life and one third of their income more “righteous” than the way a person’s DNA is produced?

The cultmasters will take all your money and destroy your lives, they’ll ruin your future, yet they’ll condemn another lifestyle that they do NOT understand – or haven’t bothered to investigate..

My personality is straight.  So is that of my wife.  That’s why we’ve had so much fun together for going on  nearly 40 years.  We’ve also had offspring, from which there’s been off-offspring.  God forbid – what grandkids will do  . . . . sometimes.  I can invariably predict what they’ll do.  Ok, call me the prophet Ezekiel.  I look at the past, and – sure as hell – I can predict the future.  I KNEW what a terror and horror that I was.  No wonder my parents were always so flustered.  The genes are there.  My genes.  I’ve learned.  So, I know what a horror I musta been to my late mom and dad.  I KNOW what terrors our kids were..(But – we adore them, and wouldn’t have them any  other way). 

My late mom and dad always reminded me.  God must have loved me more than anyone else.  How I lived to be 64 years – and the incredible stupid risks (over the years) that I’ve taken (you don’t wanna know all the details) – what happened when my wife found out some of the things that I’ve done – she always said: (when I couraged up the guts to tell her – much LATER) –  she screamed: “You did WHAT??  That’s why I never tell her (in advance)  when I’m gonna to something crazy.  Later, I get eaten.    I’m still loved, however, but she thinks I’m just an “ink” crazier (and a lot more) than the normal guy.  The conflict is much better lately.  We still consistently cuddle. God (or whatever) must be grateful that I’m still alive at all.  I’m still writing. 

IF I had’ve confessed before-time, then maybe I’d would go skydiving (swooping down and laughing my head off (I have the tape), as  I dropped at 120+ mph (from the usual 13,000 ft)  and feeling that blasting wind – lots and lotsa wind), across the Mexican boarder, etc.- she’s never have bought the idea.  She mighta come unglued.  This something I had to do myself.  My decision.   There was NO way I coulda told her in advance.  Since I’m, loosing my hair, the intense blast of the air charge wasn’t such much of a loser.  My hair would’ve fallen out anyhow.  In time.  Trust me, it’s a helluva rush to drop outa the heavens. Watch that ground.  Nice trees.  Good hills.  Lotta green and brown.  It didn’t look to be coming closer any faster.  Seemed slow.  But it was coming  . . . . at over 120 mph.  Hmmmmm?  Was I scared?  You bet. 

After the canopy finally opened, and I was yanked to a slowdown, with a wallop,  from my groin to my shoulders.  And there was silence.  I was so forever thankful that I’d placed those groin straps accurately.  But there I was. I was hanging and swinging (totally floppy flaps and stuff),  and swaying in the heavens (playing with those loopy toggles – you know, those metal loops that hang down beside you.  They control the direction and stalling.  Actually, you’re NOT really in a parachute (like the WW2 version, but nowadays, the parachutes are actually an inflatable flying wing.  That’s why it’s square (like an aerofoil shaped wing) with holes in the front, so the air can forcibly, be shot in, inflate the whole canopy, turn it into a bulbous wing, and then you can fly your way home).  You’re actually at the controls of an air inflated glider.  The only thing that I could see dangling below me was my grungy Rebooks and, 3000 feet below that, was a lot of very, very hard, brown, desert ground.  If you (mistakenly – because of a mishap) hit hard, you become a predictable mess.  Gentile meat?????  At least, in the heavens, it was peaceful.. And the air really smelled better.   There was peace up there.  You know something?  It’s another world. You dangle.  You’re at the mercy of those straps.  You are at the mercy of your chute straps.  It’s a defenseless feeling.  (You’re thinking:  “Were these straps made by the lowest bidder?)  Naturally, you have a backup shoot, but who wants to land at 20 mph? 

You may live, but – what the hell?  Up there, under normal circumstances, you’re at the mercy of physics, and your mind.   When the canopy shoots open, you say a prayer of thanks – to wherever it went.  But floating up there, it was a feeling of something that smelled like “God.”  For a couple of thousand feet, there was a lot of calm  in my life.  But the inevitable crash (or splat) never came to be.  The landing was smooth.  Maybe I was just a little different.  I toggled and pulled down correctly, and floated into the hard and the brown – with my shoes brushing some green lil’bushes  scattered all over the place.  It must have been “God” that brought me home.  Anyhow, this is being a lot better than a deadbeat WCG+ waxwork. Soft landing.

I wonder what dead Apostle Herbie would have thot.  He would have undoubtedly erupted, as usual.   “What,” God’s anointed would have screamed (flapping his jowls), “one of my ‘ministers’ falling – throwing himself out of a plane.  That’s NOT in the Bible.”  Maybe someone should have thrown THAT PARTICULAR bastard out of the twin carrier, like we had. We were at 13,000 ft,  But  pitched that SOB WITHOUT a parachute.  I never told anyone until it was over, and I was back home.  If I were He/She/IT, It never let me go “Thunk..” My wife’s thinking about it.  After almost 40 years, she still can’t figure me out.  Come to think of it – neither can I.

Is this the normal personality of an ex-Worldwide Church of God minister?  Maybe that’s why they didn’t like me too much?  Too weird?????????  If only they knew what some of the (naturally – legal and moral) stuff that I was involved in  . . . . . . . . . 

But, back to gays.  They think differently.  They feel differently.  But if they mind their business, then, I’ll mind mine.  You do your thing, because I CANNOT  change your way of thinking, but stay outa my life.  They’re different.  Even though we don’t agree, we need to respect each others point of view.  And even if they’re different, we should respect that difference, even if we don’t agree.  To have peace in the world, we must all agree to disagree.  And love our fellow man.

Most strait kids are different.  Their starting into their teens, and they need to lubricate their necks every time a pretty girl goes by.  So?  That’s always nice, and that will eventually mean grandkids (ours are the best grandkids in the world), because the best thing about being grandparents is when your grandkids start to piddle, you can always scream  – yes: “MOTHER, GET YOUR KID.”  It ain’t my problem anymore.  Let ’em dry off their own offspring.  That’s why  I love grandkids.  But, usually, I have to change (or blow dry) my pants, after an incident.  That’s the bitchy part.

Article by former minister, John O

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  1. First, I want to say how much I appreciate this blog’s willingness to address this issue, and I thank the former pastor for his remarks. Like many other issues, there has existed a certain consensus within the Christian community about what the appropriate view of human sexuality should be. Historically, most Christians have believed that sexual relations should be confined to the institution of heterosexual marriage. Further, many Christians have emphasized the procreative aspect of human sexuality and have sought to restrain even “normal” heterosexual desires.
    For many of these folks, the question is settled and is not in need of any further study, exploration or discussion. I believe this intransigence can be attributed to a number of factors that must be addressed if we are to have any hope of modifying these traditional views of the subject: 1) The belief that every word in the Judeo-Christian Scriptures is THE WORD OF GOD, 2) The belief that traditional interpretations of what those Scriptures reveal should be maintained, 3) The belief that anything that scientific study reveals that seems to contradict those beliefs must be rejected (In other words, God trumps science) and 4) The inability of these folks to comprehend/understand/relate to feelings/desires which seem so unnatural to them.
    Hence, I believe that any meaningful discussion of this issue must address these structural road blocks to entertaining some alternative view. On the other hand, historically speaking, most prejudices have been ameliorated or defeated by appealing to the emotions of the folks who held those views (things like seeing little girls die in a church bombing, folks shot while they are worshiping, befriending or loving someone on the other side of the issue, etc.) I have attempted to address this topic from both perspectives – intellectual and emotional. For those who are interested, you are welcome to check out my blog GOD CANNOT BE CONTAINED and peruse several posts on the topic.

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