Kevin Owen Dean Captured

After several years on the run, Herbert Armstrong’s right hand man has been captured after a lengthy search. Dean,  who ran out of a court room when facing child molestation charges, was on the run for years. I figured that he may have been receiving help and was hiding out in some remote cabin, perhaps at Tahoe. But no, he was living in his own home that he owned. How long he was residing there who knows. Why the cops took so long God only knows. But as it is, Dean appears to be made from the same sorry ass sack cloth that Herbert Armstrong was cut from.

We will be following this story….

So what kind of squalor conditions was Dean living in? Check it out!

About Dean

Sorry it took so long to post this. Been moving.

6 Replies to “Kevin Owen Dean Captured”

  1. This is a most bizarre saga and charade. What I would seek to know from the local authorities is how a man who ran from the courthouse could simply get in his car, go home, and live there for 7 years, unknown, and unarrested, no police activity, no reports from the neighbors, his company continuing to exist? On what planet in what galaxy is something like this even possible??? Seems like it would require an entire community to provide such cover.


  2. Sexual abuse of women and children is a very hot, high priority issue today. Whether we’re discussing Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, or Michael Jackson, the general concensus seems to be zero tolerance. I am sure that all three of those individuals had highly paid “fixers” doing their best to make their bad deeds go away, and yet they failed.

    You never know whether someone has a hidden safe room that’s so good that even the police wouldn’t be able to find it, but my thoughts are that the first course a judge would have taken would have been issuing a bench warrant, and several search warrants.

    It’s also possible that Kevin had his little Unabomber cabin somewhere, and just recently returned to his home. A good survivalist could probably stay on the lam indefinitely.


  3. He was not at his home, that’s just the address listed on the jail website. He was on the run in a number of different countries and was diligently hunted down by local and federal authorities.

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