5 Replies to “France’s Historic Notre Dame Cathedral Engulfed In Flames”

  1. We here in the USA sometimes don’t realize that in Europe there are structures which date way back into Medieval times, the Renaissance, and even into the era of the Roman Empire. Probably the oldest structures which exist in our own country are the cave dwellings of the Anasazi, many of which I have toured. Any time that any ancient structure is damaged or lost, we as a species become much poorer. Probably the worst loss to all humanity was the destruction of the Alexandrian Library.


  2. Yes, the Alexandrian Library. Many don’t realize that so much knowledge was destroyed and we as humans should mourn that religion/fanatics cheated mankind out of this knowledge. Who knows what was in there.

    Consider the knowledge of the American Indian. They actually had/have knowledge on how to cure many thing’s using herbs. Now herbs were the treatment of the day and I can say that even cancer can be treated with these herbs. I have first hand experience as to colon cancer and the herb Wormwood. Yes, the name of this is in the last book of the bible. There is so much that can be learned if we just throw back our prejudices we all have/had after our experiences in the wcg.

    Don’t think for a minute that the ancients didn’t have a clue as to treatments for a variety of diseases. They did.

  3. It’s sad, this could serve as a metaphor for the attack on, …no that’s too harsh, but the decline of western civilization by the cultural marxists.
    Rebuild and long live France!


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