Are you a Psychopath?

Well, are you?

Let’s take the test together…




You scored in the 50-100% bracket.

No psychopathy: You answered this quiz consistent with people who would not generally be considered a psychopath by research methods currently used to quickly screen for psychopathy in the population.



You scored in the 0-49% bracket.

Psychopathy possible: You answered this quiz consistent with people who have moderately elevated scores on measures of psychopathy and psychopathic behavior. This may suggest a tendency for some psychopathic behaviors, especially when such behaviors result in your personal gain.


#1 Most would describe me as charming and nonchalant — I can turn my charm on and off like a faucet.

#2 I do what I want, when I want, the moment the impulse strikes me, regardless of what others want.

#3 If something goes wrong or turns out badly, it’s not my fault.

#4 I’ve gotten into legal or criminal trouble as an adult (speeding or parking tickets don’t count)

#5 I am easily the best at what I do, bar none — nobody could ever take my place!

#6 Every person for themselves; I don’t see the point in feeling sorry for other people and have no desire to help others.

#7 I’ve gotten into legal or criminal trouble when I was a teenager (don’t count speeding or parking tickets).

#8 I have no problem or concern in lying in order to get what I want.

#9 “Live in the moment” is what I say; the future will take care of itself and learning from your past is pointless.

#10 I never feel remorse, shame or guilt about something I’ve said or done.

#11 I don’t see the point in taking on responsibilities of any kind — they just weigh you down.

#12 I do whatever I feel like doing, and I don’t care what others think — or even if it’s illegal.

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