Armstrong Churches Spreading the Word of God?

Here is a video from “Boram and Pororo Noodle” on YouTube. It has garnered more than 320 million hits since August of 2018…

If there was someone that the ACOG’s could hire to spread the Armstrong message, they should hire these kids along with the video producer seeing how they are more competent in getting their message out!

Or maybe no one gives a shit about armstrongism and the spreading of their infidel gospel before the end times come around to reek havoc on the world????

Bob Thiel, you need to improve your substandard video productions!

One Reply to “Armstrong Churches Spreading the Word of God?”

  1. Of course there is another kid who has achieved 1,880,268,606 hits on a video made back in April 2016 that has even more than the clip above. Why are the ACOG’s not doing as well? Don’t they have the backing of the Creator? Or maybe they don’t….

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