Can THIS Be “The Holy Spirit” at Work? Or, Why I finally left the cult!

 I was a member of the WCG since the age of 6 until the age 24.  My parents joined in 1980 just shortly after the dust started to settle from the turmoil of the 70’s.  I have to say this: my parents left before I did, I think in 1996, and not once did they try to pull me away, leaving me to choose for myself.   (I do not hold any grievance against them for either joining or letting me stay!)  I went through the years of Y.E.S. doing children’s choir, all the lessons produced by ‘Headquarters’, and everything else in between.  Obviously I was very much into the Y.O.U. concept, since we were not allowed to participate at school due to the Sabbath restrictions.  I was and still am addicted to sports.  Played them all, being the good non-AC kid.  After graduation I coached some of the various teams as well.

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Kevin Owen Dean Captured

After several years on the run, Herbert Armstrong’s right hand man has been captured after a lengthy search. Dean,  who ran out of a court room when facing child molestation charges, was on the run for years. I figured that he may have been receiving help and was hiding out in some remote cabin, perhaps at Tahoe. But no, he was living in his own home that he owned. How long he was residing there who knows. Why the cops took so long God only knows. But as it is, Dean appears to be made from the same sorry ass sack cloth that Herbert Armstrong was cut from.

We will be following this story….

So what kind of squalor conditions was Dean living in? Check it out!

About Dean

Sorry it took so long to post this. Been moving.