Participate in a Documentary About Armstrongism

We understand that not everyone is comfortable speaking out about the abuse they suffered and that is completely understandable. This group was created to gather victims who are willing to come forward and speak on film about their time in the COGs. If you state that you are not willing to share your story please do not take offense if your request to be added does not get accepted. This goes for leaving the 3 questions you are prompted with at joining empty as well. We need to know that everyone who joins the group is ready to go to battle. Some are not ready and again that is ok. If you change your mind you are more than welcome to participate in this.

See: Prove All Things – The Plain Truth About Armstrongism


Blast from the past….

If a doctor makes a wrong diagnosis with a patient, and that patient dies as a result, the result is invariably a malpractice lawsuit. If a simple operation goes awry, then an investigation usually follows, and if the doctor is shown to be at fault, then again, a malpractice lawsuit follows. This is why doctors pay upward of $50k a year in malpractice insurance fees. Although it’s sad that such a practice is necessary, it does ensure some accountability on the part of any person who is considered a professional. Continue reading “Accountability”