Happy Mothers Day!

To all you Moms and Grandmas out there, Happy Mothers Day!


From the STP Project, Chapter 23 we read:

“In the area of celebration of nonreligious holidays, the Worldwide Church of God has never taken any stand against the observance of various and sundry days during the course of each calendar year, whether they be national or personal. In all countries around the world( our members keep nonreligious days which are special to their countries or themselves. For example, the majority of American Church members celebrate Thanksgiving day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Washington’s Birthday and the like. Other personal days have long been commonly observed by Worldwide Church of God members, days such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and wedding anniversaries. These are commonly observed either through the exchanging of gifts (as in Mother’s and Father’s Days), the celebration over a family meal (as in Thanksgiving), or merely abstaining from work or going on an outing (such as Labor Day, the Fourth of July, etc.)”

Exchanging of gifts as in Mother’s and Father’s Days was ok, but Christmas was a taboo. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture?


Best to all you Moms. Make your husbands cook the family dinner. If not see diagram below for instructions!

The Three Faces of Hell

If anyone looks closely enough at the characteristics of any two people, then some parallels will always be found. However, throughout this world, parallels in actual character flaws always find a lot less similarity than a comparable evaluation of peoples’ overall, general, or normal characteristics. While we all have faults, it’s decidedly odd that two remotely located people on this planet could ever have the exact, same collection of repulsive similarities in character deficiency . . . unless of course, the dark spiritual energy behind each individual was identical.

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