The Mystery of The “MYSTERY OF THE AGES”

Blast from the past…

Since the death of Herbert W. Armstrong in 1986, the leadership of the Worldwide Church of God has been busily dismantling teachings he held to be “the faith once delivered”. Because of these massive doctrinal changes many members have been defecting. Some high-ranking ministers have also defected to organize spin-off churches to continue the “old ways” of Mr. Armstrong.

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“The Cult Attraction” by Jim Baldwin


“It angers me that I tithed until I was blue in the face”

I was so poor and lived in substandard housing while WWCG ministers had nice accommodations. I was unable to buy enough food, but thought I was buying myself a place in heaven by continuing to tithe. I was so broke that all I could afford to buy was an occasional bag of lentils. This was the cheapest bean in the store and so I learned to make lentil soup. Cooked lentils saved me from starvation. My body became emaciated, but I continued to attend WWCG church services. Again and again listening to those zealous, wordy, sermons. -Former WCG member. Link.

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