Herbert Armstrong. Losing his Dick.

“God permitted this to go just so far, and NO FARTHER. Dick was allowed to be carried as near death as is humanly possible and still live. But he was protected from death — and he will be delivered out of this, and healed.”
Herbert W. Armstrong

One of the most shameful letters that Herbert Armstrong ever put out. Trying to raise money as his son lay dying in a hospital.

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The Great Whore and its Offspring

There are probably countless reasons why NO ONE should ever belong to the organizations that have been spawned by the teachings of Herbert Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God. We can only list a few here. If you want more background to the shenanigans behind the “church” activities, then please avail yourselves of the enormous amount of data in the AMBASSADOR REPORT, and the personal experiences, essays, and articles here on the PAINFUL TRUTH.

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