It’s All About The Money!

Over the years people have emailed the Painful Truth believing that we don’t understand their particular group. They quote the bible to no end thinking that we are ignorant in our understanding of Armstrongism and/or the bible. We are not.

It seems that the idea of a church raising funds (for the benefit of the elite leadership) under the guise of religion never occurred to them. They should have asked a fundamental question, “Who benefits?

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The Waldenses and the Lies the WCG Told -PT I

The ancient church of the Waldenses. It makes the claim of being the oldest Protestant church in the world. The Worldwide Church of God disputed that claim and said that at one time it was one of its “parent” churches linking it back to the New Testament. They claimed it was, for a season, the true church of God. Could they prove it?

Was the Easter/Passover issue the indicator of true religion? Did Christ make Moses’ Law even more binding on Christians? Was there one great false system of Christianity and one true system? If so, how do we distinguish between these two systems?

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