When the legally appointed receiver and investigator came onto the campus and demanded to see the books and records, he and his party were prevented by church staff from doing their job.  And the shredding of those implicating documents started. I was told that Rader and his minions did their best to destroy any evidence of wrongdoing.  Many documents were shredded, but some were taken by the receiver after a big hassle.  The object of seeing these documents was simply to determine if Worldwide Church of God was violating IRS tax-exempt laws with regards to churches and legitimate expenses.  They were.

 A few “evangelists” immediately flew in the G-II to see Herbert W. Armstrong who was enjoying Tucson life with Ramona, his new wife.  Among these were Hoeh, Antion, and Cole.  They explained what was going on to HWA, and Herbert (these guys later reported) had said:  “So what?  Let them see the books.  We’ve got nothing to hide.”  He didn’t seem to care, or as witnessed, was too drunk to care.  So the “evangelists” returned to Pasadena thinking that this problem would now be easily solved.

 Meanwhile, I was told, Ramona got on the Tucson phone to Rader in Pasadena and told him what Herbert W. Armstrong said.  Rader erupted, and apparently yelled that there was PLENTY to hide, and the real shredding began in earnest. 

-John O.
Former WCG minister


The Cage

How easy is it to manipulate and enslave mankind. We all grew up with ideas handed down to us from our parents, our schools, and the society around us . Ideas about government, politics, or religion. The question is, can you actually perceive what truth is?  Not what is presented as truth by others, but the truth that is found within the multiple layers of your own individual personality?

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