Blast from the past….

If a doctor makes a wrong diagnosis with a patient, and that patient dies as a result, the result is invariably a malpractice lawsuit. If a simple operation goes awry, then an investigation usually follows, and if the doctor is shown to be at fault, then again, a malpractice lawsuit follows. This is why doctors pay upward of $50k a year in malpractice insurance fees. Although it’s sad that such a practice is necessary, it does ensure some accountability on the part of any person who is considered a professional. Continue reading “Accountability”


There was an article (pg-3) in the latest Journal titled ‘United Pilgrim Crusade based on old WCG’. The author of this article wrote

The episode, titled “Charlatan,” starring Ed Asner, who plays newspaperman Lou Grant, deals with a fundamentalist Christian ministry based in Rosemead, Calif., noted for its beautifully landscaped campus and extensive expensive art collection, as well as a grand auditorium, among other things. I won’t overly delve into the plot but will point out interesting parallels that indicate where the episode’s writers may have gotten their inspiration: headlines in L.A.-area newspapers of the time.