The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

Is Bozo the Clown the Anti-Christ?
A Special Report by Herbert W. Armstrong
(Ron Brendel)

Artis Gilmore, former basketball great: "The World of Sorrow! Herbert W. Armstrong brings you the painful truth about today's news and the prophecies of The Worrrrrrrrrrrlllllllld of Sorrow!"

And greetings friends around the worldwide web! This is Herbert W. Armstrong, your once and future apostle.

Friends, these are perilous times we are living in.

Yes, indeed, with the Y2K crisis soon to come SMASHING down upon us IN FURY, could ANYTHING be more important than to know just who Bozo the Clown REALLY is? Shouldn't our minds be occupied by this, more than any other subject? Do you realize that YOUR livelihood, yes, even your VERY LIFE could depend upon finding out JUST WHO HE IS!

Prepare to be SHOCKED! Prepare to be DUMBFOUNDED! Prepare to have YOUR MINDS WASHED CLEAN!

As you know, in the last days the Anti-Christ is to appear. Man has long wondered and scholars have long debated - just who is this Anti-Christ? Have you ever wondered yourself? Wouldn't you like a high school drop out with no formal religious training to reveal to you what 2,000 years of godly men, trained and educated in the scriptures were never able to tell you?

Now, FINALLY, God's time has come to reveal JUST WHO the Anti-Christ IS! And he hasn't revealed it to the wise and learned, he has chosen to reveal to all the DUMB SHEEP who listen to me!

Turn to the Book of Revelation, New International Version. Beginning with Chapter One, Verse Three, "Blessed..."


Right there before our very eyes, verse three begins with a capital "B." Could this be mere coincidence? This verse and "Bozo" BOTH begin with a capital "B." Could ANYTHING be more convincing?

Don't BELIEVE ME, believe it because YOU SAW IT IN YOUR OWN BIBLE!

But let us not stop there, friends. Continuing on with verse four, "John..."

Did you see that! The second letter is an "o," just as the second letter of "Bozo" is an "o." Can there be ANY doubt that God himself purposely placed it there so that WE, the chosen end-time few, could find it at JUST this moment when we DESPERATELY need to know it MOST?

Now, before time runs out, turn to Chapter Seven.

Seven, of course, is equal to three times two plus one. Therefore, we know we will find the next piece of the puzzle in this very chapter. And, yes, THERE IT IS! Verse eight, "from the tribe of Zebulun..." THERE is our "z." The picture is almost complete.

In Chapter Twenty-two, Verse 13, Jesus says, "I am Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End."

Just to make DOUBLY SURE we understand his point Jesus used the word "Omega," which just happens to begin with an "o," the last letter needed to complete "Bozo." And, not surprisingly, it also happens to MEAN "last."

No HONEST man could doubt the veracity of these facts.


If you take the number value of the letters in "Bozo" (B = 2, o = 15, z = 26, o = 15), total them (58), multiply the result by eleven (638), and then add twenty-eight (the age of Jim Morrison when he died plus one) you will get... 666!


Not ONLY is Bozo's name found in the Book of Revelation, he is MARKED with the number of the BEAST!

Some blind few will argue with this painful revelation from God. They will continue to rebel against the AUTHORITY of this once and future apostle. But they CANNOT refute these proven FACTS from the word of God!

The TRUTH has been laid out for all those who WILL see it!

YOU have been warned!

The last days are upon us and the Anti-Christ stands revealed - BOZO THE CLOWN.



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