The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
OUR Fault???
By Joanne

How would you feel and what would you reply if someone told you that it was your own fault that you were brainwashed? Even worse, some actually DO believe it WAS their own fault This is something I think we, who have been a part of the Worldwide Church of God experience need to address and find out the truth!

First, considering the source of such a comment, I'd quickly surmise that this person has not ever been deceived, or been a member of a Cult. or they would not say such a thing. For those of us who may agree with this statement, tells me they must like taking responsibility and carry the guilt that comes with this Victim's role and think of it as a way to pay penance or something.

Perhaps, if I hadn't done extensive reading on understanding Cults (all kinds) and learned the dynamics of brainwashing, I too may have agreed, since I want to be responsible for my life and do the right thing. Most of us are "responsible" people; we all want to do the right thing.

Well, I say it is time to STOP accepting the blame and look at brainwashing for what IS: A Psychologically based plot, which dismantles our thinking, without our awareness We can legitimately claim ignorance, (I do), and maybe stupidity. although I prefer to call it, which is called "The Resource Center for Freedom of Mind"

Now brainwashing is called mind control. It may be understood as a system of influences that disrupts an individual's identity, (beliefs, behavior, thinking, and emotions), and replaces it with a new identity. In most cases it is not an identity we really want if we knew what was in store for us. The key is IF WE KNEW. We need to know what we are getting into before we can make a responsible choice. How can we be responsible for what we don't know? We were manipulated and deceived, and put in a position that our freedom of choice was taken away. We need to be free to make a conscious choice. Deceived people do not know they are deceived. We need to see that mind control is a very subtle process.

The average person doesn't understand mind control, nor how Cults operate. He doesn't know what questions to ask. We live in a society that believes man is a totally rational being. Therefore we believe we are invulnerable to mind control. These beliefs contribute to the success of Cults.

The "It could never happen to me syndrome".
Remember, mind control is a set of techniques that influences how a person thinks, feels, and acts. One technique used is fear; usually a deep-seated fear called a phobia. Members of Cults are systematically made to become phobic/fearful, of ever leaving the group. Usually the unconscious mind is made to believe an "image storehouse" of bad things that will happen if anyone betrays or leaves the group.

 We all remember the disfellowshipping and marking of an enemy of the church! The stigma put us all in a state of fear. Of course then we began to say, "I'd never leave the one true church" Never say never. Some things we cannot know! The Worldwide Church of God Cult, as all Cults, put us in a state of dependency, which gave them total control over us. The Doctrine became our Reality, the bible our paradigm from which we viewed life and death; judged others, while feeling superior by being the "elect" who knew the "truth". I think by now you are getting the picture, and need to follow up by reading the book for further details and understanding.

I'd like to sum up by sharing a few thoughts and personal experiences. I think most of you will identify with them.

First, I think you'll agree that we were all seeking the truth. We expected those representing WWC were telling the truth. Why would they lie? This means we put TRUST in them. We don't have the time to verify all the information. There was not much available in the 70's,and I did not know where to look. Our false premise was that when it came to God, or Spiritual matters, why would they lie? So we were less likely to be skeptical. Besides, they seem to have all the answers. Since I was a bible illiterate, my mind was a clean slate to be programmed. It answered the questions I had all my life as to why I had survived surgery at the age of 7 when my heart had stopped during lung surgery. Well, my mind told me I was saved to be called of God, for His special purpose. After all he calls the lowly, weak, etc., you know the rest. My life took on a new meaning and purpose. The big bonus was to be healed! My faith was so great, and I was sick and tired of doctors. I had FAITH! Well, for the end of the story, I recovered from my many bouts of pneumonia, and to this day have a deep-seated lung infection and asthma that can only be controlled, not cured. My faith let me down or was it my false belief? For this problem I do accept part of the responsibility since we had ministers that were not as strict about using doctors. (Anyone remember Mr. Kilbury, whose wife died of cancer? That's another story.)

The only thing any of us are at fault for is to have human weaknesses and circumstances in our life that set us up try to find what we believed we needed to make us feel complete or whole. (All of mankind seeks to be "perfect" due to our human frailties and the help religion gives to MAKE us feel flawed and have the "need" for redemption)

I think it is in our nature to want to improve and enhance our life and abilities. I also believe it is in our nature to have a "magical child" element in our brain, which is needed to be creative, investigative, and adds excitement to our existence. There is nothing wrong with that. What we need to realize is that clever people use it (the supernatural, mystic, and fantasy), to gain power over others which offers them a sense of false power. There will always be an element in society that lets the strong abuse and use the weak. Until the majority of people develop a spiritual conscience to recognize the level of equality needed and to treat all people with the respect they deserve, nothing will change.

Let's face it IF the PLAN offered by HWA were true, it could have been a wonderful thing. But it is not REALITY. It is a fantasy for those who need to believe in it. By looking at the character of the man who led us astray, can there be any doubt that he was Delusional? Everything he represented was the antithesis of what we believe God to be

We may still feel foolish, stupid, embarrassed and humiliated to admit we were duped and taken advantage of. That is all right! That is how we come out of denial. Now all we have to do is embrace these feelings and emotions, and work through them!

Above all QUIT blaming yourself for what you did not know. We are only human, and that is good enough!



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