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Honey, I Sprayed The Garden

Bob W.
Eugene, Oregon

There were many things that were interesting and even bordered on the strange about the Big Sandy campus. One of these was a project that I learned about after I returned to Pasadena, it was an experiment at the farm to increase the yield of produce on their acreage.

The teaching of the church at that time was for farmers to move away from chemical fertilizer to natural organic fertilizer. Sounds like a good, just and noble cause, right? And I would say that in most cases it would be a very positive move except....One of the department heads in the ag department figured it out that honey was an excellent source of nutrition, even John the Baptist knew that. Honey is a perfect food for energy and nutrition. But unlike John this intellectual wizard had an acre of garden sprayed with HUNDREDS of gallons of honey. He obviously thought the plants needed the energy boost. Since plants do use mineral elements, he apparently ass-umed that the plants would absorb the nutrients and in turn pass them along to those that would eat them. While it may sound logical in some weird and distorted way, the only thing it accomplished was to draw and attract every insect for 15 miles around. It created a feeding frenzy, and insect problem beyond belief.

If they needed more high quality organic fertilizer, all they need to do was to get the ministerial team out in the field and let them preach to the plants. There would have been plenty of bull to go around to feed them all. (Actually there was so much bull that they even exported to the local churches and spewed it from the pulpit.) To me that sounds about as logical, how about you?

Life on campus was always a thrill, you never knew from day to day what gems one might discover...You know at the time these funny and sometimes weird situations did not seem so important, but here it is more than 25 years later, and now looking back I am amazed, bewildered and perplexed that any of us could have been caught up in such illogical logic. And that we would allow ourselves to be blinded to the incredible truth of the grace message and in its place be buried in a putrid swill as rotten as the fish fertilizer I once used.

You hear a lot of arguments and seemingly endless debates about what Christians should and must do to please God. And the work we must do as a church......Most ministers have never read John 6:29 where it plainly explains what God's work it, and I think you too will be amazed.

Next time I will tell you about the divorce proceeding that wound up in jail and shook the student body right to its core.

Until then hold the faith, and believe in Jesus.

Bob W.

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