The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

Dream On
By Bob W.

Dreams can be interesting, funny and sometimes down right absurd. The following is a dream I had the other night. It is not intended to suggest or imply anything. It was just an interesting dream that I found to be funny in a peculiar sort of way.

I found myself back on the Ambassador College campus in Pasadena. Ellis LaRavia was concerned, he was questioning me about where I had been, seems as though I was over 20 years late for work. My explanation, what ever it was, seemed to appease him. He simply told me I needed to get to my office. I had a mountain of paper work waiting for me there.....

I never made it to my office. The next scene I was inside the home of Herbert Armstrong....

There was a thunderous knock on the door. It was the kind of knock that sent chills down the spine. It was somewhat reminiscent of the Nazi occupation and how they beat on the doors of the Jews just before crashing in and carting them off to prison camps.

We looked at the computer surveillance monitor to see who was out there beating on the apostles door with such impunity.

When Herb saw who it was there he turned white as a sheet, as if the devil himself were on his door step. (In reality he was not too far off.) For outside angrily beating on his door was Rod Merridith, GTA, and Ron Dart. The looks on their faces indicated they were not making a social call. It looked as though they were ready to rip out someone's heart.

Herb was really in a panic. He paced the floor saying, "What am I going to do...what am I going to do?" He knew he was in serious trouble, although at that moment I did not know why.

He commanded, I don't think he every asked, his house keeper to give him a few minutes and then to let the men in. "Keep them occupied for as long as you can", he barked.

He asked if I would please help him out of this jam he had gotten himself into. I agreed and followed him down the stairs into his basement.

It was a large storage area that was cluttered with old equipment, bags, magazines, clothes. There were dozens of boxes, most of them were open. But twelve of them were closed and sealed.

He was real concerned with the contents of the sealed boxes. Beads of sweat were covering his face. He was obviously under a great deal of stress. He asked if I would help him hide the boxes from the evangelists that were now upstairs looking for him.

What could these boxes hold that would bring such terror into the heart of god's apostle? I looked into one, to my amazement it was full of the most beautiful and awesome decorations I have ever seen. They sparkled and radiated brilliant colors of every hue of the rainbow. There were, of all things, twelve boxes of Christmas decorations. There was one large box, almost eight feet tall. When I opened it inside was an awesome Christmas tree.

"What am I going to do?", said Herb. "If they see these wonderful symbols of Christianity they will disfellowship me", he cried as if in anguish.

I told him I would love to have them. With a great sigh of relief he agreed. Suddenly the boxes disappeared just as the men were coming down the stairs.

Rod looked at me with such fierce anger I stepped back. He, with impunity asked, "Who are you and what are you doing here?" At that moment Herb stepped in and demanded to know why they had invaded his privacy. Now that the incriminating evidence against him had disappeared he once again regained his arrogant stance. He said he was going to disfellowship all of them for being disloyal. They all turned green, a shade I had never seen before.

Rod Meridith began to whine that no one understood him, that all the other evangelists were trying to ruin him. He said that he was capable to doing more than his current authority allowed him to do. He went on to say what the church needed was iron fisted rule, and not compassion and understanding.

Ted Armstrong noticed a box containing some playboy magazines. He hurriedly picked up one to read. Almost immediately a big brand appeared on his back piercing him right through. It was a big and radiant "A". Doesn't take too many smarts to figure out what it stood for.

Ron Dart just stood there shaking his head in total disbelief. He walked up towards the head of the stairs. Then poof he was gone.

Rod Merridith's clothes changed into that of what one would expect to see on the beaches of Hawaii. He too than vanished.

Ted Armstrong grabbed the magazine and said, "Dad you don't mind if I take this do you? Thanks! And he vanished up the stairs.

Herb look at me and said, "They just don't understand that I am god's apostle. They are all waiting for me to die so they can take over". With a sadistic smile on his face, one that scared me, he said he had a surprise for them.....This sent a chill up my spine and I woke from my dream....

Even in my dreams life on campus was a bit bizarre.


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