The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God.
Hellooooo Down There
By Bob W.

Ambassador college was typical of most campus's, the facilities were always in need of constant repair. There was always something that needed to be changed, fixed, or remodeled in some way. It wasn't that the facility was run down, but with any facility, as the weeks and months past, changes, and improvements needed to be made...


A problem had developed at the gym with the plumbing. It was not working right and things were beginning to back up and overflow. Now if you have had that problem at home, you can imagine the mess that would be created on a large scale such as with the gym. Seemingly nothing was working right at all. What wasn't backing up was overflowing, something needed to be done, and done immediately to remedy the problem.


Some workers were gathered outside the gym near a man hole that lead to various pipes, underground fixtures and plumbing. There were one or two men in the hole, and several men stood looking into the manhole, they were the supervisors. They were the ones that rubbed their chins and nodded their head as they quietly spoke to each other. They were very impressive in their neat, clean and freshly pressed uniforms. They had earned the right to rule over the workers, they were not about to get dirty, that was for the other dumb sheep.


Down in the hole, the men were making a lot of horrible noises, they were pounding, hammering and drilling. It sounded more like the front line of a war zone. The more noise they made, the more the supervisors above nodded with approval. There was so much noise it was beginning to attract attention.


Sure enough, Al Corrozzo happened to be passing by and see what all the commotion was about. At one time he was considered the greatest terror among the ministry. He was a ruthless and unforgiving individual. Definitely not a role model for a caring shepherd. He was not a man to be taken lightly. He also was a former plumber, a master plumber at that. He considered himself an expert, especially when it came to floating crap. Personally I think he was better with floating carp and broken pipes. For as a minister, all he did was to constantly spew spiritual filth from his vile mouth, which broke the heart and spirit of God's children. He was well known for his iron fisted rule of God's people.


His investigation of this plumbing problem would turn out to be a very interesting situation....


Asking the supervisor what the problem was, only got him a shrug of the shoulders and a finger pointing to the open manhole. Al was determined to find out what was going on. So he stuck his head in the hole, yelled, "What is going on down there?" The answer echoed back from deep within the hole, "None of your business!" What??? Did he just hear what he thought he heard? It not only shocked Al, it made him mad! He was not used to being talked to in such a disrespectful manner, he was determined not to let this lowly plumber talk to him like that.. After all he was a Pastor rank minister in charge of Church Administration, he ruled, oops, served several hundred ministers overseeing their activities. He was not about to take that kind of abuse and disrespect. So he stuck his head back down the hole, this time with all the power and authority he could muster up in his voice as a god ordained minister, he yelled back down the hole, "This is Mr. Corrozzo, what is going on down there!!!" He smiled to himself as to say, now I will get the respect I deserve. There was just a slight moment of silence, then a thunderous roar came from deep within the hole. It was a yell so loud that it could be heard half way across the campus...."None of your business Mr. Corrozzo, buzz off!!!", came the thunderous roar.


Now this was an outrage! How dare anyone talk to him in that manner! Everyone called him sir, they all bowed to his every whimpering demand, even some of the evangelists feared him. This angered Al, no it outraged him. When he gets mad the best thing to do was get out of the way, leave him alone for a while. In his anger he demanded, from the supervisor, the workers name. He was going to take care of this injustice as swiftly, as forcefully as his authority would allow. He was determined to make an example to all the church and college employees of that obnoxious and rebellious individual. He demanded that the supervisor send the man to his office immediately after he finished the job...


The supervisor gave Al a few moments to calm down, he was really wound up tight, then informed him that the worker was, well, not a church member,... or even a college employee for that matter,... but in fact, he was a city employee. There was a moments pause as the supervisor waited for an answer. But all he got was a blank stare from Al. You could see he was thinking deeply about the situation. Oh!, said Al, Well,.....and walked off mumbling to just isn't fair.


Life on campus could really be strange at times.

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