The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God.The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

Through The Looking Glass
By Bob W.

By now it was end of summer and moving rapidly into the fall season. As a new college year was about to begin there seemed to be an electric charge in the air of excitement and anticipation for another year of adventure into the unknown. What exciting and noble causes would the student find themselves involved in, what new discoveries would be made during the coming year? And for senior men in particular, what assignments would they receive and would they be ordained into the ministry. It would be an exciting and memorable year, and it was just about to begin. And for one student in particular it would be a most eventful beginning...

All the incoming students needed to check in and register not just for class assignments but for dorm assignments as well. Almost all the students lived on campus, the only exceptions that I am aware of, was the married students.

One particular senior got back to the campus too late to register, in fact it was almost midnight when he drove in. That was not a problem since he knew that he could register for his classes the following day. But what was more important and critical need was a place to sleep. He had driven for almost two days straight and was just beat. He knew what his dorm assignment was, since he had stayed there the previous year. But everything was locked up and he did not have a key....but he did not worry, since he knew that one window in particular did not lock, he simply and very quietly removed the screen, opened the window, found an empty bed, took off his clothes and conked out for the night.

It was the commotion of activity and conversation in the morning that woke him. Although he did not see anyone he could hear their faint voices in the dorm. Still groggy from his two day drive, which seemed like an endurance test, he got up but still could did not see any of his fellow students. He then went into the bathroom, showered and shaved. Now fully awake and prepared, so he thought, for the day he opened the bathroom door and what he found, and what greeted him was totally unexpected. With total disbelief he was staring into the eyes of about a dozen angry and hostile coed's. With total disbelief that they would dare come into a men's dorm he started to ask what was going on. Immediately the coed's started yelling and screaming at him. They began to throw various objects at him. Fearing for his life he ran, with just his shorts on, for the unsecured window. Before he could dive through the window to safety someone reached in and pulled him through the window. It was the Pasadena police and college security. They hand cuffed him and placed him in the squad car so fast he hardly knew what had happened.

He must have been thinking this could not possibly be happening, it must be a nightmare. But it wasn't, it was for real and he was now in police custody. There were so many charges against him the paper work looked like a book.

It did take a little time to get the situation all sorted out. It seems he was assigned to that dorm before he left for the summer. But what he did not know was that during the summer the plans had changed and instead of a men's dorm it was converted to a woman's dorm. Had he checked in when he should have this situation would never have taken place. Since he got there too late to check in, he had no way of knowing that the dorm assignments had changed, and that he had inadvertently snuck into a woman's dorm.

Latter that morning he was released by the police into the custody of college officials, a little unsettled, and somewhat battered.

Too embarrassed to go back for his clothes, he had someone else get his things out of the dorm.

The window was quickly repaired to prevent any more intruders, friendly or otherwise, from using it as an unsecured entrance. The security force made sure this situation could never happen again......

Life on campus was fun, and far from being dull and routine.

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